Bizarre, Somewhat Disgusting Storie...

Bizarre, Somewhat Disgusting Stories About Celebs From Former Groupies

  • We all have our favorite bands, musicians, and actors that we would give anything to meet. It is a dream come true when we are invited to hang out with the band after a show. Meeting your heroes is a once in a lifetime event for most people. Some of those people even end up hooking up with those celebrities, and that creates some of the most unique and awkward stories you will ever hear. If you believe your heroes are normal, think again.Here are 12 of the most hilarious and awkward encounters groupies have had with their favorite artists.
    12. Creed

    Creed doesn’t have the best reputation as a band, and they are on many lists of the worst bands in the music industry. Despite what people say, Creed definitely has a lot of fans. One woman left her husband and three kids to follow Scott Stapp and crew around on tour.


    11. Quentin Tarantino

    Everyone who knows Tarantino knows about his foot fetish, and it can be seen in many scenes of his films. One woman met him at a party and went back to his place to make out. Pretty soon, Quentin asked if he could suck her toes while he pleasured himself.

    10. One Direction

    One guy went to a One Direction concert with his friend who is presumably friends with the group. One of the members chatted with the guy all night while buying him drinks. After making out in the parking lot, he went home with the group member to do the deed. They woke up the next morning then had breakfast and called it a night.

    9. A$AP Rocky

    One girl went home with A$AP Rocky after one of his concerts. She had a bruise on her thigh in the shape of a bullseye and the artist asked her if he could finish his deed on it. Apparently, the rest of the night was just about as normal as it could be.


    8. Ylvis

    Ylvis is known for their comedic performances and variety shows and they are apparently really good friends and like to share. One girl admitted she had a threesome with the duo before they became really famous. She said it was the worst threesome she ever participated in, so she’s obviously done this before.

    7. Adam Lambert

    One girl sent a tweet to one of Lambert’s backup dancers before a concert one night. She went backstage where Adam and the rest of his entourage were hooking up with random people in the backstage hot tub and sauna. Then the manager comes down and yells at everyone to get on the tour bus. They take a quick ride on the elevator and leave.


    6. Moe

    One super fan invited Moe to stay at his house when their tour bus wouldn’t start after a show. He set the group up in his living room and went to bed with his girlfriend. He woke up in the middle of the night and his girlfriend was no longer laying next to him. She was in the living group getting gang banged by the band.

    5. Drake

    A Miami groupie has been with a lot of famous people, but none were as memorable as Drake. Even though she didn’t recognize him, she knew he was famous. She says he definitely knows what he’s doing in bed and is a little rough. She left while he was sleeping the next morning.


    4. Dave Matthews Band

    Dave Matthews Band is one of the biggest groups in musical history. One night, a girl, her sister, and another random “nerdy” girl took them home. The story goes, the girl’s sister spent the night with Dave while the nerdy girl hooked up with the sax player. They woke up the next morning to a condom taped to the door and a note that said, “whoever did this please don’t.”

    3. Lil Wayne

    One girl knows a friend who slept with Lil Wayne and ended up having his child. Even though it was a big scandal, the rapper was there at the kid’s birth. He was around for a little while, but she hasn’t heard from him in a few years.


    2. Pitbull

    Pitbull walked into a restaurant one night with two girls, each a foot taller than him and one was obviously pregnant. Pitbull ordered multiple shots of whiskey for the entire table. They noticed the pregnant woman light up a cigarette before consuming multiple shots. They had to excuse themselves from that situation immediately.


    1. Victory Records

    Victory Records isn’t known for being the most honest and standup record label in the music industry. One girl got a band member’s number and talked to him for a few months before meeting his family. He apparently lived with the rest of the band, smoked pot and slept all day, and was the most boring person she had ever met.

    Famous artists wouldn’t be famous if they didn’t have groupies — people who follow them around worshipping the ground they walk on. Groupies exist to do basically anything that the artist wants to do whenever they want to do it. It’s a burden, but someone has to step in and do the dirty work, or else, who will?

    Have you ever met one of your favorite artists, musicians, or entire bands? They probably didn’t turn out nearly as weird as some of these stories. If you could meet your favorite artist, what would you say and/or do with them?


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