37 Jennifer Aniston Facts That Will Surprise you


We All know She is a well known American actress, was born on 11th February 1969. Sherman Oaks, a neighborhood located in Los Angeles, California is her birthplace. John Aniston, a well known actor is her father and her mother is Nancy Dow. While her father is of Greek origin her mother has been born in New York City. She has two half brothers of whom, the elder one is of maternal origin and the younger one is a paternal half brother. These are Jennifer Aniston Facts that are not so well known.

Though the father of little Jennifer was an actor she was discouraged on viewing TV. However, she has watched TV and developed a liking towards acting early in her life. Her schooling began when she was six years old and when she was nine years her father and mother separated.  She started acting when she reached the age of 11 and later she went on to get a degree in music and art. Part of 37 More Things Added To Jennifer Aniston Facts are that she also joined the drama society in her high school.

By the age of 20 she has worked as a waitress and a bike messenger. She also has been a telemarketer for some time. If you read Jennifer Aniston Facts you will find that her career with TV started in 1990 and the first four of her television series didn’t become popular. However, in 1994 she found success with the help of Warren Littlefield, the head of NBC entertainment. Only a few months elapsed after the meeting and she was appearing in “Friends”, a sitcom that started in the fall of 1994-1995.

By the time the show ended in 2004 she became so popular that she was paid $1million for a single episode. Both Aniston as well as her co-stars became popular among television viewers the world over due to the roles they played in the popular series. She was nominated for several awards as well. The following are some of the Jennifer Aniston Facts many are not aware of.

1- Her Name
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Jennifer Aniston Facts reveal that the original name of Jennifer Aniston was Jennifer Joanna Anastassakis but she changed it to a shortened version to make it easier for her fans to remember.

2- Honored by  Scottish Royalty


Another Surprising Jennifer Aniston Fact reveals that Jennifer has relationship to Scottish Royalty through her mother.

3- Daughter of An Actor
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The Father of Jennifer Aniston was also an actor. He along with her mother has encouraged her to study drama in school though they discouraged her on TV viewing. Her mother Nancy Dow was also an actress.

4- From Greece to USA
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Though Aniston lived in Greece during her childhood, she has moved to the state of Pennsylvania in the US and later to New York City.

5- Clown Turned Actress
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When she was in high school she was a clown in her class and this is one of the little known Jennifer Aniston Facts.

6- School Fellow Chaz Bono
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Jennifer Aniston Facts reveal that American musician Chaz Bono was also studying in the same school and at the same time when Jennifer Aniston was attending school.

7- Contribution to Metropolitan Museum of Art
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When she was just 11 years of age, one of the paintings she drew was chosen to adore the walls of Metropolitan Museum of Art located in New York City which is well known as the largest one in the US.

8- As Telemarketer & Waitress
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Jennifer Aniston Facts also tell about the tough start of life that before she became an actor Jennifer Aniston has also has worked as a telemarketer and a waitress.

9- Started with TV
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Though Aniston started acting in 1990, contributing to the television series of Molloy, she became a film star only in 1993 when she played a role in the horror film entitled “Leprechaun”. Acting in this film was such a bad experience for her that she even thought of giving up acting after appearing in it. But she has not done so for some reason and continued with her career.

10- On Howard Stern Show
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On Howard Stern Show she was the Nutri-System girl.

11- Monica in Friends
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When the show “Friends” was to be produced Jennifer auditioned to play the role of Monica Geller. But she convinced the producers that she was more suitable for the role of Rachel Green. The producers agreed but they wanted her to bring down her weight by 30 pounds which she did. This is also one of the little known Jennifer Aniston Facts.

12- With NBC
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Her success started with the role of Rachel Green she played in the sitcom “Friends” produced by NBC. The show became so popular that name of Jennifer became a household name and a star was born.

13- Her Best Friend
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Courtney Cox is the best friend of Jennifer Aniston and the friendship began when she was acting in “Friends” together.

14- Golden Globe Award
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During the time the beautiful actress played her role in the show she won both Golden Globe award as well as the Emmy award.

15- Her Hair Deressing
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For over 10 years her hair was managed by Chris McMillan during the time when Jennifer was playing her role in “Friends”. He admits that he felt stunned when she had to cut the hair of the actress to create iconic Rachel.

16- The Best Paid Actress
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Aniston has played her role in “Friends” through 238 episodes. At the end, she achieved the status of one of the best paid actresses during her time. Her pay for a single episode was a clean one million US dollars.

17- Fights Flying Phobia
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In order to complete her assignments Jennifer Aniston has to do a lot of flying. But she is scared of flying. This is one of the Jennifer Aniston Facts most of her fans do not know.

18- The Personal Trainer
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In 2002 Mathew Perry, the well known actor who has both Canadian and American citizenship wanted to lose weight. Jennifer offered to become her personal trainer in order to help him lose his extra pounds.

19- Out of Sauna and ….
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Once she was in a sauna with no clothes on her. However, one of her fans has been able to make her out. Strange things of this sort happen and no one knows how.

