Bizarre And Horrific Sorority Hazing Stories

We have all heard stories of sororities performing mean, degrading, and disgusting rituals on new pledges. Most of the time we witness these acts on the big screen.

IRL, some sisters have come out and shared their most horrific stories and they are exactly as bad as you think. Actually, they’re worse.

Are you ready to rush now?

10. Washing Machine Shaming

A whistleblower sorority sister at Montclair State University admitted to making pledges sit on a running washing machine with no clothes on. As her body jiggles, the sisters will use a pen to circle the jiggliest parts. What would you do if you were forced to choose between a dildo or drugs like the pledges in #9?

9. Dildo Or Drugs?


The Hazing Prevention Center is around to ensure people are treated like human beings. The organization was told of one sorority that makes its pledges either use a dildo in front of everyone or do a line of coke. It must be a sorority that can guarantee six-figure salary jobs after graduation.

8. From Sorority House To Hospital

A Dartmouth graduate spoke out about her hazing and initiation into the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority. Ravital Segal was forced to drink a 64-ounce bottle of spiked punch while doing vodka shots. She was also pushed out of a moving car and woke up in the hospital. Sororities even find a way to turn fundraising into a ritual in #7.

7. Filthy Philanthropy

Fraternities and sororities also do some public service in the community. Some sororities make their pledges do a fundraiser for a local charity. However, the pledge to raise the least amount of money is forced to shave her head. The short-haired girl will definitely stand out the rest of the year until it grows back.

6. Don’t Be A Wet Towel


At Rutgers University, sorority pledges are made to sit on a paper towel and watch lesbian pornography. If the paper towels become wet, the pledges are kicked out. Some people say the towels are hung in their fraternity counterpart’s doorway while others say the girl with the wettest towel has to eat the others. They provide a new take on jewelry in #5.

5. Not Just Jewelry


There is a website available called Hazed and Confused where people share stories of such rituals. One group gives their pledges new “earrings.” Basically, the sorority sisters will staple both of each new pledges ears. We guess the price of initiation into some sororities is worth a minor ear infection.

4. Trivia Time


Some sororities will have a trivia night. Sounds harmless, right? When a pledge gives a wrong answer they are forced to drink straight vodka. In addition, the pledges are shown a sharpie, a hammer, a knife, and a dildo. If the pledges get enough answers wrong, then they are violated with one of them. Even co-ed fraternities aren’t immune to dehumanizing rituals in #3.

3. Co-Ed College Fraternities

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Some fraternities are co-ed and the female pledges are not immune to degrading rituals. A fraternity at an Appalachian college called Young Harris University is no exception. Female pledges are told to hump the ground and moan while simulating sex. The other members will simply watch and cheer them on.

2. Is It Worth A Life?

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A lot of pledge rituals are not very well thought out and do not end well. In 2007, two pledges of Alpha Kappa Alpha in Los Angeles were told do to hours of calisthenics on the shoreline. Afterward, they had to walk backward towards the water. Both girls got swept out into the ocean and drowned. Some rituals like #1 are just cruel and unusual.

1. In Hot Water For Hot Hands


Most of these rituals just do not make any sense. It makes one wonder why people would want to join in the first place. A sorority at Binghampton University got into a lot of trouble for plenty of cruel and unusual acts. For example, they forced their pledges to stand there while holding hot hookah coals.


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