45 Beeps Revealing Best Friends Signs


When you’ve found your best friend forever you find him or her to be someone who has Best Friends Signs and has the unique locks that fit our own keys, and vice versa. We should feel safe enough to immediately open the locks, it is when our truest selves step out and then we can be quite completely and quite honestly know who we are. The a true friend is epitome of love as well as partnership. We live in a fast-paced chaotic world, the world is a mix of different people, we find our own selves skimming through more relationships than we would choose to find that there is a personality who can really open our locks. It is not everybody but only one can fulfill you the way your best friend can. There’s a vast difference between your best friend, your heart’s other half and a life’s better half — a person is not the best friend who lacks the elements to perfectly mold to you. Your best friend makes you feel something like entirely whole, healed as well as intact, like there is no piece is missing from your puzzle.

A life partner, on the other hand, can of course, be a great supporter and longtime companion, but the friend is a human being and he or she is limited in his or her capacity to enrich the spirit of his her partner. We enjoy living in this world and we have friends around us but it is not easy to find one who agrees with you and has the same frequency in life. The day you find one, you will be happy that you’ve found your best friend forever. It is always great to feel that you have a friend who will support in every occasion big or small. However, biggest problem remains how to identify such a friend. We all keep looking around to find Best Friends Signs in our lives.

1- Common Taste
Having Common Taste

It’s something different inside. It is difficult to say how you feel with when you’ve found your best friend forever. The emotion is a tenacious as well as profound and lingering one which no words can properly explain what Best Friends Signs can be. Instead of going out for dinner you prefer to stay in and watch TV together.

2- Common Laguage Too
Both Speak the Same Language

You will speak a language of your own that has been crafted on your own. No one else will comprehend it. When you’ve found your best friend forever, chances are he or she has also been present in your past lives. Best friends often choose to come back together. You might suddenly and briefly feeling the flashbacks of your best friend. It is feeling of Déjà vu that in past you have been speaking the same language.

3- Common Foods
Showing Care by Sharing Food

You will do the cooking for each other as two of you know the tastes of both of you being Best Friends Signs. You simply get each other, these are two people who work for each other as their tastes are the same. Some people call that spending too much time together, but we call it ‘best friends’ connection. You might experience this with your best friend or your mother, but it is the telltale sign of a best friend when you experience it with your partner.

4- Sharing Money Too
Loans are No Burden Between Friends

You may owe money to your friend but you always know that you will be able to compensate for the same later. This may be you fall in love with his compensating you. No relationship is always perfect, and even best friend relationships will experience ups and downs. Still, even you are under a loan, that bond will is much harder to break. Best friends have an easier time of accepting, even learning to accommodating each other. Your relationship, being Best Friends Signs, is more likely to be a best friend’s match if you both love each other exactly what you each are, accepting both the great, bad and awful tendencies we all have. After all you’ve found your best friend forever.

5- In Parties Together
Often Seen Together

You will be found in parties together showing Best Friends Signs. It may not be intense but mostly it is when you move together. You find each other together more than normal relationships, in both good and sometimes bad ways you prefer to be together. The most important thing is that, besides good party times, even during negative episodes, you’re focused on resolving the bad things and can also see beyond a bad moment.

6- Blessed insult
Insult is No Issue When Hearts are Clear

The worst insults you could think of you are kept to be used between your soul mate and you as you show Best Friends Signs. This is because you two against the whole world. Best friends often see their relationship as ” we two against the world.” They feel so linked together that they’re ready and willing to take on any insult of life, so long as they have their best friend by their side. Best friend relationships are founded on compromise as well as unity above all else.

7- Inseparable
Let’s Watch a Movie Together

You need to be ready to be in trouble if you watch the new episode of the movie without your friend.  This because you’re mentally inseparable and that is not the real Best Friends Signs. best friends often have a sort of mental connection similar to twins. They may, at the same time, pick up the phone to call each other. Though life may keep you apart at times, your minds will always be together if you are best friends.

8- Know the Wardrobe
What to Wear Today?

You know her wardrobe and she knows that of yours perfectly well as you’ve found your best friend forever. You feel secure and know each other in and out and protected. Regardless of the gender of your partner, he or she always makes you feel secure together and protected. This means that if you’re a man, yes, your woman should always with you knowing what you have. Your best friend will make you feel like you always have a guardian angel with you by your side. A person so well known and well aware on your likes and dislikes whether consciously or subconsciously, who shows these Best Friends Signs, is your best friend.

9- Know the Choice
Choice is All Known to Both

You are aware of her favorite foods, secrets she won’t divulge to anyone, her middle name and everything else. This includes shopping habits as well. You can’t even imagine your life without him (or her). A friend is not someone you can walk away from him or her that easily as you’ve found your best friend forever. It is someone you of course, can’t imagine being without, a person you believe is very much worth sticking with as well as fighting for. That is among the Best Friends Signs.

