Bust It Open: Plus Size Models are ...

Bust It Open: Plus Size Models are What’s Sizzling Today!

For centuries, women from different cultures were so pressured to contort their bodies to physical extremes that many had to suffer in silence just so they can appear “normal” to society. If you’ve flipped through fashion magazines over the years, you probably didn’t realize that models back then had to endure the misery and peer pressure they frequently faced to grace the front cover. But times have changed. Thanks to the evolving mindset in today’s women, they’re now fighting for their beliefs — including how they want to be seen.

The list here shows how a new generation of models today have stepped up and carved their definition of “sexy” through their curves. See how these women rock their plus-size bodies — without any hint of shame or whatsoever!

1.  Fluvia Lacerda

Batch 1- Bust It Open- Plus Size Models are What's Sizzling Today- Fluvia Lacerda

You can’t go wrong with Fluvia, a heavenly plus-sized stunner who turned a lot of heads. She’s the true definition of an all-around heavyweight beauty worth watching. She’s glowing with pure feminine beauty and strength. A true woman defined for who she is in this lingerie outfit. Add that to her luring appearance and aura, and you’ve got yourself a beauty who will definitely turn heads!

2.  Ashley Graham

Batch 1- Bust It Open- Plus Size Models are What's Sizzling Today- Ashley Graham

Ashley has no fear when it comes to flaunting her body. She walks the talk without hesitation. When New York decided to shut down its plus-sized division a few years back, she joined forces with several other full-figured beauties to launch ALDA, a group aiming to push boundaries while promoting diversity for plus-sized models. Ashley strongly believes that she’s defined from what she sees for herself. Not others.

3. Denise Bidot



What you see is what you get! And we’re not talking about the tropical backdrop. You gotta give credit to Denise’s smokin’ body. Even today’s beach babes would have a hard time competing with her gorgeous wide frame. The black swimsuit hugging her plus-sized figure easily puts other ladies down the road to shame. Add that with a beautiful beach backdrop and you have yourself a natural beauty posing without regrets.

4. Tara Lynn

Batch 1- Bust It Open- Plus Size Models are What's Sizzling Today- Tara Lynn

Tara, who garnered the infamous “The Body” nickname, has been known to appear with ultra-famous powerhouses Candice Huffine and Robyn Lawley for the June magazine cover in Vogue Italia’s 2011 edition (naturally shot by Steven Meisel). All throughout her plus-sized modelling career, Tara has taken the covers of ELLE Spain and ELLE France — two times!

5. Quinn Miles

Batch 1- Bust It Open- Plus Size Models are What's Sizzling Today- Quinn Miles

Quinn, a native of Los Angeles, who has been in the modelling business for years, has posed for popular brands including Macy’s and Old Navy. Just recently, she revealed what she unearthed from the industry to Glamour Magazine: Regardless of what people think for so many reasons, it’s important to not easily be swayed by opinons. Falling into traps is part of the process and once you know the ins and outs of the industry, you can use the experience as tools to know and do better.

6. Philomena Miles


You may have heard of Philomena in the modelling circles just yet, but give it a bit of time. The London native, who has captured the professional interest of Lane Bryant and Torrid, definitely plans to make it big in the near future. While she has her sights on modelling for big time agenices like Vogue, Lancome, H&M, GAP,and Colours of Benton, she wants to go beyond that. She wants to use her professional career as a platform to promote healthcare access all over the globe.

7. Candice Huffine

Batch 1- Bust It Open- Plus Size Models are What's Sizzling Today- Candice Huffine

Candice has made multiple magazine appearances in W and CR Fashion Book, Vogue Italia, Harper’s Bazaar, and Vogue. With her accomplishments, she felt she could so much better by breaking boundaries and venturing into other brands on her own. This year, she gained recognition for being the first plus-size model to make it to the Pirelli Calendar.

8. Jennie Runk

Batch 1- Bust It Open- Plus Size Models are What's Sizzling Today- Jennie Runk

Ever since Jennie graced the cover of Glamour’s issue in November 2009, her appearance spread like wildfire all over the fashion industry. Jennie made headlines as one of several plus-sized models during that year to have bared it all. Since then, she was recognized as the first plus-size model to land the catalog in H&M’s swimsuit edition.

9. Sabina Karlsson

Batch 1- Bust It Open- Plus Size Models are What's Sizzling Today- Sabina Karlsson

Scandanavia’s Next Top Model alum, Sabina, kicked off her modeling career in the straight-size category. She modeled for renowned fashion designers which include Jean Paul Gaultier, Tracy Reese, and Betsey Johnson. But she didn’t feel content with her slim figure. A short time later, she broke through her own physical discomfort and crossed into the plus-size modeling territory.

10. Victoria Lee

Batch 1- Bust It Open- Plus Size Models are What's Sizzling Today- Victoria Lee

Victoria is one of several plus-size models to hit the #PlusIsEqual campaign from Lane Bryant, which made a first-time apperance on Vogue’s issue last September. Being fully aware of the challenges faced by plus-size models in the fashion industry, Victora refuses to be looked down on and continues to fight what she believes in: plus-size models should and will have a place in the fashion niche.

11. Stephanie Van den Bergh

Batch 1- Bust It Open- Plus Size Models are What's Sizzling Today- Stephanie Van den Bergh

While new to the modeling scene, Stephanie is already a potential figure waiting to make a splash. Since her 2014 stint with Models 1, a leading model agency in the U.K., she was one of several models to represent the Curve division for a promo shoot in the Spring 2014 edition.

