This California Brain Surgeon Operated A Disturbing Child-Sex Ring!

Most medical professionals enter their field to help people and strive for a better human condition. Your doctor should be someone you trust with your life, but one brain surgeon from California was recently charged with a hideous crime that proves you should never judge a book by its cover.

And shockingly enough, as #6 shows, he wasn’t working alone.

10. You Can Never Be Too Careful When It Comes To Children


Children can fall victim to a number of vulnerable situations. Whether it be playing on the playground or walking to and from school, parents worry that someone may unexpectedly harm them. With the rise of technology, it has become especially difficult to fully protect kids from hidden dangers.

Slide #7 proves even the most distinguished people can be monsters behind closed doors!

9. A Surgeon Has Been Accused Of The Unthinkable


James Kohut — a brain surgeon in California — was charged with 10 felony charges involving underage children. These charges involve sexual assault on two boys and one girl under 14 years old. This case has disturbed local law enforcement as well as Kohut’s patients. Everyone is shocked that something this twisted was happening within the man’s practice.

8. He Pleaded “Not Gulity” To These Crimes


The brain surgeon pleaded not guilty to all 10 counts of sexual assault against children in a Santa Cruz County court. An investigation led by the Watsonville police department led to the surgeon’s arrest, and you won’t believe who else is involved in slide #6!

This story just gets more and more sickening.

7. Kohut’s Practice Is Permanently Closed

ABC7 San Francisco

James Kohut — despite his denial of these charges — is still in police custody. He is no longer allowed to practice medicine, as requested by the state medical board. Morbid details surrounding the case have emerged, and a videotape provided by a resident has revealed some shocking footage.

This evidence proves that this brain surgeon did not work alone.

6. This Brain Surgeon Had Accomplices

ABC7 San Francisco

Kohut’s arrest led the apprehension of two of the hospital’s nurses. The tape submitted by a resident revealed nurses Emily Stephens and Rashel Brandon having sexual intercourse with children as young as three years old in a hotel room. Slide #3 shows they helped James Kohut operate his disturbing child-sex ring, at whatever cost.

5. The Two Nurses Are In Police Custody


Emily Stephens and Rashel Brandon have been arrested on six felony child sex abuse charges involving a total of three children. The children involved in this sex ring are in protective custody, according to Capt. Jorge Zamora of the Watsonville police force. You won’t believe how their families feel in the next slide!

4. One Woman’s Family Stands Behind Her Regardless


Emily Stephens is in custody in Tucson, Arizona, whereas Rashel Brandon remains in Watsonville police custody. Brandon’s family has supported her throughout this entire ordeal, and her brother, Isaac Lynn of San Jose, California, has spoken out about her arrest.

“The family is coping, all the family members love her for who she is,” Lynn stated.

3. James Kohut Conspired With His Nurse Cohorts

The Mercury News

Kohut had sexual relations with two young boys while the nurses watched, making this horrific sex ring a joint effort between the surgeon and two nurses. The brain surgeon is charged with having sex with children ages three, five, and nine. Slide #1 reveals that the justice system is fighting for these children!

2. These Three Are Facing Some Serious Jail Time


If convicted of their crimes, Kohut and his two nurses could be facing life in prison.

“I can tell you it’s very disturbing. I have not seen a case like this in my career. It’s very sad,” stated Captain Zamora of the Watsonville police. Kohut is not eligible for bail, which is only a slight comfort in this sad case.

1. The Entire Community Is In An Uproar


Dominican Hospital — where Kohut practiced — quickly released a statement. “We are deeply saddened by these serious allegations, and remain steadfast in our commitment to providing high-quality, compassionate care in Santa Cruz County, as we have for generations.”

Thankfully, these three are behind bars until the case is closed, and no more children will be victimized under their care!


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