97-Year-Old Sex Guru Says He Has FIVE Orgasms A Day


There’s a myth that the older you get the less sex you’ll have. If you believe this theory, then get ready to have your mind blown. There’s a 97-year-old self-proclaimed guru out there claiming he has five orgasms a day. The yogi says he owes it all to a simple health secret.

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10. He’s How Old!?

It’s hard to believe from looking at him, but Turkish guru Kazim Gurbuz is 97-years-old. He looks about half his age. There’s a good reason behind his youthful appearance. So, what’s the secret? Well, he has a health tip he’s willing to share, but you’ll have to keep reading to find that one out.

9. Tragedy Struck Early On

Before he got fit, the yoga guru’s life took a turn for the worse when he was 41-years-old. A terrible accident left him paralyzed from the waist down. Although doctors said he would never walk again, he was cured by letting his friends crack his vertebra bones. Think that’s hardcore? Click to the next slide to hear about his special experiment.

8. The Surprising Experiments

According to the health guru, he did a total of 63 different experiments on himself over the course of nine months. After the last experiment, he began to walk. This sounds like a miracle, right? Kazim insists that it’s all about brain power. How does one’s brain come into play? Click on over to the next slide to find out.

7. The Power Of One’s Brain

In the guru’s own words, “If a man applies his brain power correctly, the brain can regenerate muscles and nervous system. I did that.”

When it comes to being physical, the yogi can do it all, including a “knot position” which he can hold up to 48 hours. Think that’s intense? Wait until the slide 5 to find out the most amazing physical feat.

6. Getting Sun Exposure

Every morning the guru goes out for a swim. Greeting the sun every morning with a rigorous activity is a great source of energy, he claims. While swimming every morning is impressive, his real endurance comes from holding his breath up to four to five minutes.

The next active feat highlighted will really blow your mind.

5. Five Orgasms A Day

Here’s the real kicker — Kazim claims that at the age of 97-years-old not only is he sexually active, but he has sex every day. But that’s not all! It would be a huge feat for a man his age to achieve an orgasm, but this yoga guru has three to five orgasms a day. So what’s behind this amazing achievement? You’ll have to click on the next slide to find out.

4. His Strict Diet

Kazim has a strict diet that he keeps up with in order to achieve the maximum health benefits and his zeal. This specific diet consists of eating certain superfoods. It’s because of this diet that the yoga guru has lived so long. In fact, he believes that anyone could live until they’re 130-years-old on this diet. So what are the superfoods he focuses on? Click the next slide to find out.

3. His Favorite Superfoods

He recommends olives, red peppers, pinto beans, herbal tea, and soup. He also makes his own honey and consumes a jar every day. We’re willing to bet it’s not the honey you buy in your supermarket, though.

There’s one food he likes to stay away from. Click the next slide to find out what’s not on his list.

2. What He Leaves Out Of His Diet

If there’s one food he stays away from, its meat. In the yogi’s words, “Less beneficial is meat, which causes the most damage.” As far as consuming protein, he says that you don’t have to eat meat to get your daily intake and instead, you should focus on plant-based foods.

1. The Last Element

The last key element to achieving top-notch health is spending some time in the sun. The yoga teacher says that as a society we live in “open-air prisons.” So stay away from that windowless office building if you want your soul to flourish. And of course, get some exercise!

It’s obvious that Kazim Gurbuz is completely dedicated to his yogi lifestyle, but even he has some naysayers. People have hounded Gurbuz about his age, claiming that he can’t possibly be 97-years-old because of his youthful looks. Although people in the medical field have insisted he’s actually in his 50s, Kazim has pulled out his birth certificate multiple times to prove he’s exactly who he says he is.

We’ve always heard that yoga is the key component to longevity and Kazim is certainly living proof of that!

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