7 Super Common Sex Mistakes That Men Love To Make

A vast majority of men are terrible in bed, and for you ladies out there, that can be a real drag. We take a look at seven bad habits men seem to get away with when they’re in the sack.

The first habit deals with avoiding the saying “slow and steady wins the race.”

7. Speed Demon


You can’t get the wheels rolling without warming up the car for a moment. Simply leaping into the nitty-gritty can be very unexciting. You have to tell your man to slow it down. A nice, slow buildup can lead to a better outcome for the both of you.

6. Downtown Life


To find a guy that would ever jump at the chance at going downtown is a rarity. Some guys can be a bit too aggressive when it comes to putting in work in that specific region. Before they get ready to do the deed, tell them to ease up a bit.

The next kind of guy is usually a dime a dozen…

5. Face The Fear


Some guys out there have no interest in making their way to the vagina. This can be very upsetting to you, but don’t be worried. Just guide them through the process. If they still refuse, you can just give up sex altogether, which could be a very persuasive tactic.

4. Push And Pull


When it comes to giving the man some pleasure, they can be very harsh at times. Pushing your head around won’t make things better. There’s a good chance you might “accidentally” chomp down if they’re a bit too aggressive.

Don’t be with someone that will try to hinder your enjoyment.

3. The Silent Treatment


You’re getting really into the moment and start to exclaim your excitement out loud. Out of nowhere, the guy starts to shush you, which is never a good sign. The only time you ever need to be shushed is if you’re secretly doing it in your friend’s bathroom.

2. All About Him


Making love means that both people get pleasure from a moment of passion. A selfish guy won’t care if you’re not happy with the end result. The only thing that matters to them is their own satisfaction.

The final habit deals with being very harsh to the most productive body part…

1. Rack City


A pair of breasts is probably one of man’s favorite things about getting busy. A lot of guys tend to watch adult entertainment and make the assumption they need to be roughed up. Teach them that they’re delicate like flowers and they should be gentle with touching them.


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