Attention Men: Do These 22 Little Things to Make Ladies MUCH Happier .. Some Are Just too Easy !

Hey guys, do positive relationships seem like a complete mystery? Do you find it hard to please your lady? Well stop right here and listen up, because we’ve got some super simple advice that will keep you out of the doghouse and right in your special woman’s heart.

The thing is, it’s not even that difficult to be a positive force in your relationship. Women may seem complicated, but their desires are no more opaque than your own. It’s all about doing the little things that build up to something much more important. When you’re looking to make your partner happy, try remembering these simple rules.

1. Remember her friends’ names.


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Seriously, if you can’t make a mental note of her friends’ names, you probably don’t deserve to be with her. This one is stupidly simple and requires only a bit of effort, even if remember names in general isn’t your forte. When she introduces her friends, make a mental note to connect their faces and say the names aloud. When she knows that you know her life, she feels more confident about you as a partner.

2. Clean up after yourself.


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This is one that should just fall under “how to adult,” but sure, it helps big time in keeping a relationship afloat. When she visits your place, you’ll want to show that you can manage your own home and, you know, not be a total slob. If you’re living together, it’s even more important. You never want to make her feel like your mom, cleaning up after your messes!

3. Actually tell her how you feel.


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Be honest. Be open. We know it’s hard; us guys are often raised to be buttoned up, keeping this supposed “feminine” aspect hidden. But having feelings isn’t limited to one sex, and bottling them up never works in the long run. Tell her when you’re happy as much as you tell her when you’re feeling down. Opening up helps both of you connect on a deeper level.

4. Don’t pressure her into anything.


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When you think of pressure in a relationship, your mind probably jumps right to sex. You wouldn’t be wrong, but it’s not the whole picture. Guilt tripping and coercion have no place in a quality relationship. You’re not battling a mortal enemy or trying to climb the ladder at work; you’re trying to be a team. When she says no, that’s it! This works both ways, of course, so don’t become the one who rolls over every time a choice has to be made.

5. Don’t criticize her food or drink choices.


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Unless we’re talking about a serious alcohol problem, you really should keep your mouth shut if you’ve got objections to her choice of drink or dinner. It’s not just rude to cast doubt on someone else’s meal; it’s possibly damaging to her dietary decisions. You wouldn’t want someone second guessing something so personal, so try not to do the same to the woman you’re with.

6. Don’t take forever to respond to her texts.


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Look, we all know that you’re looking at your phone every few minutes anyway. When she sends you a text, reply in a reasonable amount of time. You definitely don’t want to be caught commenting on Facebook or Tweeting before responding to your lady; we think that’s a capital offense in some counties. The point is, make sure that she knows she’s a priority for you. That stuff is important.

7. Watch what she wants to watch.


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Listen, we know you’ve got to catch up on Doctor Who and that new Archer later tonight, but you can’t hog the entertainment options all the time. You probably say, well we do have “our” shows, so isn’t that good enough? It’s not. Just take one for the team and let her watch Real Housewives or whatever, and you’ll not only earn some relationship brownie points; she’ll probably be way more happy to let you watch whatever you please the next time it comes up. Probably even Battlebots or something equally dorky!

8. Learn to cook.


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This one is huge. You don’t need to be an expert chef with a repertoire of haute cuisine to dish out on a regular basis, but you should have a signature dish or two that you can always nail. It’s not just for making a great impression – although it does – it’s also about just being able to provide in a basic but important way.

9. Give her massages.


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This is almost a complete no-brainer. Yes, of course she would like a massage. Right now, and for a few minutes longer than you’d probably like to give one. But we promise that it’s worth it. Not only will you likely receive one in return, her freshly relaxed state will pay dividends for both of you over the course of the night.

10. Take her on a date.


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Whether you’re just beginning to move past “hooking up” or you’ve been together for years, it’s important to go out and celebrate each other, treat yourselves, and have some time away from home. Going on dates isn’t just about winning the other person over. It’s about cementing your connection and feeling alive together.

11. Whatever you’re getting, get her one too.


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Whether you’re just picking up coffee on your way home from the office, choosing snack foods while grocery shopping, or doing any other little thing for yourself, keep your lady in mind. Get her something too. It’s not just thoughtful, fair, and convenient (she WILL notice that you’ve got a donut the moment you walk in the door) but it shows her that she’s always on your mind.

