50 Funny Look Alike Photos Featuring Snoop Dogg and Kim Kardashian.

Ever notice how some things have the potential to look like other set of things? As you are about to learn, resemblance is just a matter of perspectives and angles. One thing may look different from the eyes of another, and so on. You do not need to worry about that, however. The list we have prepared is comprised of multiple funny pictures featuring people contending against various other unexpected subjects. Nothing really matters, for if they look alike from one person, there should not be a reason why it wouldn’t be from yours.

There is no racial superiority in the world of funny pictures. It is important here that the readers should keep an open mind. Despite making fun of people, none of the implications released here should affects your universal relationship with the society. Funny pictures, in the end, should remain just that eventually. Not that it would make a huge difference, but messages and ideals endorsed through blogs and personal handlers can greatly affect the way a certain group of people are thinking. Information is power, and not everyone have access to that power. We who do have them should be more responsible in spreading them.

So if you feel somewhat down this week, or this Tuesday just feels sluggish and an impending bad day, then tune in, relax and scroll down. Prepare to be reminded what funny pictures look like these days. Don’t let the slow Tuesday afternoon bring you down. Just don’t forget to pretend like you’re busy working.

1- Noodles Vs Hair
Noodles Vs Hair

Among the funny pictures, takes you back to when pop was cool and cool is to listen to N*Sync. Nobody really minded the blond curly hair back then but for 2015 it’s just too much.

2- Old Fellow, Fredrickson
Old Fellow, Fredrickson

This is probably the cutest old man ever made funny pictures. Looking a lot like the protagonist of the Disney movie Up, Mr. Fredrickson, this fellow will certainly be a hit at comic conventions.

3- Pop King in Stone
Pop King Lost His Nose

This is actually a little mean. A statue of a pharaoh with a broken nose actually resembles Michael Jackson from the 90’s version. In more than one way, too.

4- Old Lady in Cartoon
Old Lady & cartoon Character

The clueless old lady who also happens to be a detective from our favorite cartoon show when we were little but today made many funny pictures. But honestly any old lady with glasses and a bun easily make up the look.

5-Sphinx Cat & Iggy Pop
Sphinx Cat Poses like Iggy Pop

This sphinx cat does look a lot like Iggy Pop. Or is it the other way around? The wrinkly skin, the ferocious face. This truly is among the a funny pictures.

6- Bald & Nugget
The Nugget Resembles His Bald Head

That is so mean and among the funny pictures. Comparing a bald, black man’s head to a chocolate nugget will yield unexpected result. You also run the risk of being incredibly offensive, though.

7- Real & Stuffed
Stuffed Teddy & Real One

Only one of them is a plush toy but form one of the funny pictures! Who would have thought that teddy bears are actually modeled from real live puppies? Except for the curly fur, everything else sure are perfectly matched.

8- Pet & People
The Pet and The Friends

Like owner, like pet. I wonder if the owner actually ordered that look. Of course she did, otherwise how would her pet dog have the exact same hair? Weird people alert.

9- Crawling & Standing Yucks
Both Try To Crawl

The picture on the left was elevated to a new level of gross when compared to the one on the right. In some bizarre way, the two resemble each other. Both a among the disgusting funny pictures.

10- Designer Collection Well Copied
Designers’ collection was by chance, so adopted by one in street.

A street winter outfit actually looks a lot like a designer’s collection that is tuned to funny pictures and racing theme? Does that mean that this random guy on the street has just as much fashion sense?

11- Putin & K9
Putin & The Dog, Looking the Same Way

Oh my god the eyes! The eyes really are similar. That cold Russian look is found on both Putin and the canine. Let us hope neither picture was photoshopped.

12- Richard Branson & What
Virgin Owner and An Effigie

The center parted hair, the pinkish hue of the complexion, the golden, bleached hair. How people discovered these funny pictures in the first place we will never know. Richard Branson of Virgin Air is the focus point.

13- Eric and Effigy
Eric and The Effigy Are So Close

Eric Cartman! This guy got all the details right too, and it does not look like he is on his way to a costume party. He even looks the part. Let’s hope he’s not as mean as the cartoon character.

14- Lapel Flower and K9 Food
Lapel Flower and Dog Food

Big surprise; Mr. Dogg looks a lot like a squinting dog. The canine also plays an important part in this comparison, since its snout makes it look as if it was smiling. Well played.

15- The Matching Apple Phone
The Matching Mobile Phone

What a pleasant coincidence! Who knew that an iPhone casing is inspired by a real fashion statement? Or maybe it was the other way around. Real funny pictures.

