24 Women Confess What They Check Out On Guys

Truth be told, it’s not only men who check out the opposite sex. Women check out guys too. I think we all know that. It’s just human nature to look for attractive people, right?

But what do women specifically look for in a guy? Well, we all know that some women check out a guy’s package? But aside from that, what else do they find attractive? Let’s find out what women find sexy on guys.

24. Broad Shoulders Are Amazing


23. Forearms And Back


22. Hairy And Nice Teeth
21. Manly Form
20. Face Value
19. Stylish Man
18. A Winning Smile
17. The Front Matters Most
16. The Windows To The Soul
15. From Head To Toe
14. Evenly Distributed
13. The Way He Walks
12. Good Set Of Thighs
11. Beards Are A Must
10. Give Us More Forearms
9. Hand Fetish
8. Collarbones And Back Muscles
7. Walk Like A Man
6. No Strings Attached
5. Manly Pants
4. Rugged Is Good
3. Jawline Gal
2. Dimples Are Sexy
1. Neck And Hands 

So, guys, not all women are after your package. They also check out your overall physique. It’s not always about sex. You can also sweep women off your feet with your other qualities.


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