14 Calligraphy Style Options to Choose From

Calligraphy is an ancient art that is being used in religious scripts and in many other instances. They are attractive and could be used for decorating any kind of writing. Even for writing sign boards, invitations and many such instances where beautiful handwriting comes in handy this art could be used. Calligraphy style you use is the most important aspect in attracting the attention of those who look at them. However, you need the services of someone who has the expertise on using calligraphy in order to make your invitations, signboards and other things you need to look attractive.

Calligraphy style used is important in making a signboard or an invitation to look attractive but it is also important to use the right colors in order to make them eye catching. Innovation is the need in this case. Background colors could be chosen according to where your sign board is going to be left and the colors of the inks used for writing should provide the right contrast on the background to make a sign board outstanding. It is not easy to see such sign boards in weddings as most people go with the traditional sign boards. However, if you are looking for distinction, use of the right background colors is a must in addition to the calligraphy style and the colors used.

When creating sign boards for weddings, variety could be added by way of writing directions on stones and blocks of wood instead of writing on paper and pasting them on solid surfaces. Using the right calligraphy style will add more color to such signs. When the two aspects are used together the result will be a beautiful sign board that also serves its purpose in an excellent manner.  The following are some of the ways you could add value to your wedding invitations and sign boards. The only need is to use them where relevant.

1- Calligraphy Style All Hand Written
Writing By Hand to Beautify

Hand written invitations: When you write a wedding invitation you can make it a great one by writing it using calligraphy. It is always better to write it rather than to print it. A wax seal as shown in the picture could add color to your invitation.

2- Calligraphy in Bright Colors
Bright Color on Dull Background

Dress up your invitation with bright colors: Since it is important to make your wedding invitation a beautiful one, you can add calligraphy made with neon colors. With the invitation your guests will be able to guess that your wedding is going to be a great one.

3- Contrast is Nice
Using Stark Contrast

White letters on a black background: Contrast sometimes make things look nice. This envelop is made attractive by adding calligraphy in white on a black background. Your envelope with a touch of ebony will please its recipient.

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