Black Belter Tames Aggressive MMA Fighter

For a lot of people, owning a black belt proves one’s ability to have mastered the art of karate. While possessing a black belt is one huge accomplishment in life, that doesn’t entirely mean one has reached the higher forms of karate. When a person reaches a black belt rank, one will have to go through another set of levels before achieving that “final” belt. The period it takes to own a black belt in martial arts heavily depends on one’s dedication, school standards, and how the martial arts institution issues its black belt. Currently, there’s no “standard” period in black belt ownership.

However, the time it takes to neutralize an undisciplined and arrogant fighter is a completely different tale.

8. MMA Stirs Up Trouble

From time to time, black belt owners see themselves in scenarios where it’s difficult to escape from. Here’s one example. A highly aggressive and arrogant MMA fighter is brewing trouble at a local training facility. He thinks he can out-skill and out-muscle another fighter.

7. MMA Out to Prove Himself

Feeling confident and without a care in the world, the MMA fighter hears the black belter’s impressive reputation. With his confidence sky high, he decides to prove other people wrong. His eyes is set in pulling off a short and easy win.

6. MMA Tries to Prove Doubters Wrong

The MMA fighter decides to end the black belter’s win streak and be the first to take him down in the facility. He makes an assumption that black belt owners mean nothing to him. As brave as it may sound, things didn’t seem to go as planned.

5. Fighter Arrogantly Questions Black Belter

The fighter approaches the black belter. Apparently, the black belter was busy keeping a tight headlock on one of his students. Disgusted, the fighter questions the black belter’s inability to take “real fighters” his level.

4. Up for the Challenge… Right?

Without hesitation, the MMA fighter challenges the black belter. The moment the black belter gets up from the floor, the fighter changes his stance. Unknowingly, the black belter towered over him — a good few feet taller. Check out what happens later on slide #1.

3. Immediately Intimidated

With the black belter towering over his small frame, the fighter seemingly dropped his act. Intimidated by his size (and impressive reputation), the fighter changes his tune. That was something he didn’t come to expect. Slide #1 will tell reveal what really happened.

2. Makes a Pathetic Excuse

Intimidated, the man coughed up a lame excuse to make up for shock: his arm was sore. The fighter tries to avoid an incident by pushing the fight the following week. He reaches out for his hand, shook it, and “welcomed him to the club.”

1. Walks Away Humiliated

The fighter already lost before the fight began. He knows he’d have a hard time fight against someone who’s tall, strong, and skilled. After a brief handshake, the fighter walks away. Bystanders were surprised with how everything turned out.

Courtesy and respect plays a critical role in the world of martial arts. Wherever a martial arts expert goes, respect and courtesy should always be present. Whether it’s entering a training facility to facing a partner before a match, having these two incite sportsmanship and order. Whenever a sparring match ends with a win or a loss, a fighter doesn’t jump up and down like a touchdown was made.

Clearly, arrogance has no room in martial arts. As seen by the MMA fighter who thinks he can outdo anyone (but ended up backing down), it shows how respect and courtesy is applicable to anyone regardless of fighting discipline. Never treat anyone without respect. After all, it’s a two-way street that should never be forgotten.

Here’s the video covering that incident:


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