24 Things Women Love But Are Afraid To Ask Of You.

Even in the bedroom, people have different preferences when it comes to being kinky, right? But not everyone has the guts to tell their partners what they want in bed. They’re scared that they might get rejected or thought of as a weirdo. So they settled sharing it anonymously on the internet.

Everybody has a secret. Read these confessions and find out if any of you has the same kinky preference.

24. Bite Me
23. Permission Granted
22. Give And Take
21. Volunteers Only
20. Afraid To Ask
19. To The Right
18. Favorite Meal
17. Top Four Favorites
16. Ladies’ Love
15. Too Scary
14. Reverse Position
13. Silent Is Best
12. Wimpy Girl
11. Just A Toy
10. Toss It Good
9. It’s Psychotic
8. As Rough As You Can
7. Tug Of War
6. Nice And Gentle Only
5. Fails Most Of The Time
4. Bushy Dreams
3. No Mercy
2. Melt Like Butter
1. Leave A Mark

Did these confessions freak you out or were you able to relate to it? Now you know why most people prefer to keep these kinky fantasies a secret. Someone might get a heart attack just by reading these.

How about you what are the kinky sex acts you fantasize but too scared to tell your partner? Go ahead, we won’t judge.


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