16- Pony Hair Baby and Doll
Both “Dolls” Resemble

This baby has her hair done into pony tails, much like her favorite doll. That must have been the reason for that drool and that wide smile. A girl’s dream; to look like her hero.

17- Einstein & The Baby
Baby Tries to be Einstein

Pretty sure that’s a girl. Her messy hair really does look like Einstein’s though. Not being the founder of the relativity theory aside, may this little girl grow well and fine.

18- Oyster Travel & Traveling Lady
London Travel Card In Same Color Scheme

It’s not her fault that she dressed up that day just to look like a membership card. Cruel coincidence aside, that outfit could use a better color coordination.

19- Mask & Shoe
The Strangers Are So Close

It took the world a few years to encounter another accessory that would go perfect with Jason Vorhees and his killing spree outfit; Crocs. What a way to bring a killer down.

20- Jared and Julia
Both Famous Wear Same Hair

Did Jared and Julia plan this hairdo together? They are basically the same style, curls and colors. How weird is it that they look related when they have no blood ties at all?

21- Big Fish Big Lady
The Big Fish and The Lady

Can anyone look at this and not laugh? Kim certainly made a bad choice here. The otherwise stunning maternity dress now makes her look like an orca. What funny pictures.

22- Mix of The Two
Mix N Match Of Two

The fact that their diagonally-cropped faces can complete each other’s blank spots is as creepy as it is in funny pictures. Who’s not a girl now, Bieber? A favorite among most funny pictures.

23- Troll and Beach Lady in Pink
Troll and The Lady Have Same Color

What a terrible coincidence, to have your general temperament assimilated into that of a troll toy’s. But when you dye your hair green, that’s probably something you should see coming.

24- Olympic Lady with Rabbit
Olympic Girl Poses Like Rabbit

Mckayla is not impressed, and neither is her pet hare. Sporting the same curled lips, the couple seem to have been the perfect match in the eyes of internet users everywhere.

25- Lady in Green Tea
Lady & The Spray Can

Rihanna, meet Arizona. A chilling beverage that will soothe your body down in one hand, a strong-willed singer with the lungs that can blow your ears. Which would you choose?

26- Samuel & K9 are Ready
K9 & Samuel Posing

Meet Samuel L. Dogson. Surprisingly, it already looks like the celebrity look alike even without the cap and glasses. This is one of the pinnacles of funny pictures on the net.

27- Lama & Lautner
Lama and Lautner Looking Away

Is that a lama, or an alpaca? Regardless of which one, Taylor Lautner doesn’t have to squint his eyes so hard to look like either one of them. Must be great to look that tight without trying.

28- Lady & Seats Dressed
Blue Dress Suits To Both

What an unfortunate choice of fabric for the singer of the hit single Blank Space. Taylor Swift seems to like the uniformed patterns of bus seats. Always knew she was weird.

29- David & Cat Posing for Each Other
David & the Cat Look Similar

I don’t really see a resemblance between the feline and David Hasselhoff, but maybe it’s because I have never seen Baywatch. Loved him on Spongebob, though.

30- Stuff Toys & Roasted Chicks
Stuffed Toys Look Like Roasted Chiks

Most people could not tell them apart at first glance. 10 out of 10 people should be seeing two pictures of fried chicken just from one look. What funny pictures.

31- Shirt & The Bag Travel Together
Lost & Found Baggage

If you see three large bags, look again. One of them is an imposter. Apparently with a shirt like that, holding your knees will make you look like a grocery bag, to some extent.

32- Trying to Pee?
Trying T Pee The Same Way?

Baby and puppy. The vitality of instinct just resonate from these two. Hanging by the table in the same pose, you can see how life begins with the smallest of steps, along with assistance.

33- Apple Turned Intelligent
The Apple is Cut Intelligently

There’s an owl’s face in that apple! No wonder the bird’s freaked out. However, cutting the apple at a certain angle would almost certainly yield such result. Real funny pictures.

34- Hitler & Pussy
Hitler and The Cat

Herr Hitler and a seemingly perfect cat as his pet. The feline’s facial fur seems to match that of the Fuhrer’s too. The hair, the moustache, even the condescending look on its face.

35- Reflecting Young & Senior
Baby & Baba

Add some classical effect to the baby’s picture and people would not doubt that it is a picture of Wallace Shawn in his infant years. Wonder if he’s going to grow up to look like him.

