Shockingly Beautiful Panoramic Phot...

Shockingly Beautiful Panoramic Photos From Around The World

Because everyone deserves a little eye candy now and then, we’ve gathered some of the most spectacular panoramas of breathtaking locations from across the globe. With the proliferation of drones and modern camera technology, expansive viewpoints from virtually any point on or above the earth are now available at the touch of a button or tap of the screen.

While your smartphone may have a panorama option, you’ve never seen images like these. There’s nothing quite like the magic that results when a skilled photographer meets advanced hardware in some of the most beautiful places on earth!

1. Downtown Dubai


The most populous city in the United Arab Emirates and a burgeoning financial capital of the world, Dubai rose out of the desert in an incredibly fast time, reaching for the sky with an array of increasingly astounding buildings. Home to the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, the city also houses a man-made island chain shaped like a map of the world.

2. Angel Falls, Venezuela

Angel Falls, in Venezuala, is the tallest waterfall on earth, with a height of 3,212 feet. The original name, Kerepakupai Vená, means “waterfall of the deepest place.” The falls, part of the Gauja River, are part of a UNESCO World Heritage site.

3. Barcelona, Spain

The capital of Spain, Barcelona appears positively psychedelic when viewed from far above. The parallel streets and geometric precision with which the old city is laid out are dotted with astounding bursts of color and unique architecture.

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