She Was Bullied For A Rare Disease. 19 Years Later, She Looks TOTALLY Different!


At 19 years old, Hannah Kritzeck is a lot like other teenage girls. She likes shopping, hanging out with her friends, and gossiping about boys. She dreams of becoming a movie star or world-traveling performer. She has a loving, supportive family and a close relationship with her mom.

What’s so different about Hannah? For starters, she’s only 3 feet tall and weighs just 30 pounds. She was born with a rare condition that’s stunted her growth. But despite her small appearance, she’s out to show the world that she’s got a lot to say.

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Born This Way

Hannah was born with primordial dwarfism, an extremely rare condition that affects only 100 people in the entire world. This disease has made her smaller than her peers at every stage of her life, including her now early adulthood. She always knew she was different, but that hasn’t stopped her from pursuing her dreams.

It’s All In The Family


Hannah was adopted at three months old by her parents, Jackie and Larry Kritzeck of Hugo, Minnesota. They always knew that she would face certain challenges growing up. In addition to her small stature, Hannah is also at high risk for heart issues and brain aneurysms because of her condition. Most people with primordial dwarfism don’t live past their 20s.

A Helping Hand, Every Step Of The Way


“Just because I’m smaller doesn’t mean I’m any different,” Hannah says. “My mom and dad still made sure I had a normal childhood, though. They lowered all the light switches and put stools in the bathroom and kitchen because I can’t reach the counter and sinks.” But even the best parents can’t do everything for their kids — click through to read Hannah’s struggles.

It’s A Cruel World Out There, Kid


Even so, that family support can’t shield Hannah from the stares and rude questions she often gets from the outside world. “Everyone thinks I’m five years old when they see me, and it’s frustrating because I’m not a baby,” she said. “Even little kids think I’m like five.” But she’s very much grown up in a lot of other ways.

A Star On The Rise

Hannah dreams of becoming a star — and she’s got the talent to get there. “I’ve been dancing since I was two years old, and took gymnastics at three,” she said. “I love dancing because it makes me feel good — hip-hop makes me feel strong, and ballet calms me down.” And that’s not all.