24 Restaurants Around the World You Must Visit

4. Grotta Palazzese in Italy


Grotta Palazzese in Italy
Grotta Palazzese in Italy
Grotta Palazzese
Grotta Palazzese

This restaurant is one of the greatest destinations for Italian cuisine worldwide, it is situated in the caves of Polignano a Mare beach. While busy sipping some of the best European wines you will have to ignore the pictorial views of the Adriatic Sea, for a moment at least.

5. Rock Restaurant in Zanzibar


Rock Restaurant in Zanzibar
Rock Restaurant in Zanzibar

You can visit this restaurant by boat as it is built along the Michamwi Pingwe peninsula on an outcrop, it is known for its incredible seafood. They catch seafood from a few feet away to serve you. Talk about Fresh.


6. The Grotto at Krabi in Thailand


The Grotto at Krabi in Thailand
The Grotto at Krabi in Thailand

Rayavadee Resort has this stunning restaurant which has an opening on a magnificent beach with crystal waters in a limestone cliff with its floor covered with fine sand to tuck in diners.

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