29 Richest Adult Stars in the World


The skin flick entertainment industry is worth $15 billion annually. It has made many people and corporations rich. Like the mainstream industry, only a few actors rise to the top and become true celebrity A-listers. It’s a cutthroat industry. Want to know who the richest adult stars on the planet are? Read on to find out.

29. Asa Akira


Her roles usually involve fulfilling Asian obsessions like being a mail order bride and many more. She also became a Fleshlight girl and it won her lots of royalties. Her net worth is  $400,000.

28. Jesse Jane


There is more to this beauty than meets the eye. In addition to doing films, she also released her own line of tequila called “Diosa” and will be modeling her won product. She is worth about $500,000.

27. Lexi Diamond



This brunette beauty has already had about 170 million views for her videos. It looks like she has a promising future in the industry! She is now worth about $600,000 and that is just the beginning!

26. Chanel Preston



She entered the industry in 2010 at the age of 24. She was a trophy girl for the 2011 awards. She was nominated for four awards that year, including Best New Starlet. She is worth about $700,000.

25. Alanah Rae


Alanah is one of the most successful stars in the industry. When she was asked where her favorite place to make love is, she answered the car. Her hard work has earned her a value of $800,000.

24. Ava Adams


She first started her career modeling unclad in men’s magazines. She then decided to enter the industry and has made hundreds of movie since then. She is now worth $900,000.

23. Raylene


Born Stacey Bernstein, this lady tried to get away from the industry many times but the hard times kept her coming back. She finally quit for good in January 2014 after making her final project. She is now worth $1 million.

22. Shyla Stylez



She started small in the industry by doing bare-skinned photo shoots and joining live webcam shows. Additionally, she worked as a bump-and-grinder. Now, she is worth $1.3 million.

21. Tori Black



Born Michelle Chapman, she is the very first person in history to have won 2 Female Performer of the Year Awards and she did it back to back in 2010 and 2011. She is now worth $1.4 million.

20. Sunny Leone


Before entering the industry, she has worked in Jiffy Lube, a bakery and a tax and retirement firm. Moving to the industry was her lucky charm. In fact, she made millions of dollars from it. She is currently a Bollywood actress.

19. Audrey Bitoni


This fresh-faced beauty looks like she is born to be a star. She is a natural beauty. One of the best in the industry. Her mixed descent contributes to her good looks. She is now worth $1.8 million.

18. Daisy Mariedaisymarie3

She used to be a swimwear model before entering the industry in 2002. It was a day after her 18th birthday. She has appeared in over 400 films and posed for different men’s magazines. She is now worth $1.9 million.

17. Maria Ozawa


She became acquainted with the industry by watching tapes that she got from her friend’s brother. This lady was not scouted but was introduced to the industry by her friend who was an actor. She is now worth $2 million.

16. Jayden James


In 2006, this blue eyed head turner starred in movies at the age of 20. In addition to being a star, she has also played small roles in mainstream movies. She is worth $2 million.

15. Evan Stones


In 2011, CNBC has included him in the list of the 12 most popular stars in the industry. He is that good which is why he was able to earn lots of money. He is actually worth $1 million.

14. Belladonna


Born Michelle Anne Sinclair, the pseudonym “Belladonna” came in part from a friend in Utah named Bella then an agent suggested Bella Donna as it means “beautiful woman” in Italian. Her motivation to join the industry was mainly financial. She is now worth $3 million.

13. Sasha Grey


She first got the attention of the people when she appeared on popular television programs and pop culture magazines  telling the world that she is willing to enter the adult movie industry at a very young age. She then won numerous awards for her work between 2007 and 2010. Her net worth is about $3 million.

12. Gianna Michaelsgiannamichaels2

Her first job was at a hamburger restaurant in Seattle. After being approached about modeling, she eventually tried it. Her modeling eventually led to unclad photo shoots and then films. Now, she is a movie star and is worth $4 million. 

11. Evan Seinfeld


Evan Seinfeld appeared in several films under the pseudonym “Spyder Jonez”. He is best known as a founding member of the band Biohazard and the ex-husband of Tera Patrick.  He is worth $5 million.

10. Jenna Haze


Jenna Haze entered the industry in 2001. During her first few years, she worked only with the ladies as a sign of faithfulness to her cameraman boyfriend. But in 2006, she decided to work with men for the debut of her multi-award winning movie. She is now worth $6 million.

9. Lexington Steele


Before he became a star, Steele was a big player in the financial industry. According to him, he would have been in the World Trade Center during the 2011 incident if he had not changed his job. Now, he is just thankful that he is alive to enjoy his $6 million net worth.

8. Katie Morgan


She first started in the industry as a means to pay off her bail and plea bargain after being arrested for transporting 100 pounds of marijuana in 2000. Her net worth now is about $6 million.

7. Bree Olson


Don’t let her baby face fool you. She starred in over 300 films and started at 19-years-old. Her stage name is a combination of a name of her high school friend and a variation of the name of the Olsen twins. This lady is worth about $7 million.

6. Ron Jeremy


Jeremy was once a professor but he left teaching in order to pursue an acting career in The Big Apple. His career started when his ex-girlfriend submitted a photo of him to Playgirl. He has a net worth of $7.5 million.

5. Maria Takagi


Maria is one of the top industry actresses in Japan. With her alluring charm, she has developed a cult following which resulted in huge earnings. She has a net worth amounting to $9 million.

4. Traci Lords


Traci was known in the industry for her underage appearances in some films. She started modeling bare-skinned at the age of 15 and afterward, she played various roles in different movies. Her estimated net worth is about $11 million.

3. Peter North


Peter North was discovered as he was modeling for an athletic wear in a party at Los Angeles in 1988. His life has changed a lot since then as he started working, producing and playing roles in the industry. His net worth is $11 million.

2. Tera Patrick


Tera Patrick started making movies in 1999. In 2003, she has obtained a contract as a “Vivid Girl”. Even though she stopped making films in 2008, she continues to work on her other business ventures like her website and video production company. Her net worth is $15 million.

1. Jenna Jamesonjennajameson2

According to her, she got into the industry as a revenge for the infidelity of her ex-boyfriend. Well, it looks like he has lots of things to regrets about. She is now very rich with a net worth of almost $30 million.

There you have it. The 29 richest adult stars in the world. It looks like the skin flick industry is truly lucrative!