26 Horrific And Most Dangerous Plac...

26 Horrific And Most Dangerous Places To Travel

They say it’s a big big world! However, when it comes to planning a holiday or a vacation in the most ideal places, the world can certainly turn into quite a small corner. If you ever intend to vacation in the below mentioned places, then cross them off your list. They are considered most dangerous places to travel.Danger lurks in most corners of these countries.That makes them frightening places to go to, if you value your life, I mean. When it comes to these ghoulish attraction places, it’s best to look the other way.

Although the world is filled with gorgeous sites to see, people to meet, and life-changing experiences to be had,  some of those life experiences might be a bit too life-changing if you head to these conflict zones at the wrong time. Sadly, these things make some of the most awesome destinations places danger zones that are off limits!

1- Afghanistan
Kabul Tepe Mara
Afghanistan landscape

From the high security risks to dangerous terrorist attacks, Afghanistan is one of the most dangerous places to visit places.Constantly worrying about your safety does not make for any type of vacation and I imagine walking around with dedicated armed protection does not guarantee for any kind of fun either.

2- Mt. Everest
Mount Everest, Nepal
The amazing Mt.Everest

Just from the looks of it, climbing Mt. Everest is definitely a scary expedition. The decision of whether to take a vacation near the mountain or not shouldn’t be taken lightly. Without the right kind of professional guide, any tourist is prone to incredible danger. Besides that, vacations should be fun and sun. The snow of the mountain makes Mt. Everest among dangerous places to visit.

3- Iraq
Kair. Miasto umarłych
Kair. Miasto umarłych

As Iraq is well-known for war, if you consider a vacation here you are one of two things: Either an alien who has never heard of the dangers of this country or a total dare devil. However, if you are a normal living, breathing human being, you probably know that with the constant ongoing wars between Iraq and other countries, security has deteriorated significantly. It is the most insecure place in the world.

4- Egypt
Dangerous places to visit 4
Amazing views in Egypt

Although the sand dunes and pyramids in Egypt are very tempting, the known political turmoils and riots cause many tourists to highly rethink a vacation in Egypt. It’s best to avoid political tensions that fire up in this country from time to time.

5- Honduras
Caribbean houses on a tropical island
Caribbean houses on a tropical island

Honduras is  beautiful country, but is well-known for a lot of political unrest. This has made it one of the top five countries among the least visited places in the world. This has also made it’s economy deteriorate due to lack of foreign exchange. Yes, we are dying to see the beaches and aboriginal culture but…we are not down for bare beaches, empty restaurants and vacant hotels. Not unless, we would want this to be a one-man vacation, get it?

6- India
Ox cart transportation on early morning  in Delhi, India
Ox cart transportation on early morning in Delhi, India


India is still a developing country.  Sanitation and crime are the number one downsides of visiting this country.I Any tourist would be highly disadvantaged. If this is your idea of a good vacation, by all means-go for it!

7- Mali
Front view of Djenne mud mosque
Front view of Djenne mud mosque

Mali is also a developing African country. In a perfect world, it would have the best natural attractions, rivers and lakes, culture and the best kind of resorts. It would be an ideal tourist destination. However, truth is stranger than fiction. Mali is one of the most dangerous places to travel.The threatening confirmed cases of Ebola only tells anyone looking for a place to visit to run for the hills, literally.

8- Syria
Mesmerizing views

It’s a sad fat that most of the world’s archaeological sites are found in Syria. It would definitely be an enjoyable trip full of discovery had it not been for the civil war that obliterates its historic architecture. The kidnappings, bombings, murder and terrorism cases make Syria something out of world war II.

9- Detroit, USA
Dangerous places to visit 9
The streets of Detroit

Detroit is a hood like any other. However, do not take it as an attraction site or an ideal place to stay while on vacation. The suburbanites are scary and everyone has a story of a fateful brush with death. It’s a drug and crime-related neighborhood and you are more likely to get ripped off or robbed. However, you have nothing to really fear-no pun intended-not unless you fear black people. (I totally mean that in a non-racist way because I’m black).

10- Somalia
Padded tanks
Padded tanks

Need I say more?This country is currently a war-zone. Do not travel independently or opt for any kind of sight-seeing here because the fact is, you will probably end up being killed or kidnapped by the Al-Shabaab-Just saying. The government also seems to be at war because of striving to keep the peace.

11- North Korea
Blick auf Pjöngjang
Blick auf Pjöngjang

This is definitely one of those kind of trips where you are required to begin with a prayer. The government is considered as the most vicious of all time. The frequent arrests, abuses, tortures, and imprisonment of citizens for a variety of economic crimes make North Korea the most undesirable place to be. Also, it’s one of the only place whereby slave labor still exists. Don’t go here unless you want to be sold off for a few Korean wons.

12- Antarctica
north pole
North Pole

Apart from African countries like Mali and Kenya, places like Antarctica also make me sad. When you think of a good vacation, one thinks good accommodation and mountain climbing expeditions for the adventurous types-everything Antarctica lacks. Honestly there are no dependable airlines, hotels or any kind of tourist facilities.