10- Update to last Minute
Updates Upto the Last Minute

You always update your true friend on the bodily functions of yours in your own vivid way and she also does the same. Basically you look each other in the eye. Best friends have a tendency to look into each other’s eyes while speaking more often than ordinary couples. It comes naturally which is a reason for the deep-seated connection between two of  them. Looking a person in the eye and making updates when speaking is a proof for good level of comfort and confidence in each other as Best Friends Signs and you’ve found your best friend forever.

11- Pet Names
Calling Pet Names

You use all kinds of pet names to call each other as you show Best Friends Signs. You’ve not even the slightest idea to split up — even you call names unpredictably and unexpectedly. Frieds keep calling each otehr with strange names and  rarely experience “happily there after” right away, despite what media and culture tells us. Often the meeting is too soothing to absorb in start, and even if you have to separate for a while you fall sad and you find your way back though.

12- With Friend None Else
Each Other and None Elase

When you want to spend some time with your true friend, you will forget everyone else, being Best Friends Signs, reason being you’ve found your best friend forever. He or she has changed you for the better. The people who we are affected by the most are the ones who could be changed just by their presence in our lives overhauling almost everything we thought we knew or wanted. It’s not a bad thing though, this is supposed to happen when friends are there.

13- We, Together
Just Two of Us

Whenever you refer to anything pertaining to two of you, you always refer two of you as “we” since that is Best Friends Signs and you’ve found your best friend forever. With this you recognize a family member in them because you feel comfortable. This sounds strange, but in best friends and mates, one can always tell they’re going to be someone to me upon first meeting.

14- Milestone Dates
Remembering Milestone Dates

You both have your heroes, villains and even your special dates and you know each others choices and special events fully on your finger tips. This knowledge is part of Best Friends Signs. There’s a lot of overwhelming pressure to be absolutely certain that someone is meant for you forever and ever and ever so much so that while you’re still getting to know them, and maybe can’t even decipher that much, you end up misjudging because you think you need a verdict. All in all though, you look back and realize yeah — they’re it.

15- Parents Cared
Care for Each Others Parents Too

When you want to refer parents of each other you will use their first names, it is Best Friends Signs and a hint that you’ve found your best friend forever. You will show best of yourself and for the parents too. Your worst self has come out with them, and to only them. The truest friends mates are a direct reflection of yourself— so they inevitably would show you everything that is naturally respected.

16- Food Together
Know Thy Food

Part of the Best Friends Signs, you know what your friend prefers to drink and also you know how to make it perfectly well. That is how you recognize each other almost as though you’ve known each other before. Because you most likely have. May it be a cup of tea or a casual drink, you prefer his or her choice as you’ve found your best friend forever.

17- Spending Time Together
Cuddling Each Other

You often will want to sleep in your friend’s bed and vice versa just to cuddle as Best Friends Signs. This like sharing precious moments together and remembering ‘things to remember’ with each other and even talking about each other. This keeps both of you on the same page and thinking alike. Shhhhh you’ve found your best friend forever.

18- Just Talking
Talking and Talking

You may be a brainy individual and want to see Best Friends Signs too. When you two are together you both are harebrained people, as symptom that you’ve found your best friend forever. There is no real need to prove the worth nor to win trophy. It is about being together and sharing moments in life and being just “ourselves together”. When you try proving a point, it could be dis-approved too and that is where things fall apart.  Betetr keep it neutral and enjoy the moments together.

19- Pure and Transparent
Being Pure and transparent for each Other

You won’t mind being naked in the presence of the other and you are quite comfortable with it thinking these are Best Friends Signs. Yes there is nothing to hide and nothing to worry in between. We know each other all in and all out and all together and all for each other and just ourselves too. There is no second thought or hesitation to look into nor there are ifs and buts in between the two as you’ve found your best friend forever.

20- Pants Down Together
Doing Things Together

You won’t feel that you need to wear your pants in the presence of each other. Even you may travel on a pants down day keeping all things in common for the cause and feeling the togetherness for looking similar and doing the same. This is not for others but for ourselves to feel the doing of similar things together for each other at the same place as you’ve found your best friend forever.

21- Sharing Food
Fun of Sharing Food

You’ve found your best friend forever so you share your drinks and food as well as split meals with your friends that the choice is common and you buy for each other. Anything is of your choice is the choice of partner too. This lets you share same taste even if it tastes like a shit but you enjoy the togetherness and feelings for each other.

