The Best Looking Policewomen From Around The World


Defending people from the predations of criminals is hard, dangerous work, and work which demands respect. Women looking to join law enforcement to do some good in their community have a bit of an uphill battle in the respect department, especially if they’re attractive. It’s unfair, but it exists.

Let’s take a look at women around the world who are dedicating their lives to protecting innocent people within their countries and at the same time, looking great while they do so.

We advise you use real caution if you run afoul of any of these ladies. Their beauty doesn’t mean they’re any less tough!



12. Sweden

Sweden is a relatively peaceful nation with fairly minimal problems with crime, but their police must be able to swim 150 meters doing the breaststroke and be able to pull someone out of water when that person is drowning. Swedish police are also armed and carry a gun as a standard issue piece of equipment.
11. Israel

Israel probably has the toughest police force in the world, as all the ladies pictured here will also have completed military service prior to signing up to fight crime. They carry a weapon standard, and can run 1 kilometer in under 6.5 minutes. They must also be able to do 22 pushups.

10. Romania

Romania is a small European nation, but one which takes law enforcement very seriously indeed. Not only do the police wander about fully armed, but they must be able to run 2 kilometers in under 11 and a half minutes. They can also hurl a heavy medicine ball a minimum of 7 meters.

9. Poland

The Eastern European nation is a relatively peaceful place to be, and hasn’t got a huge crime rate, but that doesn’t mean that its police officers aren’t well prepared. Not only can they shoot and drive a car that turns on a dime, but they can also use sniper rifles and grenade launchers!

8. North Korea

You really, really don’t want to get into trouble with the law in North Korea. They will send you away for a very, very long time. Also, as with many police forces around the world, this lady carries a handgun and she’s got the authority to use it whenever she needs to.
7. Iceland

Iceland leads the world in female equality. It should come as no surprise that many of its police officers are female. They’re only armed with batons and pepper spray, and they are provided with a vehicle to give chase in. Shootings, of any kind, are almost unknown in Iceland.

6. Australia

In a land down under, they have a fairly demanding set of requirements to join the police. They carry a weapon and a taser while on duty, and must be able to jump 30 cm or more vertically and plank for over 90 seconds. They must also have a strong grip.

5. Singapore

Singapore may be a small island nation, but it has a reputation for upholding the law in a strict and unbending fashion. That means it needs a lot of police to enforce the rules, and these ladies will be armed with batons and tasers to make sure criminals keep within the rules.

4. Russia

Russia is cold and hard, and you don’t want to upset any police in that country. Not only do these ladies have training in the use of a variety of guns including assault rifles, but they can also drive a tank. Seriously, they can come after you in a tank.

3. India

India’s not the place you may naturally associate with policewomen given the nation’s poor reputation for equality laws, but don’t underestimate the women who serve this way. They carry a large stick called a “lathi” and they’re armed with either a Glock or an Auto 9 mm.

2. Netherlands

The Netherlands is a small European nation, but one, which perhaps thanks to its liberal drugs laws, sees its fair share of crime. Dutch women must be able to run a timed obstacle course in order to qualify for the Dutch police force, and it’s a taxing test of skill and will.

1. China

Chinese police are issued with the standard Chinese Police Revolver, which is a gun unique to their needs and requires special ammo. They also have a taxing range of physical requirements, and while she may look dainty, this policewoman has a handgrip strength of nearly 50 kg! She can jump over a foot in the air, too.

You’d have to travel a long way to find a finer occupation for anyone than upholding the law.

It’s easy to forget that these women have a job to do and it’s for our safety that they do it.

However, it’s OK to recognize that doing a tough, demanding job doesn’t take away from their attractiveness, either.

What do you think? Are these the most attractive policewomen in the world? Or have we left somewhere out that we should have included? What about the United States or Canada or Great Britain? Let us know where we’ve missed.