Celebrities now are not afraid to admit that they go commando, especially on the red carpet. Though some don’t admit it but the whole world can see it, thanks to the ever alert paparazzi. We’re not sure whether it’s a fad in Tinseltown or just a matter of preference. But going commando, according to the believers have pros too. Like not being bothered with fabric rubbing between your legs, good air circulation to prevent bacteria build up, someeven some say it’s fashionable (Read: No visible knicker lines) or just to enhance intimacy between you and your partner. Whatever fits your boot. However, there are also some celebrities who go commando just to attract attention. Hey, what’s a celebrity if you’re not being talked about, right? So here are 25 celebrities who love going in commando.

25. Reese Witherspoon1 reese

If not because of the strong wind, we wouldn’t know that Reese likes going commando. She was just enjoying a stroll in the city. But then again, a celebrity has no privacy so the paparazzi have caught a scoop-worthy news unexpectedly. Sorry, Reese.

24. Miley Cyrus
2 miley

I’m sure nobody’s surprised to see Miley on the list. She has definitely shed off her Disney good girl image. She’s been in the celebrity news most of the time because of doing some crazy stuff. But in this photo she actually looks decent and more covered up compared to her other clothing of choice. I know most of you would agree.

23. Lindsay Lohan

Another former Disney star, gone bad. LiLo’s star started to fade when she started to run into a lot of legal troubles. Thanks to the ever trusty paparazzi to have everything captured and showed the whole world. That obviously didn’t help much to her recovery. But we’re sure some Disney star will soon fill her place.

22. Kate Middleton

4 kate middleton


The Duchess always looks flawless and isn’t afraid to repeat her clothes. Yes, we love her practicality. Unfortunately, in this photo, the wind blew her skirt a little to high showing her bum. Looks like the Duchess also likes free buffing.

21. Katy Perry5 katy perry

Her bubbly personality and colorful style have captured our hearts. She’s so much fun to watch. She even surprised her fans when one time she performed without knickers! Here in the photo her outfit is not as colorful but has still an element of surprise. The sheer sides reveal that again she is undergarment free.

20. Erin Heatherton
6 erin heatherton

The supermodel and former Victoria’s Secret model looks stunning on her silver beaded gown. Of course, with a twist. The sheer back runs a little too low to reveal her well-toned bum also knicker free.

19. Jennifer Lopez7 jlo

The ageless diva looks better as she ages. Let’s not forget that she’s the original queen of booty. She always looks flawless, especially on the red carpet. Here she was generous enough to let us have a peek of her best asset. The sheer side shows that she’s in commando.

18. Kendall Jenner8 kendall

Kim K’s younger sister is not so young anymore. This hip-high slitted dress says it all. We can also see that she has no undergarments as there’s no room for that. We’re just hoping that the wind won’t blow her skirt.

17. Kim Kardashian9 kim k

Most people say that she has no talent and that she became famous just because of her explicit tape. It may true or not but people and the paparazzi can’t get enough of her and her family. We see her best asset being photographed here. Her skirt is too sheer because we can see right through it and she has no undergarments.

16. Rihanna10 rihanna

This gold, extremely low back dress was what she wore to the MET Gala After-Party. She’s baring a lot of skin and some cheeks in this dress. Yes, she’s also in commando here.

15. Miranda Kerr11 miranda

The Ozzy model is elegant in black. The backless and slitted dress shows her great figure plus that she has no undergarments. Despite the revealing dress, she still looks classy.

14. Alessandra Ambrosio12 alessandra

There are definitely a lot of Victoria’s Secret models here. How ironic that they model undergarments but they prefer to go commando. Anyway, Alessandra wore this black sheer lace dress to an amfaR event. But we can see right through and she’s missing her knickers.

13. Heidi Klum13 heidi klum

The veteran model has definitely proven that she’s still got it even after retiring from the modeling industry. Her colorful sequinned extremely low back dress showcased her flawless back and some cheeks. No undergarments here too.

12. Iggy Azalea14 iggy

The Ozzy rapper and model attended the MTV Awards wearing this sheer dress with hip-high slits. She’s obviously wearing nothing underneath. It’s scary to look at because just one wrong move and bam!

11. Beyonce15 beyonce

The talented and gorgeous diva is always flawless and perfect from head-to-toe. With a great figure and amazing talent she has won herself millions of fans around the world. This sheer, white, low back dress hugs her in the right places. It feels so light and airy that we can see right through her undergarment free state.The talented and gorgeous diva is always flawless and perfect from head-to-toe. With a great figure and amazing talent she has won herself millions of fans around the world. This sheer, white, low back dress hugs her in the right places. It feels so light and airy that we can see right through her undergarment free state.

10. Anja Rubik16 anja

The Polish model looked like a vision in this white revealing dress. It has a hip-high slit and a peek-a-boo like top where we can she that both upper and lower undergarments are absent. Her hip bone is even peeling through.

9. Maggie Q

Maggie looked stunning in this black side cut-out dress during the premiere night of her movie Divergent. It was a simple black dress but the cut-outs definitely made her stand out more. Yes, and she’s in commando too.

8. Gwyneth Paltrow18 gwyneth

Most of the time she opts for a minimalist look on the red carpet. Just like in the photos above. They may look minimalist but they’re definitely not conservative. Here we can see her on two occasions going in commando.

7. Lily Aldridge 19 lily

The fresh-faced model looked tasteful in her black dress during the 48th CMA Awards. Despite the sheer elements revealing that she has no undergarments she still looked classy.

6. Toni Braxton20 toni braxton

The 90’s R&B diva was way ahead of these ladies in the free buffing style. Back in the day during the height of her career she has already mastered going in commando in this metallic cut-out dress holding her Grammy trophy.

5. Anne Hathaway21 anne

The loveable star has captured our hearts in whatever characters she portrays. Her expressive eyes and great smile make us love her more. In this brown silk gown, she gave us a peek of her lady friends without support.

4. Maitland Ward

This star is famous for showing flesh (a lot of it) in a variety of shocking outfits, especially on special occasions. She is a firm believer and doer of going in commando. As we can see in her photo here. This one’s actually tamer compared to her other outfits.

3. Paris Hilton23 paris

The socialite loves the limelight so much and we have proven that time and again. Here she is wearing a pink dress with waist high slits with a matching tiara. We didn’t know princesses also loves to go commando. Well, this isn’t new for Paris anyway.

2. Joanna Kupra25 joanna kupra

The former Real Housewives of Miami star attended the Friends n’ Family 17th Annual Pre-Grammy party wearing a black dress and yet again with sheer center cutouts. What is this obsession with sheers and cutouts? But she has definitely caught our attention. Obviously undergarment free.

1. Jaimie Alexander
24 jaimie

Her black dress may be long-sleeves and floor length but its definitely not conservative. I don’t think that word even exists in Hollywood. Anyway, the sheer center cut-out of her dress flaunts her great figure and that she has no undergarments. A little angle to the side and you’ll see more than you’ve bargained for.

This fad or whatever you call it is definitely not for the average joe. And we’re actually happy about that! We’ll just leave that to the celebrities and keep our undergarments. These 25 celebrities who love going in commando may like what they do but we’re just hoping that no wardrobe malfunction to happen. Fingers crossed!