Most Awkward, Humiliating Breakups Aired On Facebook (#5 Is Ridiculously Embarrassing)

Breakups can be a messy business, especially when emotionally charged individuals feel hurt, deceived or disrespected. Things can quickly spiral out of control on public platforms (as we very well know) and when couples air their dirty laundry on Facebook, it’s only natural for the world to like, share and comment.

We’ve put together a list of 10 cringeworthy break-ups on Facebook that are not just embarrassing but are bound to tickle your funny bone. A word to the wise, the next time you think about being excessively transparent, check out these images below and think twice before hitting that post button!

10. Karma Will Always Catch Up With Cheaters

In every relationship and/or breakup, perspectives play a huge role in determining what went wrong. Experience teaches us that every action has a reaction. When you steal a woman’s husband, don’t be surprised or heartbroken when he returns to her and leaves you up in the air.

Is it cheating when a man sleeps with the woman he’s married to? She seems to think so.

9. When Your Exes Play On Your Weaknesses

When it comes to sex, most men are usually sensitive about premature ejaculation and would prefer to keep that piece of information strictly private. It just so happens that these two exes could not help but amuse themselves with witty analogies that painted this poor guy blood-red with rage.

8. Expectations Can Easily Set You Up For Massive Disappointment

It’s all fun and games until it hits the fan. One can only imagine just how awful NHL 12 must have been for Brad to not just end his relationship but update his Facebook relationship status all within the space of 2 hours. Women, pay attention: never gift your partner a game unless you’re 100% he isn’t this guy.

7. Forever And Always Doesn’t Always Last

A picture is worth a thousand words.” Before Facebook, this quote was resoundingly true but now, the comment section holds more truth than any picture can.

It’s not unusual for couples to make promises of love only to return months later and disappoint the good folks of Facebook by breaking such promises. As cringeworthy as this may have been, the next slide takes it to an entirely new level. That’s our promise to you!

6. This Woman Clearly Values Public Health Safety

A healthy relationship is built on trust and commitment. When you cheat and break someone’s heart, trust that they will reveal your deepest darkest secrets on the grandest stage of them all: Facebook. Two lessons can be learned from the above scenario – don’t cheat and always use protection.

5. All It Takes Are A Few Likes To Push Someone Over The Edge

If you’re a long time user of Facebook, I’m sure you’ve seen posts, good or bad, being liked. Things can become highly awkward when tragic news is received with a ton of likes. The priceless reaction from Kevin’s friends rubbed Shannon the wrong way and instead of ignoring it, she blew up in a fit of embarrassing rage.

4. She Destroyed His Clothes, He Destroyed Her Life

To speak, treat and engage your partner with love and respect truly helps in building a long-lasting relationship.

Even when things crumble, the mature way of handling a breakup requires some degree of respect for each other. When this woman vindictively caused her ex-boyfriend to lose his job and bragged about it on Facebook, she could have never anticipated what he had in store for her.

3. Your Spouse’s Siblings Are Strictly Off Limits

I think we’ve established the fact that there’s no bigger betrayal than cheating. Well, it turns out, there is! Cheating with your spouse’s sibling and making her pregnant is a hundred times worse. Furthermore, having the audacity to ask your ex-wife, on Facebook, why the two of you got divorced is simply mind boggling. If you think this is embarrassing, wait till you see what happens in the next slide!

2. Breaking Up Over Text Is Always A Bad Idea

If you’ve ever broken up with someone, you most likely understand how difficult it is to formulate the right words in the perfect context to get the job done without being a jerk. You might even consider doing it over text, but this picture depicts the exact reason why you should NEVER break up over text, especially on Facebook! We feel terribly bad for her after that embarrassing public revelation.

1. When Your Friends Just Can’t Help But Chip Into Your Breakup

Intense conversations haphazardly packed with stress and worry are often volatile. The last thing anyone needs are friends butting in with inconsequential remarks. During a heart-to-heart conversation between this couple on Facebook, their friend’s interjection is nothing short of ridiculously humorous and weirdly timed. We wonder whether they broke up. What do you think?

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.” Guess what? Facebook is burning as bright as ever with the fire of embarrassing breakups being posted on a daily basis.

Whether you’re in a relationship now or in the future, whatever you do, if things are on shaky grounds, we beg of you to not make the mistake of taking your breakup online because the result could be disastrous for you and hilarious for everyone else.

For those of you who have blamed, flamed or shamed your exes for a breakup on Facebook, share your story with us in the comment section below!


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