Best Relationship Advice – 10 Hab...

Best Relationship Advice – 10 Habits of Happy Couples

Falling in love is easy but staying there is not so. You will find that in a few months or maybe a year, the passion between you both will wither away as you get busy with life and get used to being around each other. However, you don’t need your passion to be close to each other. Even as your passion withers away, you can stay happy and contented together by following the best relationship advice given here.

Here are 10 habits of happy couples, a post by Dr. Mark Goulston, who is a psychiatrist, international speaker and a bestselling author of relationship books like The 6 Secrets Of A Lasting Relationship: How To Fall In Love Again…And Stay There, Persuade Without Pushing And Gain Without Giving In, and How To Get Through To Absolutely Anyone.

Read on to find out what happy couples do to be happy with each other.

1- Go to bed together
Happy couples
Happy couples

You may be tempted to work or watch TV a little bit longer but when your partner hits the bed, it’s time to wind up and join them. If your work is too important or if you can’t fall asleep, you may get up later and do whatever you were doing. What is important is that you make a habit to go to bed together.

2- Develop common interests
10 habits of happy couples3
Happy couples

They say opposites attract each other. Hence, it’s very probable that you two don’t have much in common and your interests are totally different. But to stay happy, try to develop common interests. It’s not that hard.

3- Walk side by side
Happy couples
Happy couples

When going out, we sometimes tend to walk ahead of our partners because of our excitement. But happy couples know that it’s more important to walk alongside their partners than to see the sights along the way.

4- Always trust and forgive
Happy couples
Happy couples

Your life will be much easier if you just trust your partner and forgive them rather than holding a grudge. If and ever you have an argument and if you can’t resolve it, just trust and forgive, for the sake of staying happy.

5- Look at the positive traits in your partner
Happy couples
Happy couples

One very valuable relationship advice is to always think positive. If you look for negative traits in your partner, you will always find something and if you look for positive, you will always find something. It depends on what you look at. Remember, nobody is perfect; hence, look at the positive side.

6- Hug each other often
Happy couples
Happy couples

Your skin remembers the good touch and couples who greet each other with a hug keep their skin bathed in good touches. This habit will keep your love stay young forever.

7- Say “I Love You” every morning
Happy couples
Happy couples

Couples often forget those one liners like “I Love You”, “Have a Great Day”, and “Miss You” after they get busy in their routine lives. But if you want to keep your love young, make a habit of saying these greetings every morning before you two set off to work.

8- Say “Good Night” every night
Happy couples
Happy couples

No matter how awful your day was, make a habit of saying good night before you doze off. This tells the partner that no matter what, he or she is very important to you and your relationship matters the world to you.

9- Do a “weather check”
Happy couples
Happy couples

It may feel annoying when your partner calls you all the time while you are at work but just a small conversation and checking in on each other doesn’t hurt at all. If you think your partner may be annoyed if you call them, send a message and ask them about their day at work. This keeps you in sync after you meet at the end of the day. For example, if your partner had an awful day at work, you can’t expect him to be in good mood at the end of the day. Hence, you can adjust your expectations as well.

10- Be proud of each other
Happy couples
Happy couples

Happy couples like to be together and seen together. They are proud of each other. And a good way to show your affection and pride is by walking hand in hand and side by side.

You don’t need to do a lot to be happy in your relationship. Develop these above habits and notice the change. This is truly the easiest and the best relationship advice ever. Share it with your partner and try developing these habits one at a time.

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