Sad About Life? 31 Heartful Breakup Quotes For You


Breakup is usually referred to relationship breakup and it is the termination of relationship that had been intimate for reasons other than death. In general, people also call it “dumping someone” as a slang when it is done not not through mutual agreement or understanding by one of the partner takes the lead. This is about a relationship outside marriage else it will be caller divorce or separation. As a couple is engaged, they have intention to marry each other. But if the couple breaks up before the marriage and after the engagement, this will be termed as broken engagement.

Sociologists tell that when a dating is dissolved, it brings more pain to partners if we campare this to divorce or separation. This way, in the first instance the relationship should be established after well thought of sessions and complete understanding and then if adverse circumstances, if one has to breakup he/she needs to look after herself or himself well psychologically to let the wounds cure. It is not just another event but involves two souls who once loved.

Break ups are not easy to cope with but life goes on and it is necessary for people to accept them as these cannot be prevented. The best thing for a person who is affected with a breakup is to find ways to bear with it and console himself to get ready for the rest of life. There are many breakup quotes that could help such people. Since beauty is also a thing that is associated with breakups it is also good to read these quotes picked up from statements made by well known people. There are scientists, authors, poets and people who are able to extend help to the affected among those who have made these statements.

Therefore, these breakup quotes are must read materials for all in society. This will help the couple to develop self confidence after break ups. There are many more valuable pieces of information for them to read in some of these quotes. These carry immense value as some of them are written by people who have undergone the trauma of breakups.

1-  Pinch of Losing
Once You Loose, You Feel That

Planning a life that everything goes well means you are sure of doing all thing right but you start learning when you loose once and feel the pinch of loosing something. This is what Gilbert Chesterton says in breakup quotes.

2- Let Him Go Finally
Let It Go

You have made all the efforts to change yourself. You kept silent more than you usually do. Endeavored to be soft in your attitudes and tried to keep yourself less volatile and less awake. You even tried to look more beautiful. Despite all these, if he wants to quit, let him do so. May be somebody has already told you that it is not possible to make homes without people. You are terrific, strange and pretty. Everyone is not able to love these assets. This what Heather Nichols said long ago. That is what breakup quotes talk about.

3-  Let’s Make It
Win Each Other

It is not about holding each others’ hands. It is about walking in the same direction. It is not looking at each other but it is about looking in the same direction. It is basically working for each other and supporting each other doing each others’ work and doing for each other. This is the way to win each other and develop Breakup Quotes.

4- Make Room for What Feels Good
Stop Holding The Bad

If there is one who is not bothered if he loses you, never mind and go ahead. There will be thousands who are willing to sacrifice to prevent losing you. That how we keep moving on and making more of breakup quotes.

5- Every Breakup is an Opportunity
Learning from Breakup

When we stumble, we think of breakup quotes, we learn to avoid the hurdle and we won’t err next time. With every loss you learn to put yourself right, mend your ways and win next time. It is like learning from your errors. It is a great quote selected from breakup quotes.

6- Paulo Coelho on Breaking UP
Feelings from Brazil

Paulo Coelho was an acclaimed thinker of his time. He is very clear about his thoughts and his words are counted among the breakup quotes. When it comes to love, no one will harm another. There is no way we could blame others for what we feel. It hurts to lose someone you love. But you must remember that you never own any other. This feeling will liberate you from all bonds and you experience the real freedom which is having what you need without having its ownership. Paulo Coelho.

7- The Finale
Finally Gave Up

Making some Breakup Quotes, I will never try to make you love me or to get you to respect me. Nor do I want to convince you to be committed for me. I deserve more than that. Now when time has changed that changed attitude towards life and it is the time to make a decision.

8- Stay Original
Thoughts of Steve Job

There is no way you could connect dots if you look forward and you need to be sincere even if you are hungry or you look foolish. You need to look backwards if you want to do so. So, you must believe that dots will connect with one another in the future. You must believe in something irrespective of whether it is Karma, destiny or even your gut. This is what made the difference in my life. Steve Jobs makes it part of Breakup Quotes.

9- Heartbreak
Choose One Only

I had enough of it with rascals with stingy hearts. The heart is there to be spent. It is about breaking hearts, the worst of crime. We better read lot of breakup quotes.

10- Emotions Are Not for Ever
Pain or Happiness Is All Temporary

Remember that no emotion will be there indefinitely irrespective of whether it is one you like to forget or to remember forever. Tears may stay a bit longer but they also will dry off sooner than later. Osayi Osar-Emokpae therefore, contributes to Breakup Quotes.

11- Matter of Rejection
Matter of Rejection

If someone rejects you, you must never think that you are inferior. You also must not assume that there won’t be anyone else who will love you. Being rejected by one person hurts you so much because you thought that his opinion is the opinion of the entire world and contributes to breakup quotes.

12- Being Inadequate
Qualities and Inadequacies

Being inadequate is not our greatest worry. To be part of Breakup Quotes is not easy too. It is our great power that we need to worry about. Never underestimate yourself. Be the real brilliant, talented and the well accomplished self you are. Shrinking yourself to make others to not to feel insecure in your presence will not take you anywhere. Being a child of god, you must shine as same as a child with the light of your own. When we feel secure forgetting our fear, others also will feel great automatically. Marianne Williamson

13- Don’t Let it Go
Don’t Let it Go

No power can preclude you from letting go of anything and starting everything afresh again. This is again part of Breakup Quotes by famous Guy Finley.

14- Beautiful People
Ready for Defeat

Studying Breakup Quotes takes us to most of the beautiful people we have come to know are those who are aware of what defeat, suffering, struggle and loss mean. They are people who are sensitive, understanding, compassionate and appreciative. Such people do not just come into existence automatically. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

15- Andy Warhol
Problems Linger On

People sometimes let the same problems to linger with them for years but at the end they say, “so what”. This is one of the favorite statements of Andy Warhol making Breakup Quotes .