29 Cringeworthy Dirty Talks

Talking dirty in bed is a fine art and not everybody can pull it off. It takes skill and a lot of practice to be able to perfect this art and you’ll be screaming “DADDY” in no time!

But if dirty talking isn’t your thing, there’s still no shame in playing the game. After all, this is a free country and everybody is entitled to freedom of expression. Although sometimes things don’t always go as planned. Just like these major dirty talk fails.

29. Out Of This World Weirdness


28. Dorm Stories


27. Literally Dirty


26. May The Force Be With You


25. Like Mother, Like Daughter
24. Marathon Runner


23. Great And Uncomfortable
22. Daddy And Mommy


21. Seeing Things


20. Greeting Fail
19. Give It Please


18. Totally Awkward


17. Mood Killer
16. Night Vision


15. Lovely Tulip


14. Starving And Hot
13. Chewbacca Dreams


12. Nothing To Say


11. Thirsty For Milkshake 
10. The Coach


9. Single Parent Dreams


8. Totally Killed The Mood
7. Scary Monster


6. Heartbroken
5. No Good Scooby Doo


4. You’re Busted
3. Joke Gone Bad


2. Indigenous Talk


1. No Dirty Talk 

These are major fail dirty talks! They definitely need some more practice and a lot of imagination. Some are hilarious while others are a mood killer. Like we said, dirty talk is not for everyone.

If you’re not a skilled dirty talker then just better stick to moaning. It’s safer and you won’t embarrass yourself. It’s better than being silent at all.


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