12. Marquita Pring

Batch 1- Bust It Open- Plus Size Models are What's Sizzling Today- Marquita Pring

Since Marquita made her appearance in the January 2010 edition of V Magazine’s “Curves Ahead” theme, she modelled for Vogue Italia, Jean Paul Gaultier’s Spring 2011 collection, Levi’s, and Lane Bryant’s #ImNoAngel model campaign. Her career took her to numerous ads and it appears she won’t be slowing down anytime soon.

13. Saffi Karina

Batch 1- Bust It Open- Plus Size Models are What's Sizzling Today- Saffi Karina

Since being shamelessly dropped by one modeling agency for her “too big” body, she finally found a modeling home in Curve Project London, U.K.’s workshop who bring the best out of plus-size models. Adding to her long list of fashion clients, she modeled for Speedo, Debenhams, Bravissimo, and John Lewis.

14. Chloe Marshall

Batch 1- Bust It Open- Plus Size Models are What's Sizzling Today- Chloe Marshall

Having garnered the Miss Surrey title in 2008, she became the first professional model with a size 16 measurement to make it to the Miss England finals. She aimed to make it to the finals to break the stereotype seen in the fashion industry. So far, she modeled for Plus Model Magazine, Ford Models, Macy’s, Torrid, and Lane Bryant.

15. Maggie Brown

Batch 1- Bust It Open- Plus Size Models are What's Sizzling Today- Maggie Brown

Maggie is an example of both beauty and brains. She hold a degree in Allied Health and Biology, as well as a secondary teaching certificate. Her big break came when she bagged the “Tyra’s Thick and Sexy Top Model Contest” top spot in the Tyra Banks Show. Her long list of clients include Macy’s, Torrid, Walmart, Mervyn’s, ElegantPlus, and AmaZe.

16. Ashley Alexxis

Batch 1- Bust It Open- Plus Size Models are What's Sizzling Today- Ashley Alexxis

Ashley has the ability to make the world spin non-stop. Listed as Playboy’s Miss Social 2011, the plus-size model is a professional dancer and holds a degree in Business Administration. She’s also an aspiring actress who wants to make an impression. She worked for a number of magazines including Girls Girls Girls, Dyme, and Cookie for Him.

17. Mia Tyler

Batch 1- Bust It Open- Plus Size Models are What's Sizzling Today- Mia Tyler

Mainly a plus-size model and designer, Tyler managed to launch her own clothing line, Revolution 1228, in 2009. she is currently represented by Wilhelmina, an American-based modeling agency. She headlined in a number of magazines including Teen People, Moxie Girl, Us, Vogue, Flare, Teen People and Seventeen. She also appeared in modeling stints in New York and Paris.

18. Kaela Humphries

Batch 1- Bust It Open- Plus Size Models are What's Sizzling Today- Kaela Humphries

An ex sister-in-law of Kim Kardashian, Kaela has her sights on breaking out big despite her brother’s controversial marriage fallout. The blue-eyed bombshell is currently signed to Ford Model’s plus-size division. Her modeling debut kicked off in September 2011 at the Richie Rich show during the New York Fashion week.

19. Robyn Lawley

Batch 1- Bust It Open- Plus Size Models are What's Sizzling Today- Robyn Lawley

Robyn is an Australian model who headlined an appearance in Vogue Italia’s June 2011 issue. She became the second plus-size model to grace the Elle France magazine cover and the first plus-size model to shoot for Australia Cosmopolitan, GQ Australia, and Australian Vogue. Her modeling career attracted fashion industry’s renowned photographers including Kenneth Willardt, Steven Meisel, and Greg Kadel.

20. Shanda Ferguson

Batch 1- Bust It Open- Plus Size Models are What's Sizzling Today- Shanda Ferguson

Shanda is a plus-size model hailing for Atlanta, Georgia. One of her modeling contracts was with iPM, a model management agency headquarted in the United States. At present, she’s currently being represented by Professional Plus Model, a modeling agency based out of New York. She’s been in the fashion circle for quite some time now and will continue to inspire others with more modeling work coming her way.

21. Emme Aronson

Batch 1- Bust It Open- Plus Size Models are What's Sizzling Today- Emme Aronson

Emme is a world-renowned plus-size model who gained fame for being the leading figure and earner within the plus-size modeling industry. Prior to her modeling career, she was a morning anchor for KNAZ-TV, an NBC affiliate. She has a sportswear line catered for women under her BY EMME trademark which is currently sold in QVC. Her other Emme Collection sportswear line are sold in department stores nationwide.

22. Justine Legault

Batch 1- Bust It Open- Plus Size Models are What's Sizzling Today- Justine Legault

Justine is a French-Canadian model who made a splash in the modeling agency when she graced the cover of Elle uébec’s May 2013 issue. the sultry 24-year old is currently represented by Ford Models (Toronto) and Scoop Models (Montreal). She previously worked as an artist for Biotherm before making headway as a model.

23. Marietta Sirleaf

Batch 1- Bust It Open- Plus Size Models are What's Sizzling Today- Marietta Sirleaf

Marietta is an American comedian and actress who has made headway in the entertainment industry for a number of years. She appeared in a plethora of television shows and movies. Despite her plus-size figure, she’s considered to be one the hottest and well-known comedians on GV. She’s currently known for her role in the NBC TV hit series, Parks and Recreation.


Forget skinny women who pass on to be today’s fashion models. Nowadays, everyone knows that beauty isn’t all about being close to size zero. The rising number of plus-size models have completely redefined the meaning of “beautiful” and could put the career of slim models into serious trouble.  While some of the mentioned plus-size models above aren’t widely known, that could change soon. These women are not only considered beautiful by today’s standards, but they’re also passionate and ambitious.  They are full-sized sizzlers surfing the wave of backlash against models riding the runways, and the world is very fortunate to come along for the ride



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