36- Cat that Gotham Needs
Gotham and The Cat Posing in Black

He is the cat that Gotham needs. What wonders of creation. Cats have the most unique fur patterns sometimes. Juat the right amount of white makes this a very dark cat. Funny pictures.

37- Landmark Imprinted
Landmark Leaves a Print

Is it possible that the Burj Khalifa was inspired by a laddered garter? A stocking is often leasily laddered, especially with frequent usage. Uncanny resemblance, too. Almost fake.

38- Urchin like Cher
Urchin and Cher Today Look Closer

A sea urchin trying to look like Cher. Could also be the other way around. As a Vegas performer, Cher is expected to put on costumes to that express her lyrical melancholy.

39- Ewok & The Cat
When Both Look So Much Alike

A fat cat with thick fur that looks like an Ewok! Now this is a cat many Star Wars fan would kill to have. Looking grumpy aside, the cat looks healthy and well-fed, just like real Ewoks.

40- Rambo & Capsicum
Cutting Capsicum Precisely

Rocky Balboa’s lower face or Sylvester Stallone’s mouth, to be more accurate, can be seen in the inside of a capsicum. Such creepy coincidence does exist. And coincidentally, funny pictures.

41- Dried to Scream Mask
Dried Leaf & The Mask

This leaf is an accurate comparison to the Scream mask. Not much can be said of its design, being a leaf and all but the crooked nature of the leaf actually complements the mask.

42- Walter & Simpson
Walter Looks Like Simpson

I’m sure he wasn’t trying to but Walter White still managed to look a lot like Ned Flanders. As we can see in many of his works, he is nothing like the cartoon character, though.

43- Steve Carell and Alice Cooper Wear Same Get Up
Steve & Cooper Both Wear Smile

Despite one picture being that of a neat man and the other the exact opposite, the uncanny resemblance found in Steve Carell and Alice Cooper is so unbelievably natural.

44- Baba & Baby Pharaoh
Old Egyptian King & Today’s Baby

This baby is purposely wrapped up to look like the pharaoh of ancient Egypt; King Tut. Modern funny pictures often involve historical subjects with contemporary ones; hence the baby.

45- Chicken Resembles Cat
The Cat & The Chicken

Roast chicken and a cat cleaning itself surprisingly look a lot alike, especially from certain perspectives. Luckily the two taste nothing like each other.

46- Together After Years
Legendary Picture & New Look

Did Van Gogh foresee the coming of the great Chuck Norris? Or was it just coincidence that someone who looked a lot like the roundhouse kick master to exist back then?

47- Cat Wanted to be Jabba
Cat Poses like Jabba

That fat cat looks so much like Jabba that you can just see it being strangled to death by slave Leia. Where did these people find all these ridiculously funny pictures?

48- Like The Lion King
Lion Kind Looks Like Him

Khal Drogo and Scar from Disney’s The Lion King look so much alike I don’t even know where to begin. Although their characteristics are different, the resemblance is still uncanny.

49- Lama & Lama
Dalai Lama looks so close to a lama here.

With those elevated cheek bones, the Dalai Lama looks like this just lama next to it. Perhaps this is due to a certain reason. The llama is known to be gentle yet highly intelligent creatures.

50- Brody & Monkey Make Funny Pictures
Brody Poses Like This Monkey

Maybe it’s the Lesula monkey’s facial feature that gives it the distinct hunk look that is Adrian Brody. Or maybe it’s Brody’s droopy eyes that make him look like a monkey? Hmm…

Having looked at the long list, you should notice that not all pictures are of the exact same things, so bear in mind that his post is made for entertainment purposes only. No comments were made with intention of criticizing any one person or groups of people. While some people prefer funny pictures that involve only animals or only man, there are also those who combine the two categories. This does not make the whole ordeal demeaning or whatsoever. As part of the user-based content entertainment site, nobody here has any hatred-related feelings toward the audience nor the people mentioned.

Having said all that, there are also instances in which people are just too weird and incomprehensible that it is hard to miss out on the opportunity of not discussing them. They too are people of the world, so there is no reason that we should not acknowledge these unique perspectives. Due to this, the diversity that exist among societies for centuries are now closer and much healthier. Various racial slur that was ever mentioned are still not justified, but the fact that people nowadays can get along well without taking background into consideration deserves some credit. That credit is the publishing of these funny pictures.

As a person who enjoys internet humor, it is not required for anyone to explain the chain effect interrupting a certain event may have towards future endeavors, so make sure to keep everything safe and harmless. After all if it hurts then you are not doing it right. Do you agree with our list? Let us know what you think and leave a comment. Cheers.

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