Best Celebrity Mugshots Of All Time (And Many You Won’t Expect)


There’s something about a good old prison mugshot. It has the ability to reduce even the greatest and most powerful people to the same level of the rest of us.

So, it’s kind of comforting to find that when a celebrity is arrested, they’re not allowed to call their publicist and have a Photoshop artist on hand to sort out their soon-to-be despoiled image.

These 12 celebrities all found themselves felt up by the sticky palm of the law, and they all found that they looked just like the rest of us would in a mugshot, too.



12. The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones may have been middle-class men who’d attended expensive schools, but they were truly rock and roll rebels. In 1972, every last member of the band got their collar felt for drug possession and assaulting a member of the press (a photographer no less) so that explains these mug shots.
11. Steve-O

It’s actually quite incredible that this is Steve-O’s only mugshot, given the insane stunts that he pulled during the course of filming Jackass. Steve-O probably looks so dour in this photo because he was arrested for indecent exposure during a stunt where he stapled a part of his anatomy to his thigh. You can work out it.

10. Shia LeBeouf

LeBeouf is a big hit with the police, and not in a good way. He’s been arrested many times, but this is probably his best (worst) mugshot. He was only 21 when he got drunk and refused to be escorted from the premises of a store by a security guard. He was charged with trespassing.

9. James Brown

There’s no doubt that the “Godfather of Soul” can be a 28 karat lunatic when the situation requires it. At the age of 70, he was busted for assaulting his wife, Tomi Rae, and ended up in the station having his photo taken for anti-posterity. He’s been arrested before for guns, drugs, and many other things.

8. Anna Nicole-Smith

The Playboy model is famous for the end of her short, sad life where she shacked up with a nonagenarian billionaire in the failed hopes of a huge payout when he died. She would then take a drugs overdose and end her own life. However, she was also arrested for drunk driving when she was younger.
7. Robert Downey Jr.

Before he was Iron Man, he was simply a very bad boy. Robert Downey Jr. was arrested constantly for a period of his life and this mugshot comes from the day he broke into his next door neighbor’s home because he was too out of his mind to distinguish it from his own home!

6. Paul Reubens

Paul Reubens is best remembered to a generation as Pee Wee Herman. He got pinched for playing with himself in a porno theater, and that put the kibosh on his career as a children’s entertainer. Then he was arrested for possession of child porn, and still he got a comeback attempt on Netflix in 2016.

5. Larry King

Larry King doesn’t do things by halves, and the CNN frontman went all out to get arrested in 1971 for grand larceny! In the end, it was clear that the debt was never going to be repaid, and he was convicted of a single count of bouncing a check.

4. Jay-Z

Today, he has too much to lose, but back before he was famous, Jay-Z was a bit of a troublemaker. He needed the rep that comes from an arrest, and was charged with assault for stabbing a record company representative in a nightclub. He received three years probation for it, too.

3. Daryl Hannah

The star of Splash is probably not someone you’d expect to find facing jail, but she was arrested for taking part in an environmental activism event. The charges were resisting arrest and trespassing. She ended up paying a $4,500 bond to be released and the oil company let matters drop at a later date.

2. Chris Tucker

Chris Tucker is famous for his appearance in the movie Rush Hour, and thus it’s no real surprise that he was arrested for speeding. Oh, and running away from the arresting officers. He served an incredible 30 minutes in jail until his representatives arranged his bond and he’s not been back since.

1. Vince Vaughn

Say “cheese!” Vince Vaughn is seen here after having been maced for starting a fight in a bar. He was arrested and charged, but the charges would be dropped some 6 months later and he served no time, even though his plea of “no contest” suggests that he did the crime.

We’re all human and that’s just as true for celebrities as it is for you and me. These celebrities all have a mugshot to compliment their moments of fragility.

Daryl Hannah has a mugshot because she was prepared to make a stand, Robert Downey Jr., because he couldn’t stand, and Chris Tucker because he didn’t stand around at all.

Which celebrity’s mugshot do you think is the worst? Would your own mugshot beat out any of these? Please don’t get arrested to find out, you can always make a mugshot at home without breaking the law.