When the internet helps a person reach for fame, they’re sometimes cool about it (Jenna Marbles). Other times, they end up on a long, strange journey (Chris Crocker). Many of us know the story well, and it’s probably easy to let that excitement go to your head. It might be just a matter of time until you’re caught slipping.

Enter Danielle Bregoli, who blew up on the web with her “cash me ousside” rant on Dr. Phil’s daytime talk show. She’s just tweeted some ish that riled up Twitter. Read on for the users’ reactions—they’re pretty good.

10. Dr. Phil Beginnings

Danielle was profiled along with her mother on a September 2016 episode of Dr. Phil’s talk show. She’s a mischevious child to say the least, and claims to have stolen cars and gotten into plenty of other trouble. She taunted the audience as they giggled: “Cash me ousside, how bow dah?” The internet took that and ran with it.

9. Just A Youngster

According to TMZ, Danielle was recently busted for cannabis possession. She also faces felony charges of grand theft, falsifying reports, and fraud, all of which happened before she appeared on Dr. Phil. Her parents are currently in a custody battle, too. All of this and she’s only just turned 14.
8. Future So Bright

So what’s just happened? Well, Danielle has been able to capitalize on her internet fame. She’s reportedly charged $40,000 for public appearances and could be pulling in $50,000 for each sponsored post she shares on Instagram. She might become a millionaire by the end of 2017 if everything goes as planned.

7. Tweeting Too Much

“I’m bout to be a millionaire at 14. Whatchu all doing with ur lives?” she asked Twitter. She’s among the youngsters who don’t know that you shouldn’t talk about it—you should just show it.


Very few users were pleased by her statement. Here’s the hilarious rant that they started…

6. We Don’t Want Her

“As a member of the white delegation we respectfully do not recognize this person as a productive member of society,” replied one user. His tweet set off a string of endless jabs.

“As a representative of the black community, we also reject her, and pass her on to the Latinos,” replied another user.

5. No Love

“Latinos don’t want her either,” replied a user. Keep in mind that Danielle is tagged in each subsequent tweet, so she watched this whole thing unfold.

Another user asked where on earth she could possibly go at this point: “Asians?” And of course, a representative of that community chimed in…

4. Ask The Other Tribes

“As a representative of the Asian community we gracefully reject her for the immorality,” replied another user. “Please ask the other tribes.”

So politely worded, and probably so annoying for Danielle. Another user asked Muslims to “Take one for the team. Please.” Of course, the Muslim community is dealing with enough these days, so they passed…

3. Not Even The Martians

Nobody on this planet, right?


A representative from the Muslim community chose to “kindly reject her” and added that she “needs plenty of therapy.” He chose to pass her on to anyone from outer space.

“As a representative of the extraterrestrial race we kindly reject her,” a user with an alien in their profile photo replied. “Since her speech delivery method is indecipherable, we’ll pass her on.”

2. Danielle Was Obviously Not Pleased

Danielle shared a few screenshots in a tweet and tossed an expletive and emoji in for good measure. She’s really going to have to strike a balance between her snark and her hilarious attitude. It was the internet, after all, which helped her become this popular, so it’s in her best interests not to poison the well.

1. See You In Hell, Tho

“As a representative of Hell we kindly accept her,” one user finally chimed in. “We’ll take good care of her.” Taking one for the team!

Danielle had better get her PR strategy in line—if she doesn’t, it’s the very machine that created her that will tear her dooown.

What’s next for Danielle? Well, according to, her Instagram product placements for FitTea and Postmates could quickly earn her hundreds of thousands of dollars—she has 8.3 million followers on that platform alone.

She was recently thrown off a Spirit Airlines flight after getting into a fight and punching a passenger. She was caught in a fight outside a bar at a different time. Now, Danielle has a bodyguard. That’s probably for the best, considering that she’s a bit… feisty.

What’s next? A reality television show, according to TMZ. She inked a contract with a network in March. How bow dah?