Losing a loved one is one of the most painful heartaches we can experience in this life. The thought of not seeing them again and spending time with them breaks our hearts so much. But all good things have to come to an end and we will all say goodbye to this world eventually.

After saying our goodbyes, we want our loved ones final resting place to be decent and dignified. After all, that’s the best thing we can do to give respect to the deceased. But what if you find out that your loved one’s grave was not the way it was supposed to be?

Just like this widow who saw his husband’s grave floating in mud. Of course, you would be mortified to see that sight. Click on to find out the real story.

10. Army Veteran

This is the unfortunate story of Tom Moore, Army veteran who passed away after a five-year battle with cancer. War veterans are considered heroes and should be given military honors until their death, right? But this veteran received otherwise.

Tom’s widow Whendy Moore, buried her husband at the Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery in St. Louis County on a Friday. It was heartbreaking to the family but somehow they are also relieved that Tom no longer had to suffer. But when Whendy visits her husband’s grave the next day, she couldn’t bare what she saw.

9. Floating Casket

Still mourning for her husband’s loss, Whendy went to visit his grave the next day, Saturday afternoon. But when she saw the condition of her husband’s grave, her heartache was doubled.

She said, “We thought we’d see mud, you know we knew it had rained the night before.” said Whendy. “But to see the casket and the vault floating on water in this little spot- it was well shown- and we assumed the casket was wet too. We just didn’t know”.

8. Open Wounds All Over Again

Whendy Moore says officials at the cemetery told her that rain caused the ground around the grave to wash away, unburying her husband’s casket and her sense of closure.

“We thought we had closure the other day and then we viewed him again, seen” said Moore. “It was a little eerie I suppose and it was very emotional. We went through all the same emotions that we did the last time we saw him” she said.

7. Painful Memories

Tom Moore was a decorated Army veteran who died on Tuesday after a five-year battle with cancer. His body was then buried on a Friday. There was so much love and respect for Tom from his family, friends, and colleagues. Despite the struggle with cancer, he remained strong for his family.

This war veteran has served his country well and his memories will remain with his family forever. But the injustice he received was just not worthy of someone like this who is considered a hero.

6. Re-Buried To A New Plot

Whendy Moore says cemetery officials have been working with the family throughout the weekend to arrange another burial on a different plot. That re-burial is scheduled for Monday.

For Whendy and her family, it means having to re-live one of the worst moments of their lives. Instead of being able to move on peacefully, they would have to go through the pain for the second time.

5. Reliving The Moment

“I don’t think that anyone should have to go through that twice,” Whendy Moore said. “We all said it was nice to see him one last time but it shouldn’t have ever happened,” she said.

Nobody should ever go through this kind of ordeal. But Whendy and her family needed to be strong to be able to surpass this unfortunate experience. Hopefully, his new burial site will be better and more secure.

4. Second Funeral

For Whendy Moore and her family, the re-burial is basically a second funeral. The first one is painful enough so a second one is like scratching a freshly healed wound. Who would want that? It was unfair for the family, but the cemetery officials immediately fixed their shortcoming.

3.  No Comment

No one from the Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery could be reached Sunday. The administration offices are closed on the weekends. They have not publicly commented on the situation. It was clearly an error on their part but Whendy’s family chose to forgive so they can all move on.

2. Strong Woman

Whendy Moore is one strong woman. As a widow who lost her beloved husband and witnessed his battle against cancer, the last thing you want for him is to have a respectful final resting place. Unfortunately, the situation didn’t go too well. But despite the pain, she still stood her ground. After all, she is a veteran’s wife.

1. Finally At Peace

After the unfortunate event, Whendy and her family can now breathe and sleep in peace. The head of their family is now securely buried in its new plot without having to worry about the casket floating and mud surrounding it. Hopefully this kind of injustice won’t happen again. Everybody deserves a decent final resting place whether a war veteran or not.

This heartbreaking story just breaks our heart. Giving your loved one a decent burial is one of the last acts you can do to serve them. But when things go wrong, like this one it can be very upsetting. Kudos to Whendy for keeping her head cool despite what happened to his husband’s grave.


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