The Absolute Best Places To Have Sex You Have To Try At Least Once

When buying a house, realtors always preach about “the three L’s.” It’s true that location, location, and location all matter when buying a new home but it’s also a huge factor in your sex life.

With just a simple change of scenery, you can heat things up just like in those big Hollywood pictures on the silver screen. How does one find this perfect sexual paradise though? Well, read this list and find out.

10. Kick Fido Out Of The Backyard

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Haven’t you always wanted to have sex under the stars? Well, you don’t have to drive five hours out of the city for something like that. Just lay down a nice blanket in your backyard and hope the neighbors don’t peep over the fence.

Oh yeah, and don’t forget to kick the dog out, too.

9. It’s Right Under Your Nose


One of the best sex locations is right under your nose. In fact, you might even be sitting on it. The couch is a classic way to spice up your sex life. Also, using all those cushions to support your lower back might make it easier to reach an orgasm.

Once you’re done with the couch, head on over to the stairs and read how you can use those to your advantage.

8. Time To Go Wild


Hotel sex is great because there are no rules and no cleanup. You can become whoever you want without worrying about the consequences. If you are going to go wild though, please leave a nice tip for the maid.

7. Step Up Your Sex Game


One of the easiest ways to step up your sex game is with steps. Think of each step as a different platform you can utilize to your advantage. Start with the standing doggy style and then go from there.

If you still feel your form is off, keep reading to see how mirrors can help you out.

6. Try To Keep It Quiet


It doesn’t seem like having sex at your friend’s or parents’ house is stimulating, but just think about it. You’ll have to try really hard to be quiet and that can make everything more intimate. Give it a try.

5. A Sexy Secret


Sneaking off during a big event like a wedding, party or sports event is a fun and rebellious way to get some sex in. After it’s all said and done, you two have a little sexy secret that no one else knows.

4. Who’s That Man In The Mirror?


This sex tweak is simple but effective. Some people believe having sex in front of a mirror is a major turn on. It’s also a good way to practice your form. Once you’ve mastered the mirror technique, move on to the great outdoors for the ultimate sexual experience. Read further to see what it is.

3. Just Like Titanic


We all know that steamy car sex scene in Titanic. Don’t let Leo have all the fun though. Get your own car, push down the seats and heat things up a little bit. Just make sure you’re not in a McDonald’s parking lot or something like that. 

2. It’s Not Just A Drink


Sex on the beach is not just a stupid name for an alcoholic beverage. It’s also a great way to get it on. Just make sure you lay down a towel to prevent sand from getting into certain areas. Also, watch out for crabs of all varieties.

The fun doesn’t stop on the ground, though. Read how you can take your sexual adventures up into the clouds.

1. Snake On A Plane

Love Cloud Vegas

Always wanted to join the “Mile High Club” but too afraid of getting arrested? No worries. A Las Vegas company called Love Cloud has you covered. For the cool price of $799, you and your lover can take off for a 40-minute sex ride through the clouds.

You even get a nice bed with heart-shaped pillows. A little better than those tiny closets on airplanes right?


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