Bizarre Things You Never Noticed In The Backgrounds Of Movies

Being observant can serve as both a pesky habit and a valuable tool. While not all folks appreciate having their focus interrupted by the speculative musings of a stranger, some very much do. Are you someone who enjoys the slip-ups and plot holes in movies just as much as the story itself?

Read on to learn 18 crazy things you might never have otherwise seen in the background of your favorite films.

18. Jurassic Park Maintenence


It’s understandable that an animatronic T-rex can be pretty distracting. Even the shrewdest sleuth would struggle to tear his eyes away from the robot beast long enough to notice the studio sprinkler appearing in one shot.

17. Despicably Romantic


Yes, even cartoons have weird background mishaps. In the case of the two Despicable Me minions who seem to celebrate an evil triumph by a passionate kiss, it just happened to be a purposeful one.

Want to see a not-so-purposeful one? Check out the next slide.

16. Terminator Versus Rubber


It turns out, the Terminator is only invincible when it comes to playthings. In one fight scene where the title character is stabbed, a knife can be seen bending like flexible plastic when met by Schwarzenegger’s chest.

15. Year One


This prehistoric movie featuring comedic pros Jack Black and Michael Cera is generally pretty on-point. However, one scene featuring a background extra getting pretty cozy with a goat shows otherwise.

14. Titanic

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This seafaring drama is packed with legendary scenes, some of which may stretch the truth. For example, a closer look at the famous clip where Rose chops Jack’s handcuffs away shows she would have chopped his hand too!

Titanic isn’t the only movie where potentially lost body parts was an issue. Read on to learn more…

13. King Kong Snatches ‘Em Bald


Think King Kong was scary on-screen? Imagine the terror of the movie’s extras, who can be seen fleeing so quickly that their wigs fall off in some shots.

12. Indiana Jones Gets Overly-Cautious?


Raiders of the Lost Ark is a film made legendary by its intense action scenes. It appears that only a select few get to be violent, however: one background butcher is even notably gentle so as not to distract from the main man.

11. Mr. Nanny


The Hulk Hogan-centered end of the cult classic was already the stuff of memes. The man throwing his dog into the lake in the background just adds to the weirdness.

Luckily, the next film on the list had a mishap that was much less morbid. Keep reading to find out!

10. Ruby Slip-Up


The Wizard Of Oz would be nothing if not for those famous ruby slippers. However, in the scene where Scarecrow trips, Dorothy appears to have traded them for black loafers.

9. Star Woes


Uh-oh! There are actually two things wrong with one specific Star Wars shot: Mark Hamill whiffs on his stunt kick while Boba Fett can be seen flying to his own peril in the background.

8. Love Heals All

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How could anyone forget the legendary Mary Jane kiss scene in Spider Man? As famous as it was, few fans have caught that the shattered windows manage to somehow fix themselves.

Windows aren’t the only thing that gets magically saved by romance and a few continuity errors in movies. Check out the next slide for another example…

7. A Repeat Offender

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As great as it was, Titanic was a film seemingly prone to small errors. One clip even features a previously life jacket-free man mysteriously wearing a life vest while sinking into the Atlantic.

6. The Very Hungry Movie Star

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Ocean‘s 11 may be an iconic film with a stacked cast, but even the best mess up. One scene where Brad Pitt goes from holding a glass to a plate of food back to a glass illustrates this perfectly.

5. Cowboys Of The Caribbean


Want a good laugh? Watch background of Pirates Of The Caribbean: The Curse Of The Black Pearl closely. You will find a cowboy (complete with hat) just chilling on the pirate ship deck.

The focus of the next mistake wasn’t so calm. Read on to learn what went awry…

4. You Only Live Nine Times


In You Only Live Once, the villain’s white feline is a central figure. Keeping the kitty calm during an explosion was a challenge, however, and for one second, you can see his terrified expression.

3. Braveheart

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While this classic historical drama is full of many forms of torture tools, baseball bats don’t tend to appear. That didn’t prevent one background extra from toting around his slugger though.

What’s on the next slide brings double the starpower. Read on to find out how…

2. Shaun Of The Dead


This mistake may actually be more of a fantastic coincidence: if you pay enough attention, you can see that in one scene, one of the movie’s horrific zombies is Chris Martin from Coldplay.

1. The Succulent’s New Groove

Kuzco isn’t the only character who gets a funky makeover in The Emperor’s New Groove. Check out the background, where one scene features a cactus that morphs into the shape of (you guessed it) a llama. 


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