25 Giant Animals You Won’t Believe Are Real

21. Chilli The Big Cowchilli the cow

Chilli stands at 6 feet, 6 inches and weighs over a ton. Just look at her relaxing and enjoying the view. But looks like her knees are having a hard time supporting her humungous size. Just imagine the amount of milk this cow could produce! I bet it could provide milk for a whole village!

20. Giant Salt Water Crocodilegiant saltwater crocodile

This giant beast measured 21 feet from snout to tail. It took 100 men to successfully capture this ancient giant. It actually took 3 weeks to capture this beast. Prior to that several men and children were reported to be missing and days later their dilapidated bodies would just float in the water. That’s when they suspected a giant crocodile was lurking in their area.

19. Pit Bull Hugsgiant pit bull

Pit Bulls were originally developed as fighting dogs from cross breeding bull-baiting dogs and terriers. After this activity was banned they became catch dogs for semi-wild cattle and hogs, for hunting livestock and eventually as family companions. These dogs have such a bad reputation but this giant pit bull is an exception. Who says only humans like hugs? This giant doggy loves them so much he likes to hug his human despite his size. But just look at how huge his face is! He could literally bite your head off.

18. Darius The BunnyGiant rabbit

Looks like this rabbit came out of wonderland but just bigger and without his waistcoat. Darius The Bunny is named the World’s Tallest bunny with a height of 52 inches while the average size of a regular rabbit is just 8 inches. We wonder what his owners are feeding him.


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