24 Things That Make Women Lose Interest In A Guy

Men and women are total opposites. They are polar opposites. Some say that opposites attract but sometimes the difference is too much to handle.

Just like some of the things men do that make them lose interest in a guy. Even a platonic relationship is not possible. Want to know them guys? Read on to change your game and hopefully make women fall for you.

24. Faking The “Nice Guy” Image

23. Make A Living


22. Image Conscious
21. Any Presidential Behavior
20. Laugh It Off
19. Bullies And Tough Guys
18. Personal Space Matters
17. No Ambition In Life
16. Dry Sense Of Humor
15. Playfully Violent
14. Too Judgmental
13. Big Babies
12. Bad Mouth
11. Ego Problem 
10. Annoying Tease
9. Animal Welfare
8. Damsel In Distress
7. No Means No
6. Poor Personal Hygiene 
5. Crab Mentality
4. Mama’s Boy
3. A Downer
2. Explicit Photos
1. Selfish Guy

Let this list serve as a lesson to guys. If you want to sweep women off your feet or be friends with them first then take note of these things that make women lose interest in a guy. Don’t be a jerk. Be a gentleman. It always works.


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