Attention Men: Do These 22 Little Things to Make Ladies MUCH Happier .. Some Are Just too Easy !

Hey guys, do positive relationships seem like a complete mystery? Do you find it hard to please your lady? Well stop right here and listen up, because we’ve got some super simple advice that will keep you out of the doghouse and right in your special woman’s heart.

The thing is, it’s not even that difficult to be a positive force in your relationship. Women may seem complicated, but their desires are no more opaque than your own. It’s all about doing the little things that build up to something much more important. When you’re looking to make your partner happy, try remembering these simple rules.

1. Remember her friends’ names.


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Seriously, if you can’t make a mental note of her friends’ names, you probably don’t deserve to be with her. This one is stupidly simple and requires only a bit of effort, even if remember names in general isn’t your forte. When she introduces her friends, make a mental note to connect their faces and say the names aloud. When she knows that you know her life, she feels more confident about you as a partner.


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