Celebrities With Secrets: Some Hila...

Celebrities With Secrets: Some Hilarious, Some … Pretty Dark

Many people in modern society can confuse “celebrity” with something more than that. We attribute the qualities of the characters that actors play to the person behind the role.

Incredible talents can be quickly expected to become more than human on and off screen. They’re no longer real people, but the fantasy creations of the public instead.

So it’s good, sometimes, to take a step back and see that celebrities are human beings and that their lives are as full of imperfection as our own. Check out these 12 celebrities and the dark secrets they’ve chosen to share.



12. Samuel L. Jackson

Samuel L. Jackson of every movie you’ve ever seen fame was a bad boy at school. Bad enough to get himself expelled. It wasn’t your ordinary, run of the mill, prank gone wrong, either. He kidnapped the entire school board to protect the school curriculum and held them hostage for 48 hours!

11. Prince Charles

The heir to the British throne has a certain obsession with porcelain thrones. He’s one of the world’s biggest collectors of toilets seats. If that wasn’t enough quirkiness in its own right, he also takes his own toilet seat with him whenever he travels. It’s a white leather seat if you must know.

10. Vin Diesel

You may associate Vin Diesel with being the tough guy in films from Pitch Black to the Fast and the Furious (insert a number from 1-7 or so here). But in real life, he is a straight up nerd. His game of choice? Dungeons and Dragons. The book, Thirty Years of Adventure; A Celebration of Dungeons and Dragons,has a foreword by him.

9. Zach Braff

Sometimes pranks go really wrong. The person being pranked doesn’t get it and they do something hugely out of proportion in return. Like Zach Braff did when he kicked the heck out of a 12-year-old he thought was attacking his Porsche with spray paint. It was for an episode of Punk’d and has never been broadcast.

8. Daryl Hannah

Can you spot something missing in the photo? Have a look at Daryl’s hand. She’s lost the tip of her left index finger. It happened when she was getting water from the well at her grandmother’s and she caught the finger in the mechanism. She normally wears a prosthetic to cover it up.

7. CoCo Chanel

There are dark secrets and then there are really dark secrets. CoCo Chanel is one of the most famous faces of fashion and creator of the Chanel brand. She was also a straight up Nazi and worked for Hitler’s Germany. This may be one of the most airbrushed facts in history.

6. Mark Wahlberg

Everybody’s done something stupid when they were young, right? Well, Mark Wahlberg went a bit beyond stupid. Apparently, he was a troubled teenager forever getting into trouble and he capped it off by blinding a man in one eye when he was just 16 years old. He received a pardon for the charge in 2014.

5. Laurence Fishburne

Not everyone bears their own crosses. Parents often bear those of their children, and actor Laurence Fishburne bears his daughter’s. While he’s famous for roles such as Morpheus in The Matrix, she’s famous for being a porn star. Apparently, he no longer speaks to her after trying to get help for her and being turned down.

4. Leighton Meester

In an almost Les Miserables moment, the actress Leighton Meester, who starred in Gossip Girl, was born inside a jail. This was, of course, nothing to do with Meester, but rather because her mom was serving a sentence in relation to a drug trafficking offense and her dad was in jail for similar reasons at the same time.

3. Ricky Gervais

Ricky Gervais created The Office, though the show that U.S. audiences are most familiar with was based on the original series and he didn’t star in it. Before that, however, he was a singer, and was in a pop called Seona Dancing. You may not believe it but they were quite good.

2. Tim Allen

Tim Allen is best known for his role in the huge hit comedy show Home Improvement. That is true everywhere except in the Michigan corrections system where Tim’s best known for his 1970s escapade of being arrested for trying to smuggle nearly a kilo of cocaine on a flight.

1. Charlize Theron

Many of us have a few family skeletons in the closet. Charlize Theron’s family, on the other hand, has a real skeleton in the closet. Her grandmother, in self-defense, shot and killed her abusive, alcoholic grandfather. As you can imagine, this left a few scars at family get-togethers and holidays.

So, what do you think? Are these celebrities hiding any secrets that they shouldn’t have revealed to the public?

Do you think these secrets are any better or worse than your own? Do you think it’s healthy to have secrets at all?

These kinds of revelations can spark a healthy discussion if we allow them to and we’d encourage you to share your thoughts on these matters below.

It might help if you brought a few more people to the conversation as well if you’d like to get a broader view, so why not share this article with family and friends that you think might want to comment as well?


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