These Awkward High School Stories Are Way Worse Than Whatever You Got

High school is hell. Make no mistake, when you cram several hundred kids in one enclosed space, chaos will eventually come for each and every one. No matter if you were the jock, the brain, the prom queen, or just that ordinary kid from Mr. Switzer’s fourth period English class, you have got a past full of cringeworthy stories, just like these former students…

12. Size Matters

Some days it’s better to just take the tardy slip:

“Late for school, I accidentally put on my sister’s underwear, who was a bit bigger than I was. As I was writing on the board, the panties dropped. That was not a good week.”

Of course, now and then, your mistake can make your reputation, like this guy…

11. Movie Review

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“At lunch, I was telling my buddies about the part in ‘Porky’s’ where PeeWee finally gets action and yells, “I got laid!” out the bus window. As soon as I said it, the whole cafeteria got quiet, and everyone heard. I got a huge round of applause.”

Still, wild applause might be a better reaction than the one this guy got…

10. Overexposed


“During a swim meet warm-up, I dove in, swam to the other side of the pool and hopped out to go sit with my team. Some people were giggling as I walked past, but I didn’t think anything of it. Then suddenly, my coach sprints up to me with a horrified look on his face and whispers, “Your cock is out.”

And speaking of shocking things popping out…

9. A Pass Out Of Class

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This class film probably worked better than any abstinence program:

“I had to watch a birth video in child development class, and I started feeling weird. Next thing I know I was slouched over my desk. Two classmates had to drag me down the hall to the nurse’s office, and within three days most of the school knew I had passed out.”

Although, a sex ed class might have just saved this next girl’s wardrobe…

8. The Cycle Repeats

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“I got my period at school, but my dad had refused to sign the sex ed class permission slip, so I didn’t know crap about what menstruation was. I threw away my ruined panties every month for four months before my mom figured out what was happening and explained it to me.”

Your major embarrassments can lead to triumph, if you take things in stride…

7. Over The Moon

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Like having your classmates offer you the moon:

“I was the only girl in gym class senior year. On the last day, all the boys in class lined up in front of me and mooned me. Most embarrassing moment ever. In the end though they were just teasing; they said they were proud of me for sticking with the class.”

Mooning around doesn’t always lead to making friends, though…

6. Written Off

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Real high school crushes rarely have a John Hughes ending, as this poor girl found out:

“On Valentine’s Day, I decided to write my crush, Brett, a note. He read it, passed it to his friend, and then his friend told EVERYONE in class that I’d written it. I remember feeling so embarrassed. I never wrote another love note again.”

Love hurts, and sometimes it actually leaves marks…

5. Crushed By A Crush


“I had a huge crush on the captain of our basketball team. Once he called my name, and when I turned around, I walked smack-dab into an open locker door. I had a huge bruise and bump on my forehead for a good week.”

It’s not all bad. Your little tragedies are great for learning who your real friends are…

4. Ripped At The Seams

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“As I squatted down by my locker, I heard a rip. I had split my pants from about halfway up my butt almost down to my knee. I told my friend what had happened, and she ended up saving the day, but she couldn’t believe it until I showed her the proof.”

You friends might be on your side, but when your teenage body betrays you…

3. It Was The Desk, Honest

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“I sneezed and farted at the same time, and the desk I was sitting in made my fart echo even louder than it should have been. All the boys laughed. One girl just heard a sneeze and tried to convince the boys, but they knew better.”

For this next girl, ignorance was really bliss…

2. Love Your Blue Balls


“My mom got me a cool pony tail holder…two large round blue balls. Every time I wore them people told me that they liked my blue balls. I thought they were being nice, till later in 9th grade when I found out what they really meant!”

But in the end, there are some humiliating experiences that there’s just no coming back from…

1. Know When To Fold ‘Em

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“I got my period in gym, and I didn’t have any supplies, so I used toilet paper. I finished doing my crunches, looked down, and saw that the bloody toilet paper had fallen out and my coach was looking right at it. I immediately walked away and hid in the locker room until the bell rang.”


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