So Adorable: This Dog Thinks She’s Mom To These Baby Goats

The animal kingdom always has plenty of surprises for us to witness. It’s impossible to predict how any animal will react in any given situation.

Take dogs. Dogs, despite their domestication, are a natural predator. Their biologically pre-programmed job is to eat things that are smaller than them.

Yet, it might just be that that hint of domestication is capable of transforming the predatory nature of a dog into something completely different.

That’s what we find here – a dog acting against all its natural instincts as it tries to become the mother of a bunch of baby goats.

10. Meet Loryn

This is Loryn. She is a golden retriever. As a breed, the golden retriever is meant to be a gun dog. That means their natural skill is to fetch game that has been shot by a hunter and to bring that game back to the hunter undamaged. That’s because nobody really wants dog tooth marks in their dinner.

9. All Around Domestication

Golden retrievers are an ideal domestic breed of dog. They are completely at home in urban and suburban environments, though the best place to keep one is in the countryside where they can go on very long walks. The breed is famous for its natural energy and needs a bit of space to work it off in.

8. The Goats

These goats are not farm animals. They’re bred and raised to be household pets. This isn’t as unusual as you may think. While exact figures for the number of goat-keeping households in the United States are unknown, in the United Kingdom, for example, more than 50,000 people have a pet goat.

7. Andrea Holley’s Goats

These goats belong to Andrea Holley who says, “Goats are the most loving, easygoing creatures.”

This might come as a surprise given their stubborn reputation but the evidence does bear out the fact that goats are in fact, very amenable animals in general. This is why so many choose to keep goats.

6. Loryn And The Goats

When Loryn came into contact with the goats, Andrea says, “She’s around all the farm animals all the time, so she’s seen it all. She is truly a mother hen and takes in every baby we have here as her own.” Andrea then went on to explain how the goats reacted to their new mom.

5. The Goats’ Reaction

Holly said, “They loved Loryn right away. They are together all day, every day.”

“Loryn is my right-hand man and always helps corral the babies when we’re outside or round them up while playing inside. She most definitely thinks they are her babies,” Holly continued.

But what do they all do together?

4. Sleeping Together

Young animals like to cuddle up for warmth and the goats are no exception. They all cuddle up with Loryn when they’re ready for a nap.
Loryn also likes to keep an eye on the goats to make sure that they’re not getting into any trouble around the farm.

3. Play Time Too

Loryn and the goats also enjoy playing together. One of their favorite games appears to be an animal version of “hide and seek.” They seem to think that chasing each other around is also a pretty good sport for the farm. In fact, Holley says the dog and the goats are inseparable now.

2. Loryn’s Me Time

Loryn does occasionally sneak out for a bit of “me time” though. Here you can see her after a quick bath. Retrievers are known for their love of swimming. This is probably because their coat is designed to keep water off their bodies, so they get clean rather than uncomfortably damp when they swim.

1. On Guard

Loryn also takes her turn at guarding the farm and making sure that it’s not just the goats that can sleep soundly. Her mom Holley and her family also need Loryn’s protection and she’s not neglecting that duty while she cares for her new goat babies. What an incredible dog she is.


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