25 Crazy Animal Hybrids Ideas

As a kid, did you think of animal hybrids, that is fusing various animals into a totally different animals and creatures? Not just us, the history also talks about Pegauses or in other words a flying horse which was probably another attempt to fuse a  bird with a horse and enjoy speed and have flying experience. This is just one supposition and there is a variety of thought in our myths and symbolism past. Did you play Black & White as a kid? This video game allows you to create various animals by combining one species with another, and the best thing about it is these animals would have the properties of both species, making them more formidable and vicious, in certain cases. Certainly some of you share this odd imagination, but today we will indulge in that oddness.

The animal kingdom consists of various fauna that ranges from wild exotic beasts to common household pets but not animal hybrids. No matter big or small, tame or wild, animals are a gift from God to man. Some animals can be consumed while some others are known to consume us, if we do not look after ourselves. Regardless, animals are a major part of the world. They roam about in the seas and lands, trying to survive each day, just like us. While these animals are all we have, it would be so awesome if we could mix them up together to create whole new species of animals. Thanks to Photoshop, that dream is one step closer. By combining two different animals into one, we get the animal hybrids that have yet to walk the Earth. These hybrids look awesome and mythical, and even though they do not exist, feast your eyes on the awesomeness of the hybrid animal kingdom.

1- Dogaffalo
Hybrid of a Dog and a Buffalo

Let’s think of animal hybrids and an animal and its guard. Dogs look after the herds of buffaloes. How about thinking that a dog ‘taking over’ a buffalo and vice versa (poor dog) that after a thoughtful fusion between a dog and a buffalo, this animal hybrids seems more playful and friendlier compared to a normal buffalo. With the size of a bison, this ‘dogfallo’ is definitely huge. If you’re planning to have one as pet you’d need a farm.

2- Wolf and Marmot
The Cunning Wolf Had a New Look

Sounds like a children story that perhaps a marmot, a sort of a squirrel, somewhere helped the wolf or a wolf, leaving aside his nature must have saved a marmot. But no, this attempt made a combination of both but size of marmot remains the answer when a cute wild species came up.  This one is really incredible. By mixing a wolf and a marmot, you get animal hybrids, this incredibly cute yet feral little animal. Instead of the normal, docile marmots, this one seems to be a meat-eater. One would need some precautions to keep this one as a pet, but then again, what harm can a rabid wolf the size of your index finger can do?

3- The Pandowl
Panda and Owl

Thinking of animal hybrids and combining a real intelligent bird with a docile animal. Imagine the thinking and decision caliber of an owl and its night vision capabilities with that of a docile panda peacefully living in jungles. The pandowl, both vicious and majestic in its looks and activity. With its flight capabilities, this animal would be a real threat in the animal kingdom. Since its head is that of a bear, this must be one tough predatorial bird and needs new approach by other animals to save themselves.

4- Hedgeagle is Here
Hedge Hog and the Eagle

The majestic bird in sky must have jumped over the hog but mix with that and that is what created something new and interesting. Words cannot probably describe this hedgeagle. Once a majestic bird of the sky, it is now a furry animal hybrids that resides on land. What kind of food it would eat is a real puzzle. May be that will be a mix of something or altogether a new thing to search.

5- Mangaroo Animal Hybrids
Mango and Kangaroo

Here is another rare combination of a fruit and an animal. Perhaps the kangaroo opted to ear a belly full of mangoes and mangoes showed signs resulting into change in body of kangaroo. Take home is that animals should only eat what they naturally eat else they should be ready for such a drastic change. The mangaroo, a hybrid between a kangaroo and a mango, the only odd pair in this list. With a mango as its body, it looks heavier and yet healthier. It does not look like it can hop around like it used to though. With that fragile and juicy body it should be careful not to smash itself.

6- Jaws
Strange and Curved Jaws

The new mix of animals gives a new look to shark and the jaws are different. With a curved beak it is no more an intruder but the jaws will firmly snatch its hunt, more firmls and more perfectly. Looking at the jaws, after we have animal hybrids, if this creature was the titular animal that terrorized the fishermen’s area the movie might have ended differently. For starters, who in their right mind would impale such a cute fish with a harpoon? Everybody needs to think afresh for fresh and new ideas to picturize and have different results on the screen.

7- Walking Bat
The Bat Fused

The bat landed on something, yet to decide. Meet the wombat. let’s call it that way. Most would agree that this animal looks better without wings. Walking on all four now, this animal would have to practice a non-meat diet. The ears and face of a bat really add to its natural adorableness of animal hybrids.

8- Monkeyhog
Orangutan based on a Hedgehog

This once back in time, time of animal hybrids, used to be a master at swinging from trees to trees, but this orangutan seems to have lost its long arms after fused with a hedgehog. With those furry ears and an innocent look, this animal, family of hybrids looks a lot like Furby.

9- Spidrosnake
Snake and Spider

This spidrosnake is a definite animal hybrids and a cause of nightmare for certain people. It’s like the slithery and poisonous constrictor is not scary enough that they had to add a spider’s body as its head. What would be worse is if this animal can slither on ground and stick to walls.

