An Astonishing Collection of Award Winning Photos

Every year there are countless photography competitions, but a select few get world renowned recognition. These photos are some of the most amazing, magical, and downright astounding photos of wildlife, nature, and the world around us that you will ever see.

We’ve selected the 26 top photos from the last few years of the CBRE Urban Photographer of the Year, Velux Lovers of Light Photography Competition, Royal Horticultural Society Photographic Competition, Astronomy Photographer of the Year put on by The Royal Observatory Greenwich, and the National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest and we’re positive that you’ll be stunning by how amazing some of these images are!

26. “The Storm” by Aytül Akbaş


Captured in Kocaeli, Turkey just as a storm comes in. The crashing waves and wall of mist towering over the edge of this small stage creates an interesting visual against the storm filtered sky. The photographer, Aytül Akbaş, caught this image of her nephew climbing the steps just as a gust of wind tries to tear away his colorful umbrella.


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