Bone Up On These The Beauty And The...

Bone Up On These The Beauty And The Beast Facts Before You See The Remake

With an immense amount of anticipation, the live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast managed to live up to the hype with over $1 billion made worldwide in the box office, which made it Disney’s highest grossing film in North America. Starring Emma Watson and Dan Stevens as the title characters, the film delivers everything you loved about the classic 1991 animated film and brings even more to the table. We take a look at some facts surrounding the film that make it more interesting.

The first fact involves getting another opportunity at a gig 25 years later.

10. Second Chance

While Ian McKellen flourishes as Cogsworth, the actor was originally considered for the same part for the original Disney film. His best friend Patrick Stewart was also in the running for the role, but he turned it down due to a busy work schedule with Star Trek: The Next Generation.

9. April 15

The date April 15 holds a lot of value to the film. This is the birthday of its stars Nathan Mack, Luke Evans, Emma Thompson, and Emma Watson. This is also the date for the first read through with the cast. These four stars couldn’t get a pass for getting one year older that day.

8. Money In The Bank

For actress Emma Watson, playing the role of Belle was a childhood dream come true. When she agreed to do the role, she was offered a $3 million contract, which also had a clause stating that she would get an additional $15 million if the film grossed over $750 million.
Without the following thing, this film would’ve taken a dark turn.

7. No Music? No Chance.

Inspired by the dark fantasy film Snow White and the Huntsman, Disney originally wanted the remake to have no musical numbers and have a somewhat mature vibe. Bill Condon was taken aback by the decision, but after the massive success of Frozen, Disney decided to change their minds and deliver the film with their iconic songs in place.

6. Most Expensive Song Ever

“Be Our Guest” is one of the most beloved songs to come from the original animated film. For the remake, it also became the most expensive song filmed. With a price tag of over $10 million, Bill Condon stated that the entire three and a half minute sequence cost more than his 2015 film Mr. Holmes, which also stars Ian McKellen.

5. Break The Internet

The teaser trailer for the film gained over 90 million views in 24 hours, which makes it the most-watched teaser of all time. Disney doesn’t have to worry about any competition, though; Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Captain America: Civil War, which are both under the Disney umbrella, are respectively the second and third most watched teasers ever.
Any fan of Disney is familiar with the next thing on the list.

4. Disney Cameos

Disney is known to have small cameos in their films, and Beauty and the Beast is no exception. During “Be Our Guest,” one of the music boxes seen features the Agrabah castle from Aladdin. Notre Dame is seen in the background when Belle makes her way to Paris with The Beast. This is a nod to The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Walt Disney also gets a little mention with the letters WD seen on the floor during the waltz.

3. What Could’ve Been

There were a handful of stars in the running to play these iconic roles. Kristen Stewart, Lily Collins, Amanda Seyfried, and Emma Roberts were in talks to play Belle. Hugh Jackman, who played Gaston in the Australian musical production of Beauty and the Beast, was in talks to revive the role for the film. Simon Pegg and Jean Dujardin were considered for the role of Lumiere.

2. What A Wonderful Phrase

Being in this film required a great level of singing, and director Bill Condon, who directed the 2006 film Dreamgirls, wanted to make sure that he got the best of the best for their respective parts. He had the entire cast sing “Hakuna Matata” from The Lion King to see who had what it took to be in the movie.
One movie managed to separate two of the biggest stars today.

1. La La Land

Ryan Gosling had to turn down the role of The Beast in order to work on La La Land, which earned him an Oscar nomination. On the other side, Emma Watson was offered the role of Mia Dolan in that same film, but she turned it down to work on Beauty and the Beast instead. Will we ever see them on the same screen together?


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