Busted! These 15 Pets Got Caught In The Act


Don’t you always wonder what your pet is up to when they aren’t in the room with you? Or what they have been doing when you left them home alone? These sneaky dogs and cats have been caught in the act doing something they know was bad. There is no denying what they have been up to, and the only reason these owners caught them is that they walked in at the right time or came home early.

The guilt is clearly on their faces, sometimes quite literally. From toilet paper roll unraveling to shredding a dog bed, these guilty pets are sure to make you laugh, especially #7!


12. Lipstick Pup


This pup might look innocent, but the new hair-do says otherwise. It is safe to assume that the red lipstick that went missing this morning has been found! Let’s hope that it washes out, or else the new hair-do might be sticking around for awhile. Would you be upset over finding your pup like this?


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