Amazing New Evidence Found In The Case Of A Missing Florida Man


featured-imageWay back in the summer of 1988, David Jackson vanished from his home in Florida. Jackson was 24 years old and was a recently divorced father. Unfortunately, missing person cases like this occur far too often. Some of the time these people are found relatively quickly, while others remain missing for decades. And sadly, some are never found at all, or their bodies are discovered in gruesome circumstances.

There were many uncertainties surrounding the disappearance of Jackson, and the mystery has haunted his family for 28 years. However, the case was recently reopened and almost 30 years after he went missing, some breaks in the case were made.


#12 David’s Past

001-12-david-s-past-719262While high school may not be a memorable time for some, it was for David Jackson. Jackson was a confident and handsome young man. In 1981, he was almost done with high school and was excited to move forward with his life. He had very good grades and could have done anything he wanted.
#11 The Apple of His Eye

002-11-the-apple-of-his-eye-719289It was in high school that David Jackson would meet Barbara Britton. Britton was a sophomore in Jackson’s senior year of 1982. She described him as the first love of her life and the two were inseparable throughout their time at school. As time went on, their love continued to grow.

#10 Marriage

003-10-marriage-719322David Jackson graduated in 1982 as expected and was excited to move on with his life, a life he wanted Britton to be a part of. In fact, a year after graduating, he married Barbara Britton. However, Barbara’s father was not very fond of the idea, but something happened that made it necessary to them.

#9 Little Johnny

004-9-little-johnny-719353Despite the fact that Barbara was still in high school, she was pregnant with David’s child. The relationship between the two families was rocky, but the child being born seemed to help things out, for a bit. Unfortunately, this didn’t last long as they filed for divorce less than 2 years after their marriage.

#8 Aftermath

005-8-aftermath-719362After the divorce, Barbara moved on to a new man. His name was John Wolfe and he was older and more established. Despite the relationship being over, there was still a bit of animosity between David and his ex-wife’s father, Harry. Still, Jackson wanted to be a part of his son’s life.
#7 Dropping a Bomb

006-7-dropping-a-bomb-719390As their relationship blossomed, Barbara decided to move in with John Wolfe. They decided to move to Arizona, and they were taking little Johnny with them, which David wasn’t a fan of. David had visitation rights, but there was not much he could do to stop them from leaving and taking Johnny with them.

#6 Costly Decision

007-6-costly-decision-719401He made the decision to sue her for full custody. However, suspicions of foul play began to pop up when he didn’t pick his brother up from the airport one morning. David was very reliable and did what he said, so his family said his “no show” was very concerning.

#5 Eerie Calls

008-5-eerie-calls-719423Within days of the disappearance, Jackson’s brother and mother began to receive frightening phone calls. Normally, there was no talking. However, the mystery caller began to warn them to “leave the disappearance alone.” David’s car was found 3 months after the disappearance in a parking lot. Everyone thought foul play was involved, but there was little evidence.

#4 Discovery Of a Body

009-4-discovery-of-a-body-719463But despite those calls, his family kept looking for him and wondered what happened. Unfortunately, they would soon get an answer. David Jackson’s bones were found by construction workers in a town he used to live in. His family now knew his fate, but still wondered who did it. When authorities opened the case back up, Barbara questioned the need to solve a decades-old crime.

#3 The Truth Comes Out

010-3-the-truth-comes-out-719845Barbara questioned the re-opening of the case because she was one of the ones who orchestrated the disappearance! It turned out that Harry Britton (Barbara’s father) had come up with the idea to kill him, to make life easier for his daughter and new man. They would lure David to a motel, where John Wolfe shot him in cold blood. Then, the three of them moved his body.

#2 Guilty Parties

011-2-guilty-parties-719720After the confession came out, Wolfe and Britton were arrested. Wolfe was convicted and sentenced to life in prison. He also implicated Britton, even though she said that she wasn’t there. Despite the fact she was a huge part in this crime, she somehow got off with only two years of community service and eight years of probation.

#1 Mystery Solved

012-1-mystery-solved-719662The Jackson family is finally glad that the mystery has been solved. While they are not happy with Barbara getting an extremely light sentence, they are glad this is finally over. They can now finally mourn the loss of their son and he can finally rest in peace knowing his killer is in prison.

It is simply amazing that new information on such an old case came about after it was reopened. It seems that once a case goes cold (especially for numerous decades), it remains highly unlikely that it will ever be solved. But Jackson’s family never gave up, despite eerie phone calls that told them to. It was their dedication to find their family member and solve his murder that led to the case being reopened after his body was found. All their hard work paid off as their son’s killers have finally been brought to justice after nearly 3 decades.