50 Little Weird Things That Make Us Happier , Some are Just So Simple

Many people think that they have to spend thousands of dollars just to be happy. Truth is, the best things in life are free! In fact, many people will agree with us when we say that the thought of the things listed in this article make us happier, no matter how weird they seem.

50. The Royal Family

The Royal Family



The best thing about this family is that they remind us that it is not always about the money or the status. Just the simple picture of this happy family will surely put a smile on your face. Look at how adorable they look!

49. Cleaning the bathroom

Cleaning the bathroom


For many of us, our bathroom is our haven so the idea of bathing in a clean place can surely make you happy. Additionally, it has been proven that cleaning the bathroom can be quite therapeutic. This is most true if you will focus at the task in hand.

48. Cleaning the wax from your ears

Cleaning the wax from your ears


Removing wax from your ears may seem icky but it can bring some sense of relief that you can not get from anything else. Additionally, this act can be quite ticklish. Do this in the morning and you can surely have a great start of the day!

47. Squeezing a spot

Squeezing a spot


The presence of zits can be bothersome for most of us. That is why popping zits is quite relieving. The thought of getting rid of your pimple is just so heavenly!

46. The ‘pop’ when you open a new jar of jam

The ‘pop’ when you open a new jar of jam.


All jam lovers can surely relate to this! Popping up a bottle of jam is quite hard. This is why you would surely love the feeling of being able to successfully do it.

45. Loosening your jeans after you’ve eaten

Loosening your jeans after you've eaten


If you have eaten too much, it may feel as if your jeans are too tight. During these times, loosening your belt is the best thing to do. The feeling after you do this is quite refreshing indeed!

44. Picking an easy peel orange from the fruit bowl

Picking an easy peel orange from the fruit bowl


One of the most stressful thing that you can do is to peel an orange. Finding an orange that is easy to peel is a very rare thing. That is why you will surely feel accomplished when you are able to pick an easy peel orange from the fruit bowl.

43. Getting a seat on the bus / train / tube

Getting a seat on the bus,train,tube


We all experience how hellish it can be to ride  a bus or a tube after work. After all, who would want to stand up for the entire ride after having a long time at work? When you finally get to sit, you can surely be able to breathe a sigh of relief.

42. Singing in the shower

Singing in the shower


No one is blessed with a great voice. That is why many of us would rather keep our voices to ourselves. When you are in the shower, you can be able to let it all out!

41. Getting new stationery

Getting new stationery


Nothing beats buying new stuff. If you are an arts lover, then you will surely take pleasure in buying new stationery. Wow, another paper to write on (or admire!).