10- The Catog
The Cat and Dog Together

So here another dog who befriends with a cat, somewhere in neighborhood and makes one of the animal hybrids. Now looks like a Pokemon. A fusion between a cat and a dog, this animal retains all its furry cuteness, which should be its main feature. This creature looks like it’ll catch a thrown frisbee and ruin your couch.

11- Cat Mixed with Pig
Cat and the Pig

This hairless cat now has the snout of a pig. It looks more like a pet than a barn animal now; its size shrunk to that of an indoor-animal. Thank god it looks cute, because it does not look like it’ll yield much bacon.

12- Rabbit Flies Off
Rabbit Gifted Face to Sparrow

Tiny but this is just weird. A bird with the head of a rabbit (minus the long ears), this creature does not look like it can chirp anymore, which is probably the best feature of a bird. With its teeth and mouth, it seems this bird can be fed more food. Maybe it can be raised as an alternative for chicken someday but it is asking for carrots.

13- The New Owl
K9 with Owl King

Dubbed as the schnowlzer, it is the perfect hybrid of a canine and an owl. Its furry+feathery body makes it an animal of winter. With a ferocious tackling and swooping down speed, those poor rabbits would have another predator to look out for.

14- Tigrowl
Tiger and Owl as One

This one is a favorite animal hybrids of many for certain. It looks a lot like the mythical griffith of old. The hunting instict of the tiger is enhanced with the owl’s tenacious flying techniques. Since its head is that of an owl, it most probably could turn its head 360o too, discarding all its previous weaknesses.

15- Moose Mouth
Moose and Eagle

Now this is an incredible sight. Both the eagle and the moose are majestic creatures of the forest. To have them as one should double their awesomeness. It’s a shame that it doesn’t have wings. Nevertheless, this animal should be a forest myth.

16- The Flurry Perfect
Flurry Perfect

One of the site visitors actually commented this animal as the “perfect pet ever”. No one would disagree. Look at those feet, that face and those long ears. Who wouldn’t want such a furry companion!

17- The Tiny Tiger Monkey
Tiny Tiger in a Monkey

The cute white tiger monkey is another animal hybrids that resembles a Pokemon. As tree dwellers, monkeys may not pose much of a threat, but with those fangs and that awesome crunching jaw, the white tiger monkey would be called deaths on trees.

18- Birboon
Birboon gets Smarter

This “birboon” is a bit bizarre. The wide mouth of a baboon on a bird’s tiny frame makes the whole thing a little unbalanced. But if this animal really existed not many people would enjoy going bird-watching anymore.

19- Crawling Dog
The Ultimate Fusion

Still crawling? This animal hybrids creativity at its peak. Who would’ve thought to mix a daschund and a caterpillar. It is uncertain however, if this hybrid would move actively like a dog or crawl slowly like an insect. It is adorable either way. Maybe after metamorphosis it’ll change into a daschundfly with pretty wings.

20- Oxenodog
Oxen and a Dog

There comes another mix between a dog and the oxen family, this animal is very furry. The body looks sturdy, making it a durable pet. Those horns may not be suitable for home-keeping though. Regardless, this is a wonderful creature.

21- Owlrilla
New Owlrilla

This owlrilla looks both dangerous and wise. If we could tell what a gorilla is thinking before, by judging on their expressions, this creature is now a solid and impenetrable wall. It still has its wings, making it a 220 pound of flying mass.

22- Meeraffe
Meerkat and Giraffe

The creature of this photo is just adorable. An animal fusion between the tallest animal with one of the smallest creatures of the animal kingdom, the meeraffe is made up of a meerkat and a giraffe.

23- The Roaring Bird
How Big the Bird ?

Another part of animal hybrids is the combination between a bird and a predator, this bird can now roar. Wonder what they would eat now that they can take chunks of meat with just one bite. But then again its small stomache would not store much in it.

24- Labradorca
Labradorca, Fish n Dog

The labradorca is one of the animal hybrids from a killer whale or the orca and the labrador. A dog with the body of a fish, it must enjoy swimming much more now. And maybe they would stop eating those seals now that they look more alike.

25- Kittenguine
Brrrrrrr Old Penguine

This picture is so adorable that it would make anyone laugh. Imagine that kitten walking around upright with those short penguin feet. It looks like it is more resistant against the cold now but how are they going to play with a ball of yarn?

Humans were never alone in this world right from the start. Scientists agree that animals have existed way before humans ever did. Like us, they too consume from the natural resources of the world, as they try to survive one day after another. They travel, eat, sleep and reproduce, just like we do. Therefore it is not fair that humans are using up all the resources. As the superior being it is our job to protect them. Animals may be larger or faster or even stronger than us, yet they still rely on us to protect and preserve the.

All animals are precious, no one would argue with that. Be it for consuming, as pets, or just one of the beautiful inhabitants of this beautiful planet, they are all majestic and special. These animal hybrids may not exist now, but who knows what will happen in the future. Do you agree with our list? Do you have other animal hybrids you would like to contribute to the list? If you do, please share and submit your photos.

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