This Black Cat Isn’t Bad Luck...

This Black Cat Isn’t Bad Luck – He Is A Literal Lifesaver!

Black cats have an inseparable association with bad luck, Halloween, and just overall creepiness. Although they have a certain reputation, a cat named Radamenes from Poland is quite the opposite. He’s a black cat who got a new lease on life, and he now vows to give his shelter pals the same opportunity. We all know cats are pretty smart creatures, but this kitty may just take the cake.

He definitely defies the stereotype that cats are just in it for themselves, and slide #7 proves that he has the magic touch! It may not be black magic, but this feline has certainly found his purpose.



10. This Black Cat Didn’t Have An Easy Life

Radamenes, a stray cat from Poland, has had his fair share of obstacles. He was diagnosed with a serious respiratory infection and he wasn’t expected to live. Vets were beginning to think Radamenes would have to be put to sleep because his condition was so severe. The next slide proves they were in for a surprise, and the sick cat shocked everyone.

9. Radamenes Wasn’t Giving Up Without A Fight

He began to recover from his respiratory infection, and he was expected to get better and live a full life. It was a medical miracle, and the veterinary staff was thrilled to see the cat doing so well despite what he had been through. It was time for Radamenes to move on with his life and move out of the shelter for good.

8. It Was Time To Find Radamenes A Happy Home

The shelter was ready to put the cat up for adoption. He was well enough to find a family to call his own, and staff wanted to find the courageous cat a home. When Radamenes started acting strange, the shelter staff started to wonder if they should keep him around. Slide #6 shows how fascinating his strange behavior really is!

7. The Black Cat Took On A Caretaker Role In The Shelter

The shelter staff began to notice that Radamenes would pay special attention to every animal that was admitted into the shelter. He would clean them, cuddle them, and he made sure they felt loved. Shelter staff couldn’t bear to let Radamenes go, so they kept him. His behavior continued to get even more admirable, and the cat began to become an important part of the shelter.

6. He Took Care Of The Animals That Needed The Most Attention

Radamenes not only comforted and cuddled any animal that came into the shelter, he took special care of the animals that were sick or had to have surgery. It’s as if he knew these animals needed special care, and he was ready to do his part to help them recover. Slide #3 shows he sometimes has his hands full!

5. Radamenes Became A Vital Staff Member At The Shelter

The shelter staff considered the cat an important nurse at the facility. He supported the animals whenever they needed, and the shelter staff even considered Radamenes their angel. It’s not very often you find a cat so dedicated to the job of caring for others, and Radamenes knew how to do his job well. The next slide proves that he almost seems trained in the art of medicine!

4. The Cat’s Dedication To His Craft Is Inspiring

Radamenes is no rookie when it comes to taking care of his shelter pals. He would stay by them no matter what, and he used the sense of touch to speed up the healing process. The animals responded well to his care. He never gave up on any of his furry friends, even when they were so close to death.

3. Radamenes Took On A Lot Of Work

Any shelter you walk into has many animals that are sick or in need of intensive care. Radamenes took it upon himself to make sure every animal was taken care of, and this sometimes involved multiple animals at a time. This never deterred Radamenes, and he always went the extra mile to help those in need. He knew what it was like to suffer, and he didn’t want any of his friends to go it alone.

2. His Affections Were Absolutely Adorable

Radamenes not only stood by every animal’s bedside when they needed him, but he never failed to show them that he loved them. His treatment involved kisses, cuddles, and even a bath if needed. The cat wasn’t afraid to offer his services to anyone in need, including those who would otherwise be his enemy. The next slide proves his love for the job, no matter the effort!

1. Animals Of All Kinds Received His Care

Radamenes took care of every animal in the shelter, including a wide range of dogs. Despite his small stature, this black cat wasn’t going to give up on any of his friends. Big or small, all animals in this Polish shelter could expect top-notch care from their feline friend. Radamenes is a testament to all shelter animals that just want to be loved, and he proves that love can be spread in the most amazing of ways!

Radamenes the cat was given a second chance at life, and he certainly didn’t waste it. His care as the shelter nurse shows that animals can give back in so many ways, and they just want to see their loved ones happy. It’s truly an amazing testament to shelter animals everywhere waiting to be taken to their forever home. Comment below about your amazing adopted feline companion or share to let your friends know that a forever friend is waiting for them! Animals like Radamenes just want to be loved, and they have a whole lot of love to give in return!


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