Albuquerque Mother Arranged Daughter’s Rape, Then Fed Her Attacker

Violent crimes committed against any child are horrifying enough, but the torturous acts suffered by Victoria Martens are beyond gruesome. According to the police in Albuquerque, New Mexico, 10-year-old Victoria was the victim of truly heinous assaults before she was brutally murdered earlier this year.

Perhaps worst of all, it was Victoria’s mother Michelle Martens who orchestrated the abuse.

10. Michelle Martens Welcomed Her Daughter’s Violation

According to recently released search warrants, Michelle Martens reportedly confessed to local Albuquerque police that she was responsible for arranging the rape and murder of her little girl.

Perhaps even more damning, Martens explained that she also intended to commit similar crimes against the other minor living in her home.

9. Finding A Predator On Social Media

In order to arrange these terrible encounters, Martens told police that she looked through popular dating website She explained that the profiles of potential child abusers were filled with clues as to their dark cravings. What Martens looked for specifically remained unclear.

What is clear is that Michelle Martens made a habit of inviting men into her home to rape her young daughter.

8. No One Around Victoria Had Any Clue Something Bad Was Happening

Employees at the daycare Victoria attended and representatives from Children, Youth, and Families claimed that there were zero prior warnings.

No reports concerning abuse or neglect appear to have been filed, and adults who knew the child say that Victoria showed no signs of abuse. She was not withdrawn, nor was she overly emotional or physical with other children.

7. Victoria’s Murder Wasn’t Her First Taste Of Abuse

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According to the young girl’s mother, she had allowed at least two men to have sex with her underage daughter. One she found on Plenty Of Fish; she claims to have met the other at her workplace.

It wasn’t until Martens invited Fabian Gonzales home, however, that Victoria Martens’ life was ended.

6. Victoria Martens Was Restrained And Drugged Prior To Her Murder

After an invitation from Michelle Martens through Plenty Of Fish, Fabian Gonzales and his cousin, Jessica Kelley, were invited into the Martens house.

According to testimony, Gonzales and Kelley proceeded to hold Victoria down. They forced crystal meth on the 10-year-old in hopes that it would relax her.

5. Michelle Martens Liked To Watch Her Daughter’s Abuse


Michelle Martens claims that she took no active part in her daughter’s sexual abuse. Instead, Martens claims that she got a sexual thrill watching her daughter get taken advantage of.

On the terrible night of Victoria’s murder, Martens remained passive while Fabian Gonzales and Jessica Kelley went to work.

4. The Murder Of Victoria Martens


Once she was drugged with meth, Fabian Gonzales and his cousin Jessica Kelley proceeded to rape the poor young girl while her mother watched. Afterward, Fabian Gonzales strangled Victoria while Kelley stabbed her repeatedly.

Even after the girl had succumbed to her wounds, Gonzales proceeded to have sex with the corpse. From there, things only became more bizarre.

3. The Aftermath Of The Murder

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After Victoria had been completely defiled, Gonzales’ cousin Jessica Kelley proceeded to dismember her young body, even removing some of her organs. Victoria’s heart was found in a laundry basket at the house.

After the murder, Michelle Martens had sex with Gonzales and then responded to the tragedy by cooking dinner for her guests.

2. Putting An End To The Assault

As the details of the crime have come to light, the estranged father of Martens’ eight-year-old son has filed a restraining order against Martens and Gonzales in the hopes of keeping the monsters away from his son.

Police reports indicate that Martens’ unnamed son had also been abused by both Martens and Gonzales prior to Victora’s murder.

1. Justice For Victoria Martens


Though the three adults on trial for Martens’ murder won’t be seen in a courtroom until August, the case already seems open and shut. At least two of the defendants have confessed to the crimes, meaning that jail time for the child’s murder is all but assured.

Police are currently building cases against the two men who allegedly raped young Victoria prior to her murder.


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