According To This Insider, The Illuminati Are Real And Here Are Their Plans

When it comes to conspiracy theories, you won’t get very far without the Illuminati coming up. The creation of this secretive, clandestine group dates back to 1776 in Germany, but we still know very little about them.

The alleged cult-like organization is populated by the global elite — influential power brokers and aristocrats responsible for controlling world affairs for their own sinister purposes.

Because the group is so secretive, it’s hard to pin down just how much control it has over the world. One theory suggests that the IIlluminati operates much like George Orwell’s Big Brother as the all-seeing eye of the world. Other theories suggest that they intervene in world affairs and create crises like the Great Depression with their influence on big banks.

It’s all been the stuff of rumor and conspiracy until one anonymous member came forward with the society’s secrets and their future plans. The revelation in slide 10 is simply jaw dropping.


22. The Underground Bunkers

001-22-the-underground-bunkers-803128The Illuminati has to protect its members in case of a doomsday scenario. So how do they do that? According to the anonymous former member, the society has set up a total of 57 bases for the members of high society, who are members of the organization. Additionally, an astounding 439 bunkers were created to house these important figures. These bunkers were placed all over the world.


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