13- Guatemala
Dangerous places to visit 13
Breath taking views

Because money is scarce and the Guatemalan government is corrupt, the country has a high rate of crime. If you do live here it would be putting yourself in risk. Criminal strike everyday in Guatemala.   You also have no business visiting this country lest you are a fugitive.

14- Pakistan
Dangerous places to visit 14
The awe of the sea

Travel warnings that the Pakistan government issues should not be ignored. On the contrary, the government has the decency of doing many tourists a favor.  The  unstable government, civil war, ongoing intense crime or violence, or frequent terrorist attacks make Pakistan a terrible tourist destination.Pakistan travel warnings have been in place for years.

15- Sudan
Dangerous places to visit 15
The vicinity in Sudan

The Sudan is a country in a league of its own, making it a joy to travel to.On the contrary, it’s also one of the least visited, countries in Africa. The various ongoing conflicts mean much of this vast nation remains off limits. This gives tourism in Sudan a lot of instability.

16- Saudi Arabia
Dangerous places to visit 16
A city by the waters

Granted, Saudi is one of the greatest and most exciting frontiers of travel. However, travelling here would be somewhat a waste off time because most amazing tourist attractions are not open to non-Muslim believers. There’s so much restriction here.

17- Cameroon
Dangerous places to visist 17
Vegetation in Cameroon

If you’re heading to Africa, there are several places you’ll unfortunately have to be wary of on that wonderful continent. But you will really, really want to avoid Cameroon at all costs.. Its not-so-friendly local terrorist group Boko Haram has gone on a massive kidnapping spree that has included everything from civilians to the vice president’s wife. (In Nigeria, the group abducted nearly 300 schoolgirls.) Twenty-one people have been taken so far, and Americans and westerners are particularly targeted. Don’t be next on the list. Yes, be very scared!

18- Macchu Picchu
Macchu picchu ruins
Macchu picchu ruins

This place has the most exquisite attractions like amazing temples and terraced hillsides. However, you won’t see any signs explaining where you are or what you are looking at. If you are anything like me, you’ll regret visiting and probably be irritated the whole way through. Believe me, it’s not worth the trip.

19- Central African Republic
Brothers from Himba tribe
Brothers from Himba tribe

With the ongoing wars and killings in Central African Republic, its government advises on making any travel arrangements to this country.

Dangerous places to visit 20

Planning a trip to Russia is so complicated.Tourists need an ‘invite’ from  a tour company to even apply for a visa-what are the chances!Most travelers are either sent back home or even stuck in Russia because of problems with their paperwork. Although it ranks in the most dangerous places to visit, this is the worst case scenario, I doubt anyone would want to be in this kind of situation.Corruption is also an issue. All these things take away from an amazing touring experience.

21- Caracus, Venezuela
Avenida Bolivar de Caracas
Avenida Bolivar de Caracas

There are many people with guns in Caracas therefore tourists cannot move around the city especially at night. This is a dangerous place to travel. There are also State Dept. travel advisory warnings about suspicious arrangements made between some airport Staff and some taxi drivers. This is so not a place to travel!

22- Myanmar (Burma)
Rangun Myanmar
Rangun Myanmar

Talk of danger! Considering all the bad news that trickles out of Myanmar, it is a rather unsafe country to visit. From sketchy safety situations to frequent airplane crashes, it’s best to stay away from this dangerous tourist destination.

23- Ilha De Queimada Grande
Royal Python snake rested on branch
Royal Python snake rested on branch

Granted,there are some breathtakingly beautiful places in Brazil.Almost every Brazilian knows about the island, but most would never dream of going there—it’s infested with between 2,000 and 4,000 golden lance-head vipers, one of the deadliest snakes in the entire world. If it’s unsafe for tourists, it’s equally unsafe for tourists.

24- Danakil Desert, Eritrea
Dallol - green acid lake
Dallol – green acid lake

Danakil is known as one of the most cruel places on earth. I doubt it’s on anybody’s vacation list. The baking temperatures, unknown causes of death and harassment of tourists makes it take the cake for the most dangerous places to visit. The trip is not worth risking your life for.

25- Nigeria
this is river niger in nigeria west africa
river niger in nigeria west africa

Nigeria is a beautiful country. However, places like Lagos are notoriously known for harassment of tourists. Many states in Nigeria are also off for foreigners due the insecurity reasons. Buses for long distances are frequently attached by armed robbers. It is a dangerous place to visit.

26- Georgia
Dangerous places to visit 26
Georgia Town

Georgia is known for insecurity. It’s high crime rates and armed robbery incidences makes it one of the most unfavorable cities. It’s a big no-no for a vacation.

Each of these destinations comes with its own charm–however, the bad over weighs the good. Although you might be looking for some fun in the sun and a good sip of margarita at the beach, we suggest that you look elsewhere. It’s still a big big world, depending on how you look at it!



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