Busted! These 15 Pets Got Caught In The Act


Don’t you always wonder what your pet is up to when they aren’t in the room with you? Or what they have been doing when you left them home alone? These sneaky dogs and cats have been caught in the act doing something they know was bad. There is no denying what they have been up to, and the only reason these owners caught them is that they walked in at the right time or came home early.

The guilt is clearly on their faces, sometimes quite literally. From toilet paper roll unraveling to shredding a dog bed, these guilty pets are sure to make you laugh, especially #7!


12. Lipstick Pup


This pup might look innocent, but the new hair-do says otherwise. It is safe to assume that the red lipstick that went missing this morning has been found! Let’s hope that it washes out, or else the new hair-do might be sticking around for awhile. Would you be upset over finding your pup like this?

11. Cat Caught Your Lizard?


Well, what do we have here? Looks like Mr. Fluffy got caught red handed! By the surprised look on his face, we’re thinking he’s not used to being caught. Or maybe he’s a little shocked that his owner wasn’t impressed by his hunting skills. Maybe he should stick to hunting mice, not lizards! Does your cat like to leave little ‘gifts’ for you?

10. Dog Annoying Cat


Cats and dogs can, for the most part, live together with no issues. Unless of course you just brought home a new puppy who has never been around cats before. Then you may end up with a few pictures like this! This poor cat clearly is not impressed by this pup’s antics, he just wants to play! Have you ever had to get a cat and a dog to live together peacefully?

9. Sneaking Into The Fridge


Everyone knows that a late night snack involves a thorough search of the entire fridge. It seems this fluffy kitty is just trying to help their owner out. And maybe, just maybe, the kitty will be rewarded with some cat treats for being so helpful. Have you ever found your cat doing weird things?

8. Dog On The Couch


We wonder who was trying to be sneaky and investigate what smelled good in mom’s purse? On the couch and with a paw on the bag, you couldn’t get much guiltier than that! Although his expression is priceless! Does your dog make guilty faces when you catch them doing something they shouldn’t?

7. Dog Stuck In Jar


He’s either dressing up as an astronaut or he got stuck trying to lick out the container… Our vote is on the last one. We hope he got a decent snack in before he realized that the container was going to need some extra help to remove. Have you ever caught your dog in a situation like this?

6. Dog’s Lazy Afternoon Interrupted


This little guy was just trying to have a nice lazy afternoon with his stuffed animal. Then his owners came home early and caught him on the couch! Judging by his expression, he is more than a little surprised. Do you know if your dog gets into things they shouldn’t when your not home?

5. Cat Caught With The Toilet Paper


Does anyone else think that this cat seems to be saying “Go away human, you see nothing!” Or is it just us? On the upside though, this cat was caught before it went through the entire roll! Do you have a toilet paper fiend in your house? Let us know if they have ever gone through the entire roll!

4. Guilty Face


We wonder what sort of trail this mess would have left behind. We don’t see any fabric covers anywhere, at least they easily discovered who did it. Even if they weren’t sure, those sad eyes would have confirmed everything! Has your pooch ever done something like this? Let us know below!

3. Cat Burglar


If you ever wonder who stole the sink stopper, make sure to check your cat’s favorite hiding spots before blaming a burglar. Hopefully, the owners didn’t have to replace too many sink stoppers before realizing the cats were to blame! Have you ever caught your cat doing something like this?

2. Trying To Stay Warm


We all love to be warm, especially in the colder months. This pup likes to lay on top of the vent where all the hot air is. We can’t really blame him for wanting to lay there, but actions can have weird consequences. He managed to get hooked onto the vent when he tried to get up. Has your pup ever been stuck on something odd?

1. Adorable But Guilty


How could you get mad at a face like that? Even with all that fluff everywhere. This adorable pup’s tactic for getting out of trouble is to look as cute as possible. Now if only we could train them to clean up the messes they made. Has your pup ever made a mess like this?

Now that you know who ate the lipstick, the reason the toilet paper is shredded, and why you no longer have fluffy dog beds. We bet you may be looking into installing some surveillance cameras for while you’re gone. We’ve only shared what some people have been lucky to catch on camera. So please send us pictures! We’re thinking that they may be more entertaining than the pictures we shared here. If you know of pictures that should have been included please let us know! If you have any stories of what you’ve come home to and not been able to capture on camera, please share them too!


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