20- Brad made an appearance on Friends
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In one of the episodes of “Friends” Brad Pitt plays the role of Will. Ross is a friend of Will who comes to town in order to celebrate thanks giving. It so happens that Wills and Ross had a secret “I hate Rachel” club in their school. The comedy is that Pitt and Jennifer were spending a happy married life at that time.

21- Just A Blind Date
Exclusive... Is Jennifer Aniston Destined to Be Alone?
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One of the Jennifer Aniston Facts that will surprise you is the way Jennifer met her future husband Brad Pitt. It happened on a blind date which took place in 1998. After two years they got married in 2000.

22- Saturday Night Live
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In 1999, while hosting “Saturday Night Live” she made a satirical skit playing the role of Athena Marie Rolando, the stalker of Brad Pitt.

23- Married to Brad Pitt
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When she got married to Brad Pitt, Jennifer refrained from inviting her mother to the wedding for she insulted Jennifer when she wrote to tabloid newspapers. However, she went and approached and reconciled with her mother once again in 2005.

24- First to get GQ Man of the Year
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Jennifer Aniston got GQ Man of the Year award in 2005 and it was shared with Vince Vaughn and Curtis James Jackson who is better known as 50 Cents which is his stage name. She is the first woman to have won this award.

25- With Kojak Too
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One of the little known Jennifer Aniston Facts is that her god father was Telly Savalas who was an actor and a good friend of her father John Aniston.

26- Yogalosophy
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Jennifer practices yoga to keep herself in the right shape quite successfully. She even has done the filming of the introduction for the DVD yogalosophy which was created by her instructor in the year 2009.

27- She is 5′ 6″
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If you are interested on knowing Jennifer Aniston Facts it is good to know that the height of Jennifer Aniston is 5feet 6inches.

28- Fighting Rumors
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According to John Mayor, the ex boy friend of Jennifer, she was confused about Twitter and that is one of the causes for two of them to part and go their own ways. However, the actress has later said that she should join Twitter as it will help her work against rumors on her.

29- Next was Actor Vince Vaughn
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Though this sexy actress divorced from her husband, she was not lonely for a long time. Soon she started dating with the likes of Actor Vince Vaughn, Jason Sudeikis, a member of the SNL cast and singer John Mayor.

30- Justin Theroux The Next
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Jennifer Aniston met Justin Theroux while she was filming Wanderlust. She started dating the Actor, song writer and film director in 2011. Jennifer Aniston Facts tell that after just one year they got engaged in 2012.

31- Likes Mexican Food
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Jennifer doesn’t like spicy food such as Greek, Indian and Chinese. She likes Mexican food a lot being one of the Jennifer Aniston Facts.

32- With Her Pet
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One of the trivial Jennifer Aniston Facts is that she has two pet dogs. One of them is Norman, a corgi-Terrier mix and the other is a white German Shepherd she has named Dolly. Having a soft heart are among the Jennifer Aniston Facts.

33- Right Diet & Exercise
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She dislikes reading what is written about her diet. According to the shapely actress there is no special diet she takes. She only takes a healthy diet and takes lots of exercises.

34- Looks After Her Hair Too
"Marley & Me" UK Premiere - Arrivals
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Everyone knows about her beautiful locks. However, she has kept a little pair of scissors in the glove compartment of her car, so that she is able to trim split ends as and when she finds them in order to keep her hair in the finest condition.

35- Therapist The Option
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According to Jennifer, in case she didn’t become an actress, she would have chosen to be a therapist today.

36- Favorite Movie
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“Wuthering Heights” produced from Emily Bronte’s novel of the same name and “Fame” are her favorite movies according to this famous actress.

37- Jennifer Aniston Facts Tell that Blue is Her Favorite
"Life Of Crime" Premiere - Red Carpet - 2013 Toronto International Film Festival
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One of the little known Jennifer Aniston Facts is that her favorite color is blue.

When Jennifer Aniston got married to Brad Pitt, it was to have become a successful marriage despite the fact that most Hollywood marriages do not last long. Marriage also took place in Malibu. However, similar to other Hollywood marriages, Jennifer’s marriage also lasted only five years. They got married on 29th July 2000 and the divorce was decided on 2nd October 2005. If you are interested on Jennifer Aniston Facts these are important things to remember. The most probable reason for the divorce according to rumors is that there was a relationship between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

However, the famous actress started a relationship with Justin Theroux, an actor, a screen writer and a director which also ended up in marriage. It was announced on 12th August 2012 that they have engaged. The couple bought a home for them in Los Angelis Neighborhood of Bel air spending around 22 million US dollars. Those who are aware of Jennifer Aniston Facts also mention that she practices yoga for maintaining her body shape. She also practices transcendental meditation in order to lead a happy life.

Aniston was one of the 20 richest women in the entertainment industry according to a Forbes report published in 2007. According to them her worth was $110 million by that time. She has also been rated as one of the best dressed actresses. In 2004 she became the most beautiful actress. In 2011 Jennifer Aniston became the sexiest woman of all time according to a survey conducted by the magazine “Men’s Health”.




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