24 True Hospital Ghost Stories That Will Make You Shiver

No matter how scared we may be, we still love to hear ghost stories. The supernatural realm is fascinating and intriguing. Sometimes even though we don’t see them, we know we are not alone.

Hearing ghost stories is scary enough. But what if you had an encounter with a real ghost? Of course, nobody wants that. Although sometimes, unexplainable things happen. Just like these true hospital stories that will make you shiver.

24. Grandfather Watcher

23. The Black Thing


22. Sudden Passing
21. She Gets Around
20. Nurse Betty
19. Spiritual Girl
18. Creepy To Death
17. Maggie
16. The Inspector
15. Homeless Willy
14. The Young Guy 
13. From Place Of Unrest To Peace
12. Bad Kitty
11. Two Things
10. Unexplained Things
9. Creepiest Feeling Ever
8. Scared Back to Life
7. Scary White Man

6. The Pet Dog
5. Lady In Pink
4. Lost Little Girl
3. The Open Faucet
2. A Frim Believer
1. The Man In Black

If you’re reading this then it means you’re a brave soul and was able to finish all the stories. We all know that there are lots of ghosts in a hospital. A lot of people die there so spirits are everywhere.

If you’re planning to work in a hospital, then you better be prepared for these kinds of encounters. Especially if you’re working the night shift. But with paranormal experiences, you really can’t tell what to expect.


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