22- Frank Discussions
Discussion in Detail

You won’t worry on discussing anything such as money, sex, family and religion with your friend. You’ve found your best friend forever and you’ve had weird, cryptic dreams about one another prior to meeting, even if you couldn’t identify an exact face or person but still you may discuss all in length. What happened in the dream while nothing happened in actual, so why worry but discussion goes on and on.

23- Married for Ever
Married to Best Friend

You’ve all the Best Friends Signs and that is followed by on Facebook, two of you will be listed as “married” or “in a relationship”. You met while you were young, then reunited when you got older either in actual years or just spiritual and mental maturity. All will be discussed but in actual the special friend remains the special person.

24- Hate Alike
Love and Hate Alike

Showing Best Friends Signs, both of you will hate anyone the other hates. You do recognize something when you look in other’s eyes and it’s basically undefinable but you don’t see it in anybody else. You recognize for sure that you both like and dislike the same way. This is what we call not necessary to look at each other but it is necessary to look in the same direction.

25- Together in Pictures
Seen Together in Pictrues

You will have a lot more pictures as Best Friends Signs taken together than any married couple. Pictures remind us about the past events but when friends are taken in pictures then it is a reminder of togetherness an d that is all because you’ve found your best friend forever.

26- Drive Together
Drive Together Without Fighting

Even if you drive for a long time with your friend you will end up your trip without developing a quarrel between two of you as you’ve found your best friend forever. It is about understanding each other and accommodating each other during the travel. They look in the same direction and enjoy doing same things together and that strengthens the bond between them being the Best Friends Signs.

27- Look After Sick Friend
Looking After the Sick Partner

Best Friends Signs is that you’ve found your best friend forever and whenever one of you is sick or going through a bad patch, you will exchange gifts and notes to make the one who is faced with problems happy. It a matter of tolerating each other specially when patient looses temper and the attendant too, may get tired after a long work hours. Keeping patience is crux of the matter and meet each others needs.

28- Facebook Friend
Facebook Friends

You make yourselves Facebook friends with the important people of one another such as parents, family members and other important people. Facebook is a great tool in our hands but friends use it as a social tool. Best Friends Signs includes mutual confidence in each other friends take care of each others friends list and add others connections as their friends. That is confidence and mutual trust between the two. This is the reason to be sure that you’ve found your best friend forever.

29- Have a Pet
Caring a Pet Together

If you don’t have a pet already, both of you will seriously think of buying one. Yes pets are one of the reasons to keep people together. Pets need round the clock care and need two to tango. It is like having a child that becomes a bond between friends and a common responsibility as time passes. These are among the Best Friends Signs.

30- Whispering Emojis
Hinting Friendship of being Together

Upon being intrigued that you’ve found your best friend forever, you will note that when one of you receive a text message one could figure out the emotional state of the other’s mind the way Emojis are being used. These Emojis decipher a lot about the common feelings and whisper between friends. One may say it or leave it unsaid, Emoji will fill in the blanks showing Best Friends Signs.

31- Gossips Overheard
Gissip Here and There

Having Best Friends Signs, you talk about going through different stages of life together. It is all about fun they had, about visiting places, retirement plans and life stories, kids and even grand kids and even going to the next world – all is shared and enjoyed irrespective of age and time frame of partners. There are so many common things to talk about.

32- Both a Home Together
Both Back to Home

You are happy, show Best Friends Signs when people think that you two are a couple. Best friends have a friendship that talks louder than words since you’ve found your best friend forever. They’re the “home” for each other as they  realize that “home” is the person or place you always want to return to, and they’re it for you. This a two way road that both travel on and meet each other time and again and feel like that.

33- Revisiting Memory
Revisiting Old Days

Laughing profoundly when you have a feeling that you have Best Friends Signs. You have a memory related to each and every item in this list. You may talk about all friends and foes, about circus, about the dosing grocery shopkeeper, about school days, about the nasty college professor, class mates and the list goes on, it never end. So that is any topic and sharing memories starts day in day out as both have been a part of the world around them.

34- Platonic love
It is Platonic Love

Even though it is a platonic love this is the most interesting relationship you have had in your life. Platonic love is a type of love that is altogether chaste and non-sexual. This terminology term is named after Plato, who was the first person to describe this kind of love between the two. Just being together seems enough and soothing. Partners show Best Friends Signs and they are basically interested in each other for each other’s sake not for the self.

35- Can Be Anything
I Am Already Booked

When you see Best Friends Signs in someone and when someone else is trying to start a relationship with you, you will pretend as if you are dating. Gives a signal that he or she is on the wrong track after a wrong kid. On the other hand this approach further cements the relationship between the two strengthening the bond further.

