29 Quotes About Life That Will Make...

29 Quotes About Life That Will Make You Instantly Feel Better

Being down is only normal for us fragile beings with tiny hearts. As much as we can try, getting hurt and disappointed is might as well be described as unavoidable. Even the world’s strongest man can turn sour and limp when faced with a trouble of the heart. As human beings, we should learn how this heart moves us, and learn to make it our strengths. Today’s list of quotes about life will touch just on that. Sometimes, loving is not enough to care for someone. You have to bear the pain and suffering, apart from always be ready to lend a shoulder to cry on. Be it man or woman, neither one can say they have truly lived until they feel what it is to really connect with another heart.

In terms of being in love, most people would just jump to the conclusion that love requires two people. They must meet, fall for each other, and then agree to live happily ever after. You may have guessed it, but reality is harsher than that. Complications are permanent side characters in this charade of life. There is always something bigger than things at hand that can just make the smallest of details important game changers, and subsequently, your lives. Let us see how these wise quotes about life can make us see the world differently.

1- Same Feather
Those Who Stand By You

The importance of family. This sentence cannot highlight that point any better except the quotes about life. When it comes down to it, humans are just data compiled together. It’s those bonds that makes us human.

2- Be Optimistic
We Can Win When We Are Optimistic

Chuck Palahniuk really has a way of sounding convincingly optimistic. Most quotes about life only tells you to cherish it, but this one tells you lift your head and face the world.3- What is the Reality

3- Read My Lips
Try to Understand Me

This one spells out misunderstood people all over the world in short, simple, sentences like in quotes about life. Never, ever, should you look down on people because of their kindness.

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