Beauties and their Beasts


No, this is nothing like the Disney fairy tale we’ve all loved and watched growing up. It’s about gorgeous ladies showing love to their furry friends. Now guys, don’t we all love fine-looking and animal-loving women? They love them so much that they’re willing to share their personal space. Curious? Read on to find out.

1. Health Buff Pup


Like mommy, like puppy. This adorable pup and her beautiful mommy take cuteness to the next level. With matching outfit and pose, we cannot deny the connection between them. Not to mention both are in great shape.

2. Three’s a Party


This seal is definitely having a good time. Who wouldn’t be when you are sandwiched between two stunning ladies. I bet he’s willing to do any trick just to entertain them.

3. Pat on the Back10

I think this huge sting ray wants to have a closer look at the foreign creature. Making new friends couldn’t be this much fun. And how brave is this blonde for letting it get that close? They’re both definitely having a blast! 

4. Yoga and Chill1

This Great Dane chills while guarding his favorite human. Though he seemed unamused by the difficult yoga pose his owner does. He’s probably in doggie land day dreaming.

5. The Cover Up33

This Shepherd mix can tell that something is about to pop out. So for his sanity, he covered his eyes.

6. Too Smart

Dolphins are said to be one of the smartest animals in the ocean. Yup, I definitely agree. How gorgeous is that lady?

7. Photographer’s Apprentice26

This little kitten is all set and ready for work but looks like his human is not yet done taking selfies.

8. Caffeine Overload3

This lemur may have had too much sip of his latte. Still in a state of shock he still couldn’t believe how he ended up living a privileged lifestyle.

9. Puppy Nap Haven30

This lab puppy must be having the best dream of his life. Despite that awkward position he’s still sound asleep.

10. Glowing Red Eyes2

That tiny dog (yes, there is a dog) is about to bite you. So be careful where you stare.

11. The Surprise of his Life31

We, too would be shocked if we get that close. I think he also peed a bit. Poor dog, it was too much to handle for him.

12. Doggy Canoodle7

One big, wet, sloppy mush from this loveable mutt is enough to melt your heart. But I’m guessing you didn’t see that.

13. Can’t Breathe27

This poor pup look so uncomfortable and can barely move from his position. Now we know his least favorite spot.

14. Favorite Spot6

This pup may have the coziest pillow ever. Look just how comfortable he is. Not even a huge bone could make him leave his spot.

15. Power Dog Nap25

This cute mutt is replenishing his energy before he goes to the beach and seems like he found the perfect spot for a power dog nap.

16. Shy Type Mutt11

This mutt is not very fond of the camera. But his human is so insistent in showing him off that she didn’t notice other things popping out.

17. Luxe Cat Nap17

This kitty must be having the best cat nap of his life. He has found a warm and cozy place to sleep on. Way better than catnips.

18. Doggy Approved12

This stud is showing his appreciation for all things beautiful. I say, he’s definitely got good taste.

19. Queen of the Jungle 35

A strong beast deserves a strong beauty. Just look at how lean and muscular these two creatures are.

20. Secret Hideout20

This tiny rodent is hiding from his arch nemesis Snowbell and has found the perfect hiding place. It’s warm and cozy too.

21. Beach Buddies16

These beach bums are enjoying the sun while having an intense bonding moment contemplating about life. That or they’re just working to perfect their tan.

22. Mommy, got milk?18

This adorable pup is so hungry that he can’t contain himself anymore. Who couldn’t resist that heart melting stare?

23. Cup Ride22

This newly born kitty is hanging on for its dear life. It doesn’t seem to enjoy the ride. How unfortunate.

24. Adopt Us13

I don’t know any man who wouldn’t take these two gorgeous creatures and just spoil them. They’re just so loveable and huggable.

25. What are these?21

This cute kitty looks confused as to what these round things are? “Are they yarn balls?” “Will these pop when I poke them?” “Nah, I’ll just stare at them.”

26. Caught at a Bad Time9

It looks like we’ve caught these two at a bad time. Just look at that cat stare. It’s ready to pounce anytime!

How lucky these beasts are, aren’t they? Just to be close to such beautiful creatures. There you have it a gallery of the beauties and their beasts.