36- Responding Likes
Keep Responding Quickly

You will like your friend’s instagrams, Facebook updates and tweets no sooner they appear. That is obviously Best Friends Signs. In other words the message is that some one is waiting to listen and caring at the same time. You care so you take time to reply and respond as soon as possible. On the other hand the sender also keeps waiting — if none else responds, he or she will – for sure because you’ve found your best friend forever.

37- Cuddling at 4 AM
Respond to Needs

You are quite comfortable to creep into your friend’s bed at 4.00 ‘o clock in the morning. No harm when need arises and shyness is of the road and both are willing to cuddle. After all whole night passed and there has been no fun. A tight cuddling will have to work perfectly not awfully as you’ve found your best friend forever.

38- Ignoring the Bad Part
Ignoring the Bad Part

Even if your friend knows your secrets which she may not like she still will love you. You’ve found your best friend forever and that is part of unconditional love and a fit situation for being good friends. Ignoring the bad part is the solution as none is perfect in life and we all make mistakes but good friends do not remind but keep moving and show Best Friends Signs.

39- Shhhhhhhhhhh Secret
Loosing Temper but Living Together

You may have occasions where you lose your temper and have exchanges but you have them secret. Odd propagation is worst for friendship and the first enemy for the good relationship development. Loosing temper is all human and being in friendship the partner should also understand this aspect.

40- No Harsh Words
Avoid Thing hard Word and Using Harsh Words

You start thinking about the phrases to use in your speech for the best man or maid of honor speech. It is about taking care of each other and talking good words avoiding misconceptions and misunderstanding that hurt. Wounds of words do not heal is the maxim and a true rule so better avoid that. It is of course Best Friends Signs.

41- My Queen Bitch
Calling You Bitch

Your good friend who shows Best Friends Signs and you will treat such words as “bitch” used for endearment. Yes that is frankness between the two and being pure to each other and that is not to injure each other but a pure feeling of love but from a friend as well as a “foe”. Another example is to smile and yell “fuck you” because you’ve found your best friend forever.

42- Secret No Secret
Sharing Secrets

You know the passwords of your friend and vice versa. Passwords are supposed to be secret but friends have complete confidence on each other. Sometimes they share it for sake of confidence and sometimes for reasons of convenience but it is done while they work for each other supporting each others work but it is a symptom that they are friends. It is quite common when two friends have key to same house then why not the password. It becomes so natural when you’ve found your best friend forever.

43- Gossips to Hurt
Gossip to Comfort Each Other

Your sincere friend who show Best Friends Signs could tell you anything crazy. If anyone else said the same you will curse him. That is all natural, from whom the word comes, means a lot. A true friend definitely wont harm you nor would tell you anything to hurt you but frankness and a teasing mood could be an exception.

44- Support Signals
All Understood and No Signals Needed

With your best friend who obviously shows Best Friends Signs, you never need any hand signals to tell anything. Just a glance will suffice. He will understand and so do you. Friends are very much in frequency with each other that is why no support signals are needed. rather friends already know what is coming up in other’s mind and he or she will respond accordingly and automatically. That is how it works because you’ve found your best friend forever.

45- Detailed Discussions
Detailed Discussions

They do not skip anything during their discussions. Of course salient points are taken up but friends do not skip trivial details as they would discuss all details without  a fear or concern with each other. You talk about every trivial thing with your best friend. Still they sound like fresh matters to discuss. They do not get tired of discussions as they enjoy discussing for other reasons too. Be sure you’ve found your best friend forever. When you read these tidbits about the fact that you’ve found your best friend forever and you will naturally come to know if you have such friends or not. Quite naturally, you will have at least one such friend with whom you are comfortable in any situation. It is possible for you to have one but you may not have realized it. However, when you have such a friend, you will not only be able to share everything in your life with him or her but also you have a friend to turn to when you are in need.  Also, you are sure that such a friend will stay faithful to you all the time. Generosity is one of the most important traits with good friends. Once you are sure you’ve found your best friend forever, it is also among the Best Friends Signs you look for. When you ask for anything he will never say “come tomorrow” if he has it with him. Average friends you meet on the street, office or classroom will hardly do the same. They will look for getting help from you instead of helping you. Therefore, it is always good to identify your good friends even if they are smaller in number. Once you know that you’ve found your best friend forever, you will see that forgiveness is also one of the Best Friends Signs you will notice with your good friends. They will never quarrel with you even if you talk about the most disagreeing subjects. In case they have disagreements they will settle them amicably. Most of the traits of good friends are covered with the above descriptions but some of them are presented in a jovial manner. These  are the signs that you’ve found your best friend forever and people genuinely find traits among people and it is important to see if your friend and you will fit perfectly into the category of people described in here. If so, that is what Best Friends Signs are.

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