Campus Cop Who Molested Minor Gets Off With Slap On The Wrist

Child abuse is undoubtedly one of the worst crimes one can commit. To have a protector of the law do it is even worse. Typically, abusers are punished with a maximum sentence, but that’s not the case with this Houston police officer.

How the prosecution let this predator off for his crimes is disturbing, but sadly, it’s not the most disturbing part of this case.

10. He Was 30, She Was Just 14

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Jacob Delgadillo was 16 years older than the young girl who he coerced into sex acts through abuse of power. The 14-year-old victim did not have the agency, experience, or independence necessary for protecting herself from Delgadillo.

In fact, she couldn’t even spend a day away from her abuser…

9. He Was An Officer At Her Middle School

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Both Delgadillo and his victim attended Cullen Middle School in 2015—she was a student and he was an officer, so they were in daily contact with each other. Imagine that: being abused and being forced to see your abuser every day.

As a student, the victim was unable to escape Delgadillo’s sexual advances. This pedophilic relationship was far from normal, but how he continually assaulted this girl is horrifying.

8. He Allegedly Forced Her To Perform Sex Acts

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Delgadillo’s abuse of power is far more perverted than you’d think. He was caught after a student reported his crimes; the student had been told of the alleged sex acts by the victim herself. According to the victim, Delgadillo forced her to perform oral sex in the girls’ bathroom on campus.

There were also reports that he would peer into classrooms and blow kisses to the victim through the window.

7. He Took Nude Photos Of Her


The true smoking gun of the case involved photographs found by the prosecution. In addition to showing his victim photos of his genitals, Delgadillo took inappropriate pictures of the girl in her school uniform. He initially denied these allegations and later pled guilty.

It looked like justice would be served for the young victim…

6. He Was Disbarred By The Force And Arrested


After these incidents came to light, the Houston Police Department immediately removed Delgadillo from his post at Cullen Middle School. He resigned from the force a month later while on leave.

Upon his resignation, the former officer was arrested. Unfortunately, despite these severe allegations, the judge saw things in a completely different light.

5. He Initially Faced 20 Years In Prison


The courts initially brought a tough sentence against Delgadillo. Along with 20 years in prison, the former officer would have to register as a sex offender for life.

This seems like a fair punishment for his actions. After all, ruining a 14-year-old’s young life deserves more than a slap on the wrist, right?

4. But Those Charges Were Dropped


Despite Delgadillo pleading guilty to his heinous actions, he managed to dodge his deserved punishment. In exchange for the defendant’s guilty plea, the judge dropped the two felony counts of indecency with a child.

Just like that, 20 years in prison shrank into five years of probation.

It gets worse…

3. His Record Will Be Wiped Clean

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Delgadillo’s charge as a sex offender will eventually be dropped. This ex-cop’s actions have been disgusting, to say the least, but the judge saw things differently.

If Delgadillo is able to complete his probation without incident, he will be removed from the sex offender registry. Despite his criminal acts, his record will be wiped clean. Needless to say, many people are outraged.

There’s one family that’s not, though…

2. And The Victim’s Family Is Fine With It


Even after the daily harassment their daughter went through, the victim’s family is happy with the verdict. Jennifer Stabe, the girl’s attorney, says the family thinks five years of probation is enough of a punishment.

One would think a family would be seeking a maximum sentence—yet, they seem to be content with Delgadillo losing his job. The family’s strange acceptance of all this is troubling, but there are more strange details…

1. The Child Abuser Has A Young Son

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The home life of Jacob Delgadillo is quite shocking. He’s a veteran, an officer, and, terrifyingly, a father.

It’s safe to say that this case has affected the abuser’s teenage son as well, considering the victim and Delgadillo’s son are close in age. We can only hope that Delgadillo comes out of this a changed man—for everyone’s sake, including his son’s.


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