12. Give her space.


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Sure, she loves the attention you give her. You love her attention too. It’s a mutual closeness that your relationship, especially at first, thrives on. But sometimes she needs a break. You do too, even if you don’t think so. When she needs space, she’ll let you know. Make sure to oblige. She’ll come back refreshed and twice as excited to see you.

13. Listen. Seriously, just listen.


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We know that men are prone to problem solving. She drops some issues on you, and the natural inclination is to fix them right away. But sometimes, and by sometimes we mean often, she just wants a sympathetic ear. So close your mouth, lean in, and listen up. Pay attention to what she’s saying, and offer your advice if it’s asked. If not, just stay quiet and appreciate that she’s sharing the weight of her day with you.

14. Don’t talk badly about your ex(es).


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When you talk about people and events in your past, it’s always a reflection of yourself, not them. Whoever you’re speaking to can only hear what’s coming from you, so it’s natural that they’ll see this negativity in you. Not only is it bad form; it can be bad for your current relationship. Also, who wants to imagine how they’ll be talked about if a breakup happens?

15. Go shopping with her.


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Okay, so this one might seem frivolous, silly, or downright annoying, but it’s important. You don’t have to become “one of the girls” and ride along on every trip through the mall, but when she actually wants you to go shopping together, just buckle up and join in! You probably don’t have anything better to do, and besides, she asked because she wants your company. She might even want your opinion, but just cool it until she asks!

16. Tell her in writing what she means to you.


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While you may tell her out loud often enough, and you may think that you express your love on a regular basis, it’s just not the same as surprising her with a handwritten note of affection. It can be a full on letter or something as simple as a post-it note on her dresser. The point is, you’d be surprised how much these little tactile expressions of love can mean to her.

17. Make sure to make love.


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Oh, and I want a lot of babies, too. I know that gotta-have-you-right-now kind of sex changes the longer you’re in a relationship( and especially when children come into the picture) but I always want to feel physically connected to you. And I want you to always view me as the sexiest woman you’ve ever known. In return, I promise to make an effort, even when I’m absolutely exhausted. I hope you will, too.

18. Don’t act embarrassed or annoyed when she cries at movies.


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She might be a strong, independent woman who demands and deserves your respect as an equal, but she’s certainly allowed to get caught up in a sappy drama and shed some tears over fictional heartbreak – and you really shouldn’t have a problem with it. This might sound odd, but we know plenty of guys who either belittle or try to “fix” this when it happens. Don’t do that!

19. Speak your opinion.


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Seriously, speak up! She wants to know the real you, and you want her to know the real you. You can’t stay in love with an idea of someone, so let her know the real you. Share your opinions on the world, on people, on music. Don’t be a jerk about it (this applies to everyday life) but never be fake. That’s unattractive and unfair.

20. Have a personal passion.


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It’s important in life to be passionate about something, or a lot of things. This truth remains even when you’re in a relationship. You can’t be everything to each other, and frankly, it’s boring when your partner isn’t fired up about anything outside of the relationship. There’s really nothing more attractive than a man who knows what he loves and is serious about doing it.

21. Remind her that you’re here to stay.


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Maybe it’s the digital rush of modern life, the over connected nature of the social media age, but sometimes we just need to reaffirm that we’re together, that we want to be here, and that we’re not wandering off in search of someone else. You don’t need to overdo it; just make sure she’s reminded often that you’re with her because you want to be.

22. Make sure she feels loved.


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This one is gigantic, and kind of sits at the center of much of the rest of this advice. A lot of these ideas are about this very notion: making sure your lady knows that you love her. If it’s real, it’s real, but that doesn’t mean you get to slack off. You can do it with touch, with words, with grand gestures or small things; the point is that you do it at all. To make a relationship work in the long term, you have to reaffirm what makes you stick together on a regular basis!

We hope you’ve found our little list enlightening and helpful. Maybe some of this seems like common sense advice; that’s because it is. But if there’s one thing we’ve learned over the years, it’s that common sense isn’t always that common. Also we learned that relationships take work, but it’s not hard. Now, go out and make your lady smile!


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