40+ Things That Make For The Most Amazing Childhood Memories!


We all have different childhood stories.However, the one thing we all have in common are things like Staying up late with our cousins and friends while planning our futures-thinking we could change the world, that we could do anything we wanted as if we had no limitations or roadblocks to stop us. I always had the feeling like I had so much time on my hands to create an amazing future for myself, I always had something really great planned and to look forward to. I miss that feeling so much. All is not lost though, my consolation now is the amazing childhood memories I made. Things like love which was always mom’s hug, goodbyes that meant till tomorrow and the highest place on earth being my dad’s shoulder.Apart from those abstract things in my life, I bet the things below made for amazing childhood stories for each and everyone of us. Enjoy the walk down memory lane!

1-Hey Arnold!
childhood memories 16
Arnold’s Adventures

There was nothing better than waking up to Hey Arnold! on Saturdays. As a child, it’s all you looked forward to. His escapades of navigating life in the big city, falling madly in love and living freely with his grandparents made us all want his life-that’s what we thought life should be like. There’s nothing else that resonated with any kid more than this Nickelodeon show. It;s shows like this that made us cherish childhood memories.

2-Gushers commercials
childhood memories 14
Scariest commercial ever

This must have been the scariest advert as we were growing up. We basically thought eating Gushers would make your head turn into a fruit. I really used to think my head would turn into a big apple. I hated it. The first time I ate Gushers, the inside was so gross, I thought someone had poisoned it. Then again, these was one of the most amazing childhood memories. I was so disappointed that my head remained the same.

3-Spice World
childhood memories 17
The spicy side of childhood

Everything from the actors, to the comedy, the costumes and the 80’s sound tracks made this movie amazing. “Too Much” is still one of my favorite songs. I really wanted to live in the spice world as I grew up. I think any eight-year old girl did. It was the beginning of our childhood stories of Broadway dreams.

4-The Baby Sitter Club Series
childhood memories 19
The best of Ann Martin

I think every little girl adored this novel, you always wanted to move on to the next series. It was almost like a refined ‘Sweet Valley Twins’, only better.I still have a soft spot and a deep nostalgia for these books. It was always a good read on spring break or the kind of novel you wanted to share with your classmates. I’m still dying for a copy.

5-Cupcake dolls
childhood memories 20

Apart from barbie houses, these are what little girl’s dreams are made of, literally-dolls and cupcakes-all in one.They totally ruled our words. Having a cupcake doll meant that you were one of the coolest kids. I wouldn’t even mind channeling that inner little girl now. They were so much fun, can we go back in time?!

Meal Toys

childhood images 21
Made life so much easier

When you were a bad little boy or girl that did not want her food, our parents would often lure us with this. My personal favorite was always the Lex Luther is to superman. And yes-you’re right, I was a little girl. I think I loved it so much because I thought i’d one day become wonder-woman! Anyways, meal toys made eating broccoli so much easier.

6-Mini-butterfly hair clips
childhood memories 6
Beautiful clips

If you loved fancy hairdo’s while growing up, then these were definitely your thing. It allowed our imaginations to run wild and probably made any little girl feel like they were the most fashionable growing human beings on earth. A good butterfly hair clip were a great part of our childhood memories.

7-The Little Mermaid
The one thing we all wanted to be

I’d give anything to relieve the experience of the first time that I watched the Little Mermaid. I loved everything about it, including Ariel’s hair. It made us all want to fall in love. I mean, why not love an immortal soul?

8-Moon shoes
childhood memories 10
Coolest shoes ever

Apart from Michael Jackson’s moon walk when we were growing up, moon shoes were the only pair of shoes that you wanted to own while growing up. It brings up those childhood memories when there was nothing else you’d rather find under the Christmas tree.

9-Stick-on earrings
childhod memories 9
Accessories redefined

Apart from mini-butterfly hair clips, stick-on earrings were very cool and convenient. The fact that you’d change them everyday made them amazing. With the little shapes and colors, nothing could ever beat this as the 80’s jewelry of the season.

10-Water guns
childhood memories 10
Lotsa fun and adventure

I made some of my favorite childhood memories with water guns. The thrill of playing with friends and attacking my big brother any chance I got makes this so worthwhile. I loved how the adventures of the water gun brought us all together, especially on lazy Sunday afternoons. My dad hated it! I bet yours did too.

11-Bernad’s Watch
childhood memories 11
How we went back in time

If you never watched Bernad’s Watch, you basically were never a kid in the late 80’s-90’s era. It was such a bummer growing up and realizing that I could never go back in time and that it was only a TV show.

12-Hide and Seek
childhood memories 12
The one game we never outgrow

Now, we all remember the thrill of playing hide and seek with our friends and family and spooking each other in the dark. I loved the fact that I was never ever found first. Honestly, I consider myself a pro in this, even in retrospect.

13-Ice-cream soup
childhood memories 13

I’d give anything to see the look on my mom’s face one more time whenever my friends and i went to the kitchen and made ice cream soup. Looking back, it was the most delicious thing ever. Right now, I cannot fathom how I stood it. That’s what makes childhood memories so amazing.

14-French Toast crunch
childhood memories 4
Made mornings delightful

I don’t think there’s anyone who did not eat the french toast crunch. How much we’d give to have it back! The little toast-shaped, maple-flavored bites of deliciousness packed into a cereal box is just a sampling of what childhood was like.

15-Choker necklaces
childhood memories 5
Fashionably ancient

These necklaces taught us to never let anyone dim our sparkle while we were growing up. We loved the combination of choker necklaces with a laid back outfit. It was always perfect with a plain top.

16-Balancing birds
childhood memories 7
Fun to play with

Any kid would be excited to see a bird balance on anything, even if it doesn’t fly. Balancing birds didn’t defy gravity – it took advantage of it. Thanks to two well-placed weights at the end of its wings, it was an amazing toy growing up.

17-Robot Dogs
childhood memories 8
Coolest toy ever

As a kid, there’s nothing better than having a toy that would do anything you want it to. Robot dogs were the coolest things ever. I’d definitely get my kids one of these.It just made play-time fun and memorable.

18-Pokemon cards
childhood memories 11
We loved some poker!

These were the ideal pack of cards to own. We loved everything form the real world locations, cute pikachu and the battles. It was fun while it lasted.

19-Gumball Eyes
childhood memories 12
Gumball Adventures

You know how there are childhood memories you can never forget while growing up. Well, Gumball Eyes is one of those things. We couldn’t live without Gumball Eyes, could we?

20-Book-Fair handouts
childhood memories 18
The book collection fantasy

Book Fairs used to ignite our imaginations while growing up. We most especially loved the free comic book handouts. Most kids developed a reading culture out of this, so thought our parents. I just loved a good comic book.

21-Mary-Kate and Ashley
childhood memories 14
The unforgettable sisters

Their career was a dream. They kept us entertained, traveled around the world and met the kind of people we only dreamed of meeting. The olsen twins kept our childhood dreams alive. They showed us the value of a good audition.

22-Mr. Feeny’s video
childhood memories 15
Feeny at his best

Who could forget Mr. Feeny’s life lessons?! He taught us confidence, the value of not judging a book by its cover, don’t take things for granted, the importance of facing your fears and that everything happens for a reason among other life lessons that we apply in our adult life today. Who knew?

23-Tom and Jerry
childhood memories 23
The never-ending cat and mouse adventures

This cartoon had a way with my funny bone. Every time I had a bad day or just needed a lift, Tom and Jerry would do it for me. We can never forget the cat and mouse shenanigans. These are times I very much cherish.

24-Malcom in the middle
childhood memories 24
Yes-that’s him!

We all loved watching this dysfunctional family while growing up. The stupid fights, the life is unfair tagline…all these things made us love the show. Watching the show made us think that Malcom was smarter than all of us, truth is-he is, Yes-No-Maybe.

childhood memories 25
How could we ever forget Angelica?

We all loved The Rugrats. Angelica’s adventures, the tweens and teens kept us fully entertained with a thirteen-year run. It’s a childhood story we all told.With the exception of Tom and Jerry, Rugrats is one of those things you’ll always remember.

26-The Boombox
childhood memories 26

The boombox was today’s version of the radio woofer. This didn’t matter as we heard amazing music off of it! It’s hard to forget the classic tunes.

27-Coming Soon: Own on DVD and Video
childhood memories 9
Remember this?

This showed us the kind of era that we were in. Technology was just starting to develop. We literally had to watch movies on video cassettes or listen to music on orange tapes.

28-The Talkboy!
childhood memories 28
Oh how we treasured this!

It’s amazing to think we could have once derived hours of entertainment from a simple recording device. Nowadays I’m lucky if the television and computer can briefly captivate me with their collective charms. Back then, Talkboy made it so fun and simple.

29-A Laser-box
childhood memories 13
Play-time with your friends

While growing u, we loved miniature games. Laser box was one of the best. It simply had the ability to throw enough scenery on a table and make for an amazing game.

30-Kitchen Rock-band
childhood memories 30
The horrible sounds this made

Remember the awful noise you thought was music that you’d make in the kitchen with your siblings? It was often a combination of latest, spoons and cooking pots. It often drove everybody in the house crazy. Ironically, for any kid, it sounded melodic.

31-Orange Tapes
Orange tapes
Most colorful tapes ever

We loved those independent orange tapes. While growing up, it was generally what we knew. We didn’t have the modern compact and flash disks. Orange Tapes made childhood memorable. There was nothing like listening to the ‘venga bus’ off of these tapes.

32-Indoor Baseball
childhood memories 32
The thrill

I loved playing indoor baseball with my friends and siblings. Breaking all of my mum’s dishes got me into so much trouble than I wanted.However, those light moments were always fun.

33-Your First Mp3 player
childhood memories 33
The most amazing music

I remember my dad got me my first MP3 player on my tenth birthday. I could hardly believe it, trust me, I didn’t put it down for the first two weeks. It was such an upgrade from the orange tapes.

34-Your first work of art
childhood memories 6
The magic of color

As a kid, my first work of art was dipping my fingers in paint then onto a canvas. It was so memorable because my mother hanged it in my room and kept it safe until I was all-grown up. Believe it or not, it’s now a souvenir in my child’s room.

35-Green Ketchup
childhood memories 35
The tastiness…

I’ll never forget the taste o this particular ketchup. It tasted like a garden, it had an amazing flavor. When you craved it, there was no substitute.

36-Your special toy
childhood memories 36
Jolly memories

Mine was a huge teddy bear I named ‘Elmore’. It was more of my ‘security blanket.’ The only friend I had in the dark..when I was sad, when I was scared and crying. Elmore was my special toy. What was yours?!

37-The movie that made you want a pet so so bad
childhood memories 37
We all got lost in this..

Watching, ‘We’re Back: A dinosaur’s Story’ made me want a dinosaur of my own so bad, it made me cry. I was so disappointed to find out that these were actually extinct animals.I would have given anything in the world to own a dinosaur.

38-See-through phones
see-through phones
How cool was this!

They were not only the most amazing inventions, the design sort of beat today’s modern phones. See-through phones were the best.

39-Blow-up furniture
childhood memories 3
How convenient!|

As uncomfortable as this may sound, these kinds of furniture were actually really comfortable. They were also easily portable, convenient for storage and didn’t give anybody any extra cost in regards to furniture. The 90’s were a really cheap era due to lack of innovation.

40-The Macarena
childhood memories 40

The Macarena was a great feel good song with a feel-good dance move. You’d listen to it nowhere and you could never forget the words to it because everybody sang it. The beats were also great.

41-Trapper Keeper
childhood memories 41
The best of all time

This meant that all your important essential items could be well-kept and would never get lost. Te trapper keeper was basically a transparent bag that allowed you to ‘trap’ everything you owned in one huge bag.

childhood images 42
Nothing could compete with this!

This cereal tops any other that we enjoy today. The DunkAroos was really flavorful and had that unique taste that you wouldn’t find anywhere else. I loved it on Christmas mornings. My mom often mixed it with a lot of love.

43-The original Walkman
childhood memories 28
Oh the music in this!

Way to save your best selection of music! The original walk man was ‘the’ most important thing to own while we were growing up. It made listening to music that much more enjoyable.

44-Salute your shorts
childhood images 44
The number one anthem!

Even though it only ran for two seasons, most of us still know the theme song by heart.

Someone once said, ” I wouldn’t say my childhood was bad. I stayed out of trouble. My parents taught me right from wrong., and knowing that I had a little brother that was following me, I had to make sure I was doing the right thing so that he could know what was right too.I was in the house nine times out of ten. There was nothing good outside for me.” One of the luckiest things I think can happen to anyone is to have a childhood